Chapter One;

The brunette stood in the bathroom looking to the Senior Field Agent who had invited himself in there with her while she had been showering. He only wanted to brush his teeth, he had said to her, but she knew it was something more than that, she wasn't born yesterday. She had been so naïve to not lock the door, though she hadn't thought it would be entirely necessary, however she had been awfully wrong and Anthony DiNozzo had entered the bathroom, while she was in there.

"How long have you been there?" she demanded an answer from him, immediately.

"Long enough to know you can't sing, and you haven't shaved your legs in a week." He smirked, thinking he was all so cool, standing in his boxer shorts, the toothbrush hanging out of his mouth until he decided to remove it to speak to Kate.

The brunette gave him a glare, and if looks could kill, Tony would have been six feet under a long while ago. She couldn't help but feel amused at some of the remarks Tony made though; he was correct. Kate hadn't had the time to shave her legs for more than a week, it was no wonder she never got any 'action' as Tony always told her. She saw him standing there with his famous DiNozzo smirk on his face and she couldn't help but throw her sponge at him before she pulled the shower curtain across the cubicle harshly.

"Outrageous." Tony growled a little before he continued to brush his teeth and look at his torso through the mirror.

He was such a vain character, and he knew it but it was part of his charm, and Kate knew that part as well.

She heard the growl and felt her cheeks flushing as he was making fun of her singing, and her obvious dancing around the shower cubicle. That was something Kate often did back home, but she hadn't been expecting company in the bathroom with her, so she hadn't held back on the shower musical routine, to Britney Spears' "Outrageous" song.

Caitlin just felt rather furious at Tony for being there, but at the same time she had kind of wanted him to be there and she knew that he had not intended on just brushing his teeth once he had discovered that she were in the shower and naked. How had he discovered that her legs had not been shaved in a week or perhaps more? The only logical explanation was that he had peeked around the curtain (risking physical abuse of some sort from Kate) to see her body under the spray of the water.

She could still hear him there in the bathroom and she sighed, "Tony…" she waited for his voice, a reply of any sort.

"Wonder of my life…?" he replied finally, wearing his usual DiNozzo smirk.

"What?" Kate challenged Tony then, peeking her head back around the end of the shower curtain to glare once again at him as he stood with that goofy, but charming and melting smirk.

"Hey, I'm just being a gentleman here." Tony told Kate.

"If you were being a gentleman, you wouldn't still be in the bathroom while I was showering." She pointed out.

"Oh." He chuckled a little, "That's true."

Kate just stood, staring back at Tony as if she were waiting on him to leave the bathroom still, which she kind of wanted him to do, as it had now turned awkward between them, and she could feel the flush rising in her cheeks.

"You know you love it, Kate." Tony spoke up and smirked, taking a step closer.

"What do I love?"

"Do I really have to answer that for you?"

Kate cleared her throat and nodded a little before the blush finally rose in her cheeks.

"Well, me. For a start." He began and smiled softer this time as he stepped closer to that cubicle, "You love the charm…my immaturity and stuff."

She let her eyebrow raise, "And stuff?" she asked before she let her eyes run the length of his body and she subconsciously licked her lips, letting her tongue run across her lower lip as she drank in the sight of Tony's body before her.

"Yeah, see, I know you love it." Tony smirked, victoriously.

"Tony, what the hell are you talking about?"

"You, and me."


Tony had by now moved his hands to the towel that was wrapped around his waist, covering the parts he did not yet want to expose to Kate, but all of that was going to change very soon, he knew it. He watched her reactions as his hands grasped at the toweled material, ready to pull it away from his body.

"Tony…?" Kate was speechless as she watched him, and his hands ready to pull away that towel.

"You want me to Kate, I know you want me to."

"You don't know that." Kate shook her head as she finally tore her eyes away from Tony's lower torso to look up at his face, see his expression and to read the emotion behind his tone of voice.

"Kate, I know I want you." Tony told her in a quiet and un-Tony like tone, he knew she wouldn't have been expecting that one from him. So much so, it had left her absolutely speechless. He finally had taken that step in telling her what he had wanted to do in a long time.