Chapter One – What To Do When Your Cousins Won't Let You Copy Their Homework

A/N: So this is a Harry Potter Next Generation fic. In case you didn't know – Dom is Bill and Fleur's second daughter. I don't own ANYTHING.

Hi! My name is Dominique Juliet Weasley and in this story I plan to teach you the steps to living with crazy cousins, an owl called Gorilla, magic and being called Dotty by your arch enemy.

Basically, I'm gonna fill you in on EVERYTHING you need to know about ME!

What could be better?

I'll tell you. It would be MUCH better if Professor McGonagall hadn't set us homework on the first day back! She's a slavedriver that woman.

Another thing that could be better would be if the Egg had moved to Transylvania during the summer holidays. But oh no. He just had to swagger back into the Gryffindor common room as if he owned the place...

Wait. Why is The Egg in the Gryffindor common room? He's a SLYTHERIN!

"HELP! ATTACK!" I yelled, at the top of my voice. James and Fred (who had been innocently (ha) drawing on the cover of Albus' Potions textbook) covered their ears.

"Holy sheesh Dom!" James yelled, throwing a pillow at me.

"I think she deafened my other ear," Fred said, pathetically, clutching his left ear.

"What happened to your first ear?" I asked, interested.

"Roxi woke me up," Fred shook his head bitterly.

Oh. Well that explained it. Now back to the matter at hand.

"Why is The Egg in the Gryffindor common room?" I asked, to no one in particular, as James and Fred had resumed defacing Albus' textbook... I should probably stop them... Meh.

"We invited him." Speak of the devil! Albus passed behind us. I turned around to grab his collar and bring his face close to my own.
"Listen, Al. Do you know how much stress I am under?"
"It's the first day of school, Dom. Relax..." Albus twisted himself, free, grabbed his textbook, glared at his brother and went to meet The Egg.

I should probably stop to explain stuff here. The Egg is my lovely name for the spawn of Satan commonly known around here as Scorpius Malfoy. Or Scorp if you are the two traitors to the family name. Rose! Albus! I'm talking to YOU!

Now why is The Egg spawn of Satan you may be asking? Well, if you are, congratulations – you live in a HOLE. How can you not know the evilness of Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy? For one thing – he's a Malfoy, and as they say blood is thicker than water. For another – he is just plain RUDE. And for a third... HE CALLS ME DOTTY

Why would you call someone Dotty? Especially if their name is Dominique Juliet Weasley and there is not an Dotty in the family? The Egg is dumb, that's why.

Scorpius is weird. The Egg is strange. Full stop.

I should probably stop talking so much.

And do my Transfiguration homework.

"Jamie?" I asked. "Do you think I should stop talking so much?"

"I think you should see a psychiatrist, Dom," James said, seriously. I gave him a glare of Utter Doom and Destruction. He didn't flinch. Curse him.

"Awww... Don't be so mean, James," Fred put an arm around me. Thank the heavens for nice cousins.

"Freddie – you are now my favourite cousin!" I announced.

"Oh shucks," James slapped his hand to his forehead in mock dismay. "You made me weep, Dom."

I gave him another glare of Utter Doom and Destruction.

And withdrew some parchment from my folder to do Transfiguration.

Aren't I a good girl?

"You've got homework on the first day back?" Louis had thrown his arms around my neck and spoken (far too loudly) in my ear. I flicked him.

"Yes. Now leave me alone."

"I wanna borrow Gorilla."

"NO! He's MY owl! MY PRECIOUS!" I yelled back.

Do you know how the room goes really quiet all of a sudden – while you're speaking? Yeah, that happened. I shrugged.


Seeing how half of the common room was related to me – no one pressed the point.

"You're so strange Dommy," Louis ran off before I could hex him for calling me that.

Stupid name.

Stupid homework.

"James!" I begged. "I'm stuck!"

"Work it out yourself Dom!" James reproached me.

This is unfair. I always give him the answers. Humph. Am I a pushover? Sometimes. Humph.

Oooh! Brainwave! Shrugging Fred's arm off – he was sooo trying to copy my answers – I stuffed my homework and quill into my bag and ran out of the common room, accidentally (ha!) kicking The Egg as I left.

I was on my way to see two of my BESTEST friends ever – the Scamander twins – who are INCREDIBLY clever, REALLY nice, and JUST as CRAZY as me.

I like talking in capitals. It gives me purpose.

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