Nine Months Chapter Four: Twins

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Tsuna was brought to Shamal once again for another check-up, and was now officially twelve weeks, or three months into her pregnancy. She now puked less, but she had to admit, she was now feeling…rather fat.

Kyoko, Chrome, Haru, and Hana had taken her out once to buy more fitting clothes, but with Tsuna's slim figure, it was still hard for people who didn't know to see that she was pregnant.

Tsuna could now make out more of the previous white splotch he had seen on the ultrasound, which was no long a white speck on the black screen. "Your baby should now have most of its organs formed…and there are its toes and fingers…" Shamal said as he moved the stick around Tsuna's stomach.

"And, oh, Tsuna, I forgot to tell you last time, you have twins."

Everyone in the room stared at the carefree, doctor Shamal, who simply recorded the information and handed Tsuna a paper towel. The only sound in the room was the printer that was printing the images of the baby, um babies. "WHAT?"

One though went around the room, through every person's head except for Shamel's, which was HOW THE HELL COULD YOU FUCKIN' FORGET SUCH AN IMPORTANT THING?

"Really, boys are so stupid, that's why I have no interest in them" said Shamal as he pulled off his gloves, "Tsunayoshi Sawada, aka Vongola Decimo has TWINS in her. Twins as in two children," he said holding up two fingers for everyone to see."

Tsuna fainted right there on the spot.

This is going to be interesting…Reborn smirked.

To be continued!

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