A/N OK, this was written for the Character Perspective challenge on the HPFC. My challenge was to write about Fred and George from Hagrid's perspective. Apologies for the terrible Hagrid accent (Microsoft Word was going mad- there were so many red lines!)

Disclaimer: I f I owned Harry Potter, I wouldn't be writing on a Fanfiction website.

"Hagrid, you know my brothers?"

"You 'ave a lot o' brothers, Ron."

"I meant Fred and George."

"The twins? Oh, I kno' them alrigh'. A coupla years ago they tried to set fire to me 'ut. I stopped 'em o' course bu' it was very close. Could 'ave all gone up in flames. An' just a few months ago they snuck in 'ere an' le' off a whole load o' dungbombs. It took weeks t' get rid o' the smell, I can tell you that. And then there was that thing wi' Fluffy las' year."

"They knew about Fluffy?"

"Too righ' they did. Tried to let 'im out an' set 'im on Professor Snape. 'Orrible it was. Not that I've always liked Snape meself but still... It took me hours t' calm poor Fluffy down. Righ' traumatized 'e was. I kno' your brothers, alrigh', Ron. They're a pair o' righ' annoyin'... well never mind. They're terrors tho'. Most annoyin' pair o' boys I've ever met."


"Wha' about 'em anyway, Ron?"

"They wanted to know if you knew what Filch had done with their dungbombs."