Summary: He shocked the world by taking that outstretched hand of opportunity, and when they asked him why, he just smiled and waved goodbye. "Love makes a man lose his common sense"- they just didn't expect him to actually throw it away.

Warnings: Mpreg and other rated M things.

Disclaimer: Naruto © Masashi Kishimoto

Prologue: Deal with the Devil

Naruto- as well as any other seasoned shinobi- knew that there were no good guys and bad guys. There were no defined lines of right and wrong- only battle after battle of bloodshed eventually leading to an acceptance. That each and every one of them was a carefully cultivated and trained murderer. Naruto knew that to be a ninja was to be a weapon- there was no justice; there was only duty.

Despite that fact, the blonde teen also knew there were loyalties and enemies. And because of those two simple truths, he was most certainly aware of treason. It was one of the first concepts he had learned while fidgeting away in the Ninja Academy- that treason against the village was the most heinous crime one could ever commit.

So Naruto knew that what he was doing- what he had been doing and planned to do in the future- was the very epitome of the word. Treason, that is.

Clad in his traditional ANBU uniform, minus his village's insignia, he stood from his spot on a thick tree branch and checked his direction in accordance to the sun. Orochimaru's territory was only a little farther north according to the vague map he had snitched from a traveler's pack, and soon Naruto would be crossing a dangerous border into a country of missing-nin. Deciding that he would have to hurry in order to beat the sunset, Naruto gathered his canteen and food ration pack before returning to his swift journey among the trees.

He had disguised this little adventure as a vacation to Suna, so he was limited on time. The excuse he planned to give for his tardy, was mediocre at best. It didn't help that Oto was in a completely different portion of the world.

Naruto was surprised at the ease it had been to breach the border. He expected there to be patrols or a barrier, but it was as easy as taking one step forward. It unnerved him. Did Orochimaru expect him? He had decided against sending a letter beforehand, afraid it would be intercepted and traced back to him. Well, the snake Sannin did seem to have eyes everywhere. It wasn't an impossibility.

The key to reaching the hidden lair was to mask up his chakara and keep as low a profile as possible. Naruto was not fond of the idea of having intimidating Sound shinobi breathing down his neck when he was snooping around.

So, sticking to his two rules, Naruto ran into no one. And he was pleased when Orochimaru's head quarters were in broad daylight- unhidden and again, no guard. Was it a trap? It didn't matter- he was here to negotiate.

The building was a worn grey color, looking more like an abandoned warehouse than a center for illegal experiments. It was surrounded by smaller buildings that were hidden under years of shrubbery and weeds. Naruto suspected most of the plantation was underground.

Deciding that being direct was the best way to approach, Naruto walked calmly to the front door and knocked, refusing to glance up at the security camera above his head. If Orochimaru didn't know he was coming, he did now.

Kabuto was not usually one to answer the door, as he was found deep in the labyrinth of Orochimaru's nest in one of his experimenting rooms the majority of the time. Somehow, fates placed him in passing of the front lobby when he heard the echoing of gentle raps on the other side of the wall. Being the generally polite person he was, the medic-nin unlocked and opened the steal door, a wave of forest scent invading the hall.

Kabuto did not usually answer the door.

Kabuto never answered the door to Konoha ninja. More specifically, Naruto.

The blonde smiled the faux smile Sai had unknowingly taught him, and raised his open palms in a peace-bringing fashion. His heart was thundering in his ears, but he was careful to keep himself steady. Weakness in the face of the enemy was signing oneself to death.

"Long time no see, Kabuto-san,"

It took another long, strained minute for Kabuto to gather his wits, in which Naruto worried Kabuto would draw a weapon on him.


"The very same," he answered easily, having mentally prepared himself for this day a very long time and letting that part of himself take over.

"I'm not trying to be rude, but…. You are aware that you're in Sound… correct?" the elder of the asked uncertainly, leaning against the doorframe for support.

"Of course. Though I am a bit earlier than I anticipated. I hope I'm not intruding,"

"No, no," he answered a bit hastily, feeling flustered with being caught by surprise, "Ah, can I help you?"

Somehow, Naruto slid past the silver haired man and entered the eerie, dim glow of the ceiling lights. Kabuto noted the color washed out Naruto's honey tan.

"I'm here to see Orochimaru. Unfortunately, he wasn't aware of my visiting, but I do need to speak with him as soon as possible,"

Kabuto silently closed the door before locking it back again.

"Do you mind taking me to him?"

They shared a long gaze as Kabuto tried to see past Naruto's pleasant smile. Was he here to take Sasuke? No- it was a known fact that he was off training in the plains west of Iwa and wouldn't be back for another week. Maybe the blonde didn't know?

"Uchiha-san isn't here,"

Naruto laughed, honestly finding it funny. He was certain of that. After all, he had planned this trip specifically because Sasuke was not any where around.

Still chuckling, Naruto began walking down the hall, ignoring the chills he got as he left the entrance behind him. He was in a snake's nest, with no escape unless Orochimaru chose to let him go. The hairs on his arms raised at the thought, but he reigned his nerves in. It would not do to show fear when his life depended on it.

Kabuto joined him and lead him through the dizzying tunnels of steal, accustomed to the scent of disinfectant and medication. There were no doors, Naruto noted as they walked farther. He guessed they were hidden and would only open to certain chakara signatures.

"How have you been these days?" Naruto asked, feeling uncomfortable with the silence.

"Not so good actually," the medic-nin admitted, "My current research seems to be in a slump,"

"Try working a cross-word puzzle while drinking a little sake. That always seems to get my mind working again,"

Kabuto raised his eyebrows at the petite teen next to him, considering his words and storing the information for later use. Cross-words and sake, huh?

They walked down a spiral staircase that opened to a large auditorium. Naruto took in the dents and stains littering the floor and walls and dubbed it a battle arena. How many had been killed in this room?

"Orochimaru is probably in his office at th-"

There was a deafening crackling that reminded Naruto of Chidori. Searching for the source, the blonde turned to a dead end hall to see a chunk of it crumbling away until there was a perfect doorway. Orochimaru, silhouetted with light, stepped through, a malicious smile stretched on his too-white skin. His glowing serpentine eyes swiveled around the room until they made contact with Naruto's.

The blonde gave a soft grin of his own and gave a sweeping bow, the ribbons of his ANBU mask brushing the floor.

"This is quite a surprise seeing me favorite jinchuuriki so far from his home," the Sannin purred, striding over and taking Naruto's bowed chin in a solid grip before gently pulling him back to a standing position. A pale thumb brushed over Naruto's velvety lips.

"I should have sent a letter," he replied with a nod, not moving away from Orochimaru's touch.

"Had I known you were on your way, I would have sent out an escort for you, Naruto,"

The way his name fell from Orochimaru's mouth made him shiver. Naruto was in danger-land. The hand dropped from the blonde's chin only to take hold of his hand.

Kabuto watched through calculative eyes as his mentor brought Naruto's delicate knuckles to his lips and placed a kiss.

"Nonsense. I got here with no trouble at all. And speaking of, I have some important things to discuss with you. I intend to leave here as soon as possible, as I'm sure you understand,"

"But of course. Shall we take this somewhere more private?"

Naruto hooked his slim arm with Orochimaru's as the pale man lead them towards the door he had made his appearance through.

"Oh, and Kabuto-san?" Naruto called over his shoulder as the wall began to close up and the crackling noise started again, "I would appreciate it if you kept this little visit between you and me,"

The silver haired young man watched the two disappear behind the steal wall and silence fell from the ceiling like a blanket, cloaking him from head to toe.

Inside Orochimaru's office, Naruto had made himself comfortable- as comfortable as one can get in the presence of someone so powerful- in the chair across from Orochimaru's. There was a coffee table in between them, littered with open scrolls and stacks of books. Like many other things he had encountered today, his office was not what the blonde had anticipated. It was far from uncomfortable- there were bookshelves filled and overflowing and small lamps that gave off a warm orange glow. It made Naruto oddly drowsy.

"Now, what can I do for you?" Orochimaru asked, voice low with unknown intent.

Naruto's polite smile transformed into a look of serious diplomacy.

"Due to certain circumstances last month, I find myself in possession of something extremely important to you,"

"To me?" Orochimaru asked, humoring Naruto with a cheeky sneer.

"Yes. You have heard of Danzo's assassination, correct?"

"It is not new information, Naruto-kun,"

"Please allow me to finish. Before Tsunade got hold of his body, I took the liberty to extract all of the Sharingan eyes he had collected for a certain snake we all know. I do not know how he got them, nor do I really care to find out,"

"You have them with you?" Orochimaru urged, visibly becoming excited at the mentioning of Sharingan.

"More or less," Naruto answered vaguely, feeling the weight of his summoning scroll in his pouch.

"So, in exchange for these eyes, you want me to release your dear Sasuke?"

"Of course not," Naruto answered, shaking his head, "He does what he likes. I assure you, I came here for only selfish reasons,"

"I must say, this new Naruto is definitely more alluring than before. Killing one of your own fellow citizens and consorting with an S-class criminal? You have me utterly seduced," he teased, then added, "Name what you want in return,"

Naruto paused, careful to word his next sentence so he didn't give himself away.

"I am looking for a seal similar to the seals that bind the tailed beasts to their hosts. It goes by various names, but you'll know it by the Konomoshi[1] seal,"

"That seal binds someone to you until the possessor chooses to release them. It was decided to be made forbidden because it made the victim a slave. What do you need it for?"

"Different reasons, but none of them for anything but my own gain,"

They stared at each other, Orochimaru obviously frustrated that Naruto was so bold to avoid answering a question.

"Is that all you need?"

"It is,"

Orochimaru grabbed a small walkie-talkie from the coffee table and switched it on.

"Kabuto, go to storage room eight and bring me the small container with the blue label,"

"Yes, sir," came the automatic reply.

"I'm grateful for your cooperation," Naruto said, bowing his head in respect.

"And I am surprised that we can negotiate. I did kill your Hokage and steal your best friend,"

Naruto tilted his head and smiled after a beat of silence.

"I had forgotten,"

"I expect you not to forget my eyes," Orochimaru warned with a playful sneer.

"And you will get them after I ensure the seal is altered to my benefit," Naruto assured, standing and holding his hand out to shake with Orochimaru's. Instead, the Sannin kissed his fingers again, sealing their deal with a pleased smile.

It would take weeks to make the seal just right, but Naruto had time. Hopefully, Orochimaru wouldn't be too angry with the delay of his eyes- not that Naruto actually intended to give Orochimaru the stolen Sharingan eyes. He could feel the late Uchiha clan rolling in their graves at the mere prospect.

"I feel pity for the friend you choose to place the seal on,"

Naruto smiled true, and closed his eyes with a little 'hmm'.

"Actually, I'm sealing a soul that doesn't exist yet,"

Prologue: End.

[1] Kon-Omoi-Shigai: soul-mind-body

The prologue is kind of short but the actual chapters won't be.

To be continued…