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WARNINGS: Language, Violence, Sensuality



"You're an idiot." Sam told Lana, who just laughed and held her bleeding arm.

Lana shrugged a little bit, wincing slightly. "I appreciate the love in your voice when you said that, Sammy."

"You provoked a witch and then didn't follow through with your threat…idiot." Sam repeated, but he kissed the top of her head as they sat there, cocking his gun. "Can you sense her?"

"She's headed right for us—she knows where we are, you know." Lana told him, closing her eyes. "Just shoot for her head when I levitate her…are you ready?"

Sam nodded and did as Lana told him, but the witch was too quick and already had a force field up the moment she was no longer on her feet. That didn't bode well for Sam, and Aurora and Dean weren't having much more luck where they were either. Jen was doing a location spell for Lana, however, Kevin offering drinks to Aurora and Dean, who both turned them down.

"Can you go any faster?" Dean asked Jen, Aurora smacking him hard in the arm. "Um…ow!"

Aurora gave him a look. "Let her concentrate, you big goob."

"Goob?" Dean asked her. "Really? What are you, 5?"

"Shhh!" Jen said, shooting Dean a look too. "Do you want me to throw something at you? Because I will…"

Dean held his hands up in surrender as Kevin and Aurora laughed, Jen returning to the task at hand and then frowning when the stone she was holding landed on the map. Aurora didn't like the look on Jen's face and started to feel a little panicked just as Dean blurted out some more words. He was worried about Lana and his brother—Aurora was worried about her boyfriend and her best girl friend.

"What, Jen?" Dean asked her, the words harsh and full of worry.

Jen chewed on her lip. "One of them is wounded."

"Where are they?" Dean demanded, holding his hands up in surrender to apologize when Kevin's eyes snapped to him.

"The house up on Leeve's Hill," Jen told him, nodding at his urgency as he went for the door, Aurora hurrying after him. "Get there fast!"

Jen wished that there was something more that she could do, but in her current pregnant state she had to stay behind—she just hoped that Sam and Lana were all right.

"I'm kind of bleeding out." Lana said with a sigh, looking up at the witch as she tied Lana to the chair. "And I don't really enjoy being tied up, thanks."

Sam looked at Lana. "Yes, Lan, keep provoking her."

"Oh, shut-it, Sam." Lana responded, looking the witch in the eye. "What? You just going to kill us now? Doesn't really fit your MO, does it?"

"Who said I was going to kill you?" The witch asked her with a small laugh. "Him maybe, but I need you."

Lana shook her head. "I won't let you kill him…you know that, right?"

"You don't have the energy to protect him forever…" She said, trailing off, a look crossing her face. "This is a trap."

Lana knew that she shouldn't have smiled—Jen would have just now found them with the location spell, meaning that Aurora and Dean wouldn't be there quite yet…but they were close. Sam looked at the witch and then straight to Lana when the force field went up to protect him. There were tricks up Lana's sleeves that even Sam didn't completely understand and he suddenly started to feel so incredibly guilty.

This was who Lana was—this was what she was capable of…except none of them knew exactly what she was capable of. If she continued down this path of practicing her powers, she could become someone that they didn't recognize anymore and Aurora deserved to have been in on that. She deserved to have a chance to also be able to keep her friend from going over the edge…what had Sam done? Lied to the woman that he loved? What had that accomplished? He hadn't been protecting her like he had thought.

"You really think we would have come to find you on our own?" Lana asked her, shaking her head and clicking her tongue. "Not so much…"

The witch glared at Lana, only to find herself shot in the back, hissing, but not dead, Aurora taking a shot too as Lana blinked. Lana was feeling rather lightheaded, and wondered how Dean and Aurora had gotten there so fast…maybe they were closer than Lana had anticipated. All she knew was that she really wanted to be stitched up and bandaged and have a good nap. Damn Dean for wasting their energy that morning!

"I'm not the only one," the witch told them ominously, laughing, some blood coming out of her mouth. "There are more."

Lana looked at her. "Where?"

"Everywhere…" she responded before refusing to say anything else.

"Right…very helpful." Aurora said, hurrying to untie Sam. "Way to start the party without us."

Sam nodded slowly, feeling a bit guilty. "It was a really good plan, we couldn't waste it, Ror."

"I know…Lana likes to play the bait card." Aurora nodded with a small laugh. "Dean and I knew exactly what was up the moment he stopped dwelling. You two were going to go and 'check out the warehouse'? Rouse. In fact you didn't even go to the warehouse."

"You're an idiot," Dean whispered to Lana as he untied her.

Lana just laughed a little and then stopped laughing when Dean cupped her face with both hands and looked her in the eye. She smiled a little bit when he kissed her and then pulled back, resting his forehead on hers, Sam pulling Aurora onto his lap for the show. They both knew what was coming, and it was kind of sweet to watch, though they both knew they wanted to be able to spend a little more one on one time with each other—maybe that night since Dean and Lana would so obviously be enjoying this new relationship stance.

"Don't ever do that again, without telling me the whole plan first." Dean told her sternly.

Lana laughed a little and smiled. "Well, someone loves me too."

"Way to not even try to take it back." Dean joked, smiling slightly.

"I don't want to take it back," Lana said shrugging.

Dean smiled and nodded, kissing Lana back when she kissed him, and then frowning when she pushed him off a little. At first he thought that she was going to decide to take it back, but she actually didn't look so good, and when she moved her right arm she cringed.

"I'm kind of feeling like I'm going to pass out…" Lana said nodding slowly.

Dean swooped her up into his arms and nodded, carrying her out of the house, Aurora looking at Sam as she wrapped her arms around his neck. She just wanted things to all go back to normal because she missed it. Aurora missed all of the dynamics that they all had had back before they had decided to keep this big Lana secret from her…everything was better before.

"I'm so sorry, Ror—I was so wrong." Sam said, shaking his head, surprised when Aurora kissed him gently. "I was wrong."

Aurora nodded slowly. "I love you, Sam Winchester. Just remember that, okay? I love you."

Sam smiled a little and slid his fingers into her hair, cradling her head and pulling her in for a loving kiss, nipping at her bottom lip gently, smiling at the sound that escaped her lips. They still had it, Sam just needed to start being more honest with her and keeping her in the loop because it was better that way. Aurora was part of his family, and you just didn't lie to your family.

"I love you so much," Sam whispered to her, his lips brushing across hers as he spoke.

Aurora nodded. "Yeah, I know…lets have a date night. I want to fix things."

"Date night it is." Sam said with a grin on his face. "I could never refuse you. But, um…lets keep an eye out on Lana, all right? Don't freak out, I'm just worried is all."

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