Chapter Three;

Looking to the screen together, Kate and Tony both sighed as they heard Gibbs' words. And he then hung up the video conference call with them. Kate blushed, turning away from the screen, and Tony just stayed still looking to the now black window where Gibbs had been. Kate heard Tony sigh and she shook her head a little, "I don't believe he just said that." she muttered a little and then looked to Tony who was standing next to her.

"Me either. That is not the Gibbs we know and love."

"What should we do?"

Tony turned to look to Kate and swiftly smirked.

She caught sight and scoffed immediately, "Tony!" she shook her head, "No. NO!"

"Aww, come on Katie...he said it's fine..."

"No, Tony. We'll wait until we get home." she replied, walking away with her own smirk across her face, head held high as she pictured the expression across Tony's face upon hearing her comment.

"Oh come on Kate, that's going to be like...early hours!" Tony whined.

"Then you'll just have to be patient, won't you?" she moved her face extremely close to his and pouted a little before smirking and moving backwards again, looking at him as she moved.

"Oh, that was cute, you think you'll get away with comments like that all day?"

"I don't think so..." Kate sighed a little before she smirked. Tony could've sworn he'd saw two red horns grow from her hairline as she spoke up and continued, "I know so."

"Hm, we'll see Agent Todd."

"We shall, Special Agent DiNozzo..." Kate winked to Tony before leaving.

"Special Agent, you got that right." he followed her and chuckled, "Gibbs is a great Boss, you know that right? Kate...?"

"I do, Tony...?" Kate looked to him, "How many bedrooms do you have?"