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WARNINGS: Language, Violence, Sensuality



Lana was feeling like she had everything under control even though there was this thing about her bleeding everywhere. The thing about that, though, is that no matter how badly she ever got hurt, Lana had always healed rather quickly and now that she was more in tune with her 'abilities', she could control it and heal faster even if she wanted to. She knew that Sam and Dean were worried about that—Sam more so than Dean—but she wasn't feeling worried about it. It was just part of who she was and she hadn't chosen to be like this, it was thrust upon her.

Her mother had chosen to have her and while Lana still couldn't wrap her head around that, she had been raised to be 'good' and do the right thing. So, she made sure that she was always helping people and vanquishing 'evil' and that alone made her feel better, so why not use her 'powers'? They had been bestowed on her through blood, and she felt as though if she didn't use them…it was just suppressing something that she would much rather be in control of.

"Remember when I told you that I wouldn't ask you to stay?" Lana asked Dean slowly.

He looked at her as he pulled his shirt off and paused. "Yeah…"

"It wasn't just because I would be being selfish," Lana admitted with a heavy sigh. "Ugh, we had a deal, okay? We had a deal that if either of us fell in love, then we were just done. I said it and I meant it, so isn't it done? I mean you're the one that made me promise."

"You said you couldn't keep that promise," Dean reminded her, pointing at her as he sat on the edge of her bed, watching her heal herself.

"Because I already had feelings for you," Lana said dismally, catching that look in his eyes as he watched her.

Dean nodded at her words. "Well, I'm still expecting you not to keep the promise."

Lana took a deep breath and looked at Dean, trying to process what it was that he had just said because he'd admitted to wanting her to break the promise all along. That meant that he had had feelings for her too at the time when he'd made her swear and she smiled a little bit as she touched her healed up arm and then sat down next to him. For a moment they sat in silence as she smiled at him, Dean smiling back because it seemed to her that this needed to be handled without a mushy moment.

Sometimes, catching Dean in a moment like this meant making him admit to all sorts of things, but Lana didn't want to back him up into a wall to hear 'I love you' come out of his mouth. He proved that he loved her with the little things that he did and by how much he wanted to hear her ask him to stay, but that terrified her. She was so afraid that he'd tell her 'no', that she couldn't get the words to come out of her mouth no matter how desperately she wanted to say them.

"I want to tell Ror everything," Lana explained slowly, letting him know that she had heard him without making him say anything sappy. "About my mother and my father and all of it—there shouldn't be any secrets between the four of us, okay?"

Dean nodded slowly, reaching out to stroke her hair. "That includes telling me when you're about to do something stupid like hunting a witch with my brother without telling Ror and I so we can save your asses."

"Trust me…if that had been the witch we were after, then I wouldn't want either of you there," Lana admitted, chewing on her bottom lip. "In fact without proper training, I don't even want Sam there with me."

While Dean looked at Lana with a look of disbelief on his face, Sam had pulled Aurora on top of him, kissing her as he did so. She laughed a little against his mouth, moaning gently as he nipped at her lips with his teeth, fingers tangled in her hair. Sure, she was still feeling a bit upset with them all for lying, but this was Sam Winchester and she was in love with him. He wanted to try and show her that he still loved her and she knew he had thought that he was protecting her, so she was alright with this.

She smiled as he ran his hands up and down her, glad to be in Lana's home—even though it was still a guest room—because it wasn't like a motel room. The walls weren't as thin and they had more privacy, and honestly Lana and Dean would be happy to know that the two were patching things up and would let them be. Kissing down his jaw to his neck, Aurora let her teeth catch his skin and smiled as a gargled moan rumbled out.

"PROPER TRAINING?!" Dean thundered.

Normally, Dean took a little bit more time getting to the yelling, especially with Lana, but this was just ridiculous and he was angry. He didn't want to be left out of this and he didn't want to have Lana train Sam to do anything because if that meant demon blood, then he was out of this. There was no way that he could be on board with that, and his loud words hit Sam's and Aurora's ears as Aurora went to take her shirt off. They paused for a moment, but Aurora just shrugged and shook it off.

"It's fine," she said gently, assuming Lana had just pushed a joke too far with him about him needing better training about something.

Sam nodded and smiled as Aurora pulled her shirt off and tossed it aside. "You're probably right…and my God, you're beautiful."

"DON'T YELL AT ME!" Lana yelled back at him.






Sam took a deep breath. "Okay, not everything is fine."

Aurora opened up her mouth to say something, but she and Sam heard the doors slam and that made them get out of the bed even if it was reluctantly. There was a loud clash of pots and pans in the kitchen and they both looked at each other and sighed because it seemed like they needed to split up here. Someone had to talk to Lana and calm her down and someone had to talk to Dean and calm him down…and Sam and Aurora wanted to know what was going on here.

Demon blood had been brought up and that couldn't just be swept under the table.

"I'll take Lana," Sam said taking a deep breath.

Aurora raised her eyebrows. "Shouldn't you take your brother instead?"

"He's more likely to talk to you about sappy stuff," Sam admitted, shrugging. "Would you rather talk to Lana?"

"Um, if she wants to shove demon blood down your throat potentially, then yes," Aurora told him as she gave him a look.

Sam huffed at her. "Lana would never ask me to do that."

"Fine…then you don't mind me talking to her," Aurora said heading for the bedroom door. "I'll meet you back here and maybe we'll finish what we started."

"Maybe," Sam agreed, both a little tweaked at each other.

Demon blood was a really sore subject with all of them, and so Sam went into the bedroom, trying to smile at Dean as he sat there on the edge of the bed with his head in his hands. He was upset because he'd yelled at Lana for something she wasn't actually insinuating and he knew he was wrong. At the same time, this had been a trying day for him and he was stressed out…that was still no reason to take it out on the girl that he loved, and he knew that too.

"Lan would never ask me to drink demon blood," Sam told Dean.

"Yeah, I know," Dean admitted as he sniffled. "God, I'm fucking up with her left and right, aren't I?"

Lana looked at Aurora coming into the kitchen and took a deep breath. "I would never ask Sam to drink demon blood."

"Honestly?" Aurora asked her, leaning on the counter. "I know that, I just don't know that you wouldn't ask him to hone his psychic part I'd rather he didn't mess with."

"Sadly, you've got me there," Lana told her, tears in her eyes. "I don't even want him too, Ror. I just want to have a handle on this and do it all myself, but I need help and Sam and I are the only ones that can protect you and Dean."

Neither Sam nor Aurora had expected Dean or Lana to start crying, Sam especially caught off guard because Dean normally held himself together better this. Somehow, with thinking Lana was dead and then accusing her of something this horrible and having Lana tell him she loved him without saying it directly, Dean had been run ragged. He now had no other outlet and kept his head in hands, not wanting Sam to see him like this, and Sam just sat there with him to comfort him, both of them sitting in a comfortable silence as Dean got himself composed.

Aurora, on the other hand, pulled Lana to her and let her cry, stroking her hair and holding her close like friends do. Angry as she was, she knew Lana well enough by now to know that Lana put the boys and even her first, and for that Aurora honestly couldn't fault her. She just wanted to be in the loop and so when Lana started spouting off all sorts of secrets, Aurora wasn't sure what to say, but she listened to her and nodded when Lana blew her nose in a tissue and kept explaining.

What Aurora hadn't been expecting…was for the yellow eyed demon to be Lana's biological father.

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