A.N: hello again my fellow reads this be my submission for the PYOP challenge over at Chit Chat on Authors corner I hope ya like. It is set sometime in the season six future and of course Lynch isn't even thought of for this little ditty. So sit back and enjoy and on with the show.

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Your assigned scenario is: Character A & B each discover a secret about the
other. In this case its fun secret/surprise.

Part one

"But hot stuff," Penelope pouted her light pink stained lips, hands on her slightly rounded hips. "We haven't had two days strung together for just us in so long I forget what your arms feel like around me. It's not fair."

"I know sweetness but that's our job," Derek said cupping the side of her face with his callused palm swiping a finger down her cheek.

Leaning into his caress Penelope figured she'd make the best of a crappy situation. "It's still uber unfair that we've got back to back cases lamb chop, but I do understand."

"Next time we'll have all the time in the world baby girl I promise."

"That's an awful lot of hours my chocolate stick to spend in bed our sweaty bodies intertwined in the forbidden dance," she purred smoothing a hand slowly down his black shirt covered front. "Remind me to put extra energy bars in our night stand even if there yucky they seem to keep you going for hours."

"Shush woman don't give away my secrets," he teasingly admonished tweaking the end of her nose.

Penelope looked around her lair seeing no one but them. "Give them away to who my sexy profiler man the walls no ones here but us. Good thing to seeing that there are a few things I want to do to and with you before you have to leave again."

"Now baby girl not here remember the cameras."

"Who cares stud muffin. Now less talking and more taking your clothes off mama needs some chocolate before it takes off to bust another badie and make the world a bit safer."

"You drive a hard barging Goddess you sure the doors locked?" he asked as his breath ghosted over the tender flesh of her neck.

"Mmhm… sure did," she responded hands that could wreak havoc on a key broad wrapped around his trim waist feeling the bugle in his pants against her stomach. Reaching down she cupped him gently caressing his jeans covered erection. "This for me?" she asked cocking her head to the side while looking up at him with an innocent look.

"Mama don't tease a man who hasn't had you in over a week."

"Did you break Mr. Righty in the last week without me?" she asked coyly still stroking him slowly.

Groaning at her firm soft touch Derek tried to form a single coherent thought in his head. Going nearly a full week without his woman naked and moaning his name damn near killed him. Something that had never occurred in all his life till she came into his heart and changed his ways of thinking slowly over time and now he couldn't get enough of her couldn't see his life without her ever again.

"Wore out that's for sure."

"Oh so you need a little TLC hu?" she purred raising up on her tip toes to brush her lips against the exposed skin of his neck before taking his right earlobe between her lips and tugging slightly. "Tell me sugar shack how can I fix your little problem?"

"I don't have a little problem woman," he growled forcing her backwards till her hips connected with the edge of her hardwood desk. "In fact you've made it a big problem now baby girl. But the question is what will you do about it."

Languidly she licked her lips eyes firmly locked with his as her hand continued to torment him running the length of his zipper before palming his erection adding the right amount of pressure. "There are so many things I could do about it stud just pick your pleasure and let's ride."

A harsh knock reverberated through the all too quiet office making them brake apart hastily while Penelope called out, "Speak and be recognized oh mere mortal."

"Wheel's up in ten Morgan," came JJ's soft teasing voice. She knew what they were doing without having to even guess.

"Sugar plum you're not funny," Penelope said stepping towards the door but finding Morgan's hard body blocking the way.

He shook his head, "Give me five JJ."

"You got two Morgan. Hotch's ready to leave now," came her reply.

"You said ten honey bun that's not nice to lie to your favorite Techie," Penelope all but growled a touch put out that her chocolate drop was having to leave all ready.

"Don't shoot the messenger guys I just bring the news not sell it," JJ retorted smacking an open palm to the door. "Besides I think all of us would like a few days off to."

Both Derek and Penelope sighed, but it was Penelope who conceded the point, "I know peaches. Don't worry my stud muffin is coming."

"God I hope not," JJ groaned, "that is something I don't want to see."

Penelope and Derek looked at each other before bursting out laughing.

"Trust me JJ that will never happen," Derek groaned burying his face in Penelope neck and giving her a tight hug hoping that it would hold him over till next time they would be together.

"Humm I guess you have to leave handsome," she bemoaned running her hands up and down his well muscled back.

"Unfortunately baby girl."

Penelope pulled back honey eyes serious, "Be careful I want you back in one whole piece of chocolate or this mama will not be happy. You feel me?"

Mirth danced in his eyes while strong capable hands grazed down her body slowly. "I feel you just fine my love. In fact…" he paused cupping her ass in his palms and squeezing. "I feel you real good mama."

"Derek Morgan," she laughingly admonished, "you better go before boss man comes down here himself to get you. But…" she bragged out once again palming the prominent swell in front of her, "save this for me," then turned.

"Woman," he demanded whipping her back around to face him. "I want my goodbye kiss."

She grinned coyly up at him, "Then take it stud if you dare."

Firmly wrapping her up in his arms, his lips a breaths width from hers, "I dare," and he descended on her like a starving man with his last meal.

Strong devouring lips ate at hers trying to consume what he knew that he wouldn't get to have for maybe two days or longer. Tongues danced together to a rhythm they set, teeth scraping and nibbling trying, but failing to get enough to satisfy.

Tugging her top full lip between his teeth he heard her dispel a deep throaty moan that shot strait through him. He should've pulled back, should've just give her a quick peck then left, but damn he couldn't find the strength nor will to do something like that.

"Go handsome," she mumbled around his lips while still placing tiny kisses to his.

"Don't want to."

"I don't want you to either but we have a job."

"Screw the job," he growled smoothing his hands down her sides again feeling her curves and wanting nothing more than to mold them to his own hard body.

"Now hot stuff you can't do that."

"Why not?"

"Cause," she giggled when he hit a particularly ticklish spot on her back and sides. "I don't want to live under a bridge and that's what will happen if you don't move your cute tush."

"Wouldn't happen."

"You bet your ass it won't sexy. Now," she said and started to pull back again. "You've had your goodbye kiss go so you can hurry back."

"Oh all right," he pouted letting her go after on final brief deep kiss. He turned to go not wanting to but knowing the team would be waiting for him.

"Derek," Penelope called to his retreating form.

He turned, "Yea Princess?"

"Return home to me handsome," she said seriousness in her voice and eyes. "I don't want to loose you."

He stepped up in front of her cupping the side of her face in reassurance. "You won't loose me Penelope. Not till the Big Man himself comes to get me."

"I know," she replied kissing his palm.

"Be waiting for me."

"Of course, I will Angelfish with bells and tassel's and see through nighties."

He groaned but let her go and took a few steps back, "When I get back the beach just the two of us."

"Count on it sexy," she grinned watching him leave her heart heavy with worry but knew he'd take every precaution he could.

Two hours later

Twirling a feather tipped pen around in her hand Penelope chair cocked back stared off into space main racing with ideas. She'd all ready preformed the few searches for the team that they needed which left her with little to do but updates, given the fact that they just landed and most likely arrived at the local police station. Her thoughts slipped back to her hunk of man candy a dreamy smile slipped over her features.

To think they'd only been together officially for six months and friends for six years, they'd drove each other crazy with their flirty banter, smoldering looks of passion and lingering hugs and caresses. Finally temptation proved to be too much and neither wanted to keep wishing and dreaming for something they could grasp. It just took the courage to take what was theirs all along.

The shrill tone of her head set phone broke her out of a very pleasant day dream and but to reality. "Speak oh mere mortal and I may grant you a wish."

"Just pulled in baby girl and by the looks of things we're going to be at sorting through case files and looking at bodies for a while," came Derek's deep timbered voice.

"That bad sugar cube?"

"Worst," he replied solemnly. "Undermanned and out dated is a kind explanation."

"Sorry sweetness anything I can do to help?"

"Nothing yet love," Derek said leaning against the wall watching as Reid flipped through the files. "We'll call if anything's needed I just wanted to check in."

"The sap misses you PG," Emily's voice stated humor ringing in the tone.

Penelope could hear Derek tell her to shove it and she giggled. "Tell Ms. Grumpy pants that I happen to love it when you're sappy."

"Will do baby girl I'll touch base late."

"Gotch love bunny," Penelope stated then added, "I've got a few errands to run and pick up some dinner. I'll have my phone with me if you should need anything."

"It's late all ready Penelope why don't you go home get some rest and we'll all start fresh in the morning. Besides there won't be much of a breakthrough tonight," Derek advised reprovingly.

"Don't worry about me hot stuff I've got everything under control," she answered then thought things over. "But you know I think I will pop home for a bit then come back just in case you need me."

Penelope heard Derek sigh, "There's no way I can persuade you to stay home?"

"None my chocolate candy stick not till your home with me."

"All right," he conceded to her point knowing it would be fruitless to fight. "Just make sure you get some rest."

"Understood Captain sexy pants, Penelope Morgan signing off," she grinned just before cutting their connection.

"Love that name and you baby girl," Derek smiled loving the fact that she used his last name.

"I know night I love you to," and this time she hung up.

An hour later

"Here?" asked a twenty something man with blue streaked blonde hair.

"Yea there Jesse," Penelope answered sitting back and closing her eyes tightly.


"Just do it all ready blue I don't have all night sugar plum."

"All right," Jesse replied getting started.

Once the needle touched her skin Penelope winced in pain hating the digging feeling with a slight burn but in the end the results would out way all the pain she was going through.

"Think he'll like it?" Penelope asked glancing down at her friend's blue/blonde mop of hair.

Jesse stopped a second and raised sea green eyes upwards. "If he's smart he'll love it."

"Would you if Jan got something like this?"

Jesse sat back thinking about his response. Finally, "Yeah I mean it's forever a scary thing for most people, but to those who've found that one true soul mate it means the world."

"Deep words there sweetie you thinking about marriage?" Penelope could see the look in his eyes the spelled deeper meaning then most would think to look for.

He shrugged his shoulders, "Thinking about it."

Penelope leaned forward and ruffled his hair good naturedly. "Ask her. Now finish your work Mister I have my own to get back to."

Jesse obliged wordlessly. They'd been friends for to long for him to argue with her on any point.

After several stops Penelope had made it home, Clooney jumping around her excited to have someone home at last to tend to him.

"I know boy you miss us and we miss you to," Penelope cooed scratching his shaggy blonde head. "All right boy let's get you out back while mama gets a few things together so she can return to work."

Clooney gave her a sharp whine as if to say that she couldn't leave again.

"I know honey but I have to," she answered without think while leading him to the back door and letting him out.

While he did his doggy business Penelope made a bee line towards her office computers to check on a few things while she got dinner and a few take along snacks ready. As her second banks of babies booted up she quickly went next door to the master bedroom to change into a long dark red flower print gauzy stick skirt and long sleeved emerald green pull over shirt, comfortable ballerina flats on her feet. For those long nights she'd always dressed down just a fraction comfortable and warm to a point, all ready having a soft pillow and blanket back in her lair and to go along with that a stash of clean clothes incase the case proved to be a bigger bear than normal.

Slipping into her computer chair Penelope checks a few things namely the last search she'd started for the team which wasn't finished yet. Moving on to her Facebook© account she noticed that Derek had logged in on his own and forgot to logout. The imp in her decided to do a little snooping and at first glance found nothing out of the ordinary. A few messages from Sarah, two from Desiree and one from a man whom Penelope didn't know but what caught her eye was another icon to the left hand side of the stark white page. A little horseshoe stood all alone beneath Derek's Friend's icon.

Clicking the link Penelope received a bit of a shock when the loading page cleared and the homestead pulled up.

"Oh handsome what have you been up to?" she asked herself.

She always thought Derek hated computers only using them when he absolutely had to and only for work most of the time. He only had a Facebook page cause Penelope had suggested he could keep in better contact with his sister's and mother that way. But this, this was too funny and cute to pass up so she kept looking. Till her eyes caught sight of his little avatar with a bald head, dark chocolate skin, smooth face and big chocolate eyes. However what surprised her the most was the fact that standing next to him in a pink dress with golden blonde hair and matching dark brown eyes was a female avatar. Moving the curser over the girl a name popped up and Penelope gasped tears forming in her eyes.

End note: ok so it was only suppose to be a one shot but hey the muse got carried away more tomorrow sometimes cause it's stretched into a two-shot.