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Summary: Set during "Fool me once". Damon got trapped in the tomb and Bonnie starts to have dreams about saving him. To her dismay there is a bond between herself and the vampire that can't be destroyed. Bamon!

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Bonnie tightened her grip on her Grandmother's hands when she felt herself getting weaker and her powers fading. She knew that they wouldn't be able to sustain the spell that had opened the tomb and broken the seal to let the vampires out much longer. But her friends Elena and Stefan were still in there, only the vampire girl Anna and her mother had already left the tomb. Finally she could hear footsteps and Elena and the Salvatore brothers appeared in the entrance of the tomb. However while Elena and Stefan stepped out Damon suddenly paused and stepped back. He had a blank look on his face.

"Damon, what are you doing? You have to come out." Elena pleaded and reached out for him.

But Damon looked at her with desperation and hurt written all over his face and made another step back. He didn't show any kind of reaction and simply stared off into space when the stone that had been blocking the entrance of the tomb moved back into its place.

"No! Please, you have to open it again!" Elena said and grasped Bonnie's arm.

"We are too weak to cast another spell. Besides even if I could I wouldn't open the tomb again." Sheila answered.

"We can't just leave him in there. Not like this." Elena said.

"He made that decision by himself. And I can't think of a better place to lock up someone as evil as him." Sheila replied.

"She is right, it was his choice to stay behind." Stefan said.

"He had just found out that the woman he loves had betrayed him. Right now he is hurt and confused but he is surely not capable of realizing the consequences of his action." Elena replied aghast by the fact that her boyfriend was ready to give up on his older brother so easily. No matter what Damon had done in the past no one deserved to suffer like he would for the next days until he would finally pass out due to the lack of blood.

"Did you already forget that our only reason to help him getting Katherine back was the prospect of getting rid of him? He is no longer a threat for this town and for us. He is never going to kill anybody again." Stefan insisted.

One glance at Bonnie told Elena that she agreed with her Grandmother and Stefan. But that wasn't much of a surprise to her since Damon had tried to kill not so long ago.

"But he did all that because he is still in love with Katherine. That means he still feels something." she said in another attempt to try to change her friend's minds.

"Damon is dangerous and unpredictable when it comes to Katherine. Believe me, it's better that he is locked up for now." Stefan assured her.

Elena was still not convinced but eventually realized that she couldn't do anything at the moment. They left the tomb and the wood in silence and whereas Bonnie went home with her Grandmother Elena accompanied Stefan to the boarding house after they had brought Jeremy home and made sure that he was okay. While Stefan was gone to pay Anna and her mother Pearl a quick visit Elena tried to get comfortable and to find some distraction but her mind always wandered back to Damon. She was glad when Stefan finally returned and told her that Anna and Pearl had promised to leave. At least they didn't have to deal with another vampire in Mystic Falls.

When Stefan woke up the next morning he was glad that it was Saturday and he didn't have to deal with school. He turned around and found the other side of the bed where Elena had been lying when he had fallen asleep empty. Listening closely he could hear her downstairs in the living room. As soon as he realized that she was crying he got up and hurried down using his vampire speed.

"Did something happen? Is it because of Damon?" he asked when he approached his girlfriend.

"I've just talked to Bonnie. Her Grandmother died last night." Elena sobbed.

Stefan sighed and pulled her into a tight embrace.

"Bonnie said that she was really tired and weak after casting that spell and shortly after she fell asleep yesterday evening she suddenly stopped breathing and her heart stopped beating." Elena stammered while crying into his chest.

He hated it to see his girlfriend so shaken up and didn't want to think about how Bonnie felt right now. Again he found himself wishing that Damon hadn't returned to Mystic Falls.

Ever since her Grandmother had died Bonnie didn't sleep very well but the dreams that haunted her started not until the night after the funeral. At first there were only images of Damon that she saw. He looked broken and hurt and his dull blue eyes stared at her. But over the course of the week the dreams became more and more intense. She could see how Damon was suffering in the tomb due to the bloodthirst that he wasn't able to appease. Sometimes she could even feel the pain that he was going through and lately she could also hear a voice telling her to save him. Bonnie was frightened but also angry that she was dreaming to save the vampire that was responsible for her Grandmother's death. She hoped to find a spell to get those dreams under control in one of her Grandmother's books but she couldn't. Ten days since the incident in the tomb had passed and aside from the day of the funeral she hadn't seen Elena or Stefan. At first she had blamed the two of them as well but eventually realized that she had overreacted. Nevertheless she avoided them for a couple of days and spent most of the time at school with Caroline because she simply needed some distraction. But when she started to hear the voice that was urging her to help Damon even when she wasn't sleeping she finally brought herself to talk to them.

She waited for them at Stefan's car after school and was relieved when she spotted a smile on Elena's face when the couple approached her.

"Are you feeling better?" Elena asked.

"I think I'm coping with the fact that Grams isn't here anymore. But there's something else. I have to talk to you about Damon."

"Please don't mention the D-word." Elena replied rolling her eyes.

"We found out that he had killed her birthmother Isobel." Stefan explained when he saw the questioning look on the young witches face.

"I'm really sorry to hear that, but it's important." Bonnie insisted.

When Elena heard the pressing undertone in her friend's voice she also noticed the dark rings under her eyes and immediately knew that something was wrong.

"What is it, Bonnie?" she asked.

Bonnie told them everything about the dreams that she had, the images that she saw and the voice that she heard.

"I don't understand this. Why should I save him? I hate him, it's his fault that Grams died. Sometimes I can even feel the pain that he is feeling, physical and emotional. What does that mean?"

"You still have Emily's grimoir, don't you? Maybe we can find an answer and a way to end those dreams there." Stefan suggested.

"It's still at my Grandmother's. I can get it and meet you later at the boarding house." Bonnie said.

Together they studied Emily's grimoir and finally found what they were looking for. They read the chapter a couple of times to make sure that they didn't misunderstand it but there was no doubt about it. According to Emily's notes Damon was meant to protect Mystic Falls against Katherine and the other vampires in the tomb and apparently the most powerful witch of the Bennett family that was living at that time the tomb would be opened was supposed to fight together with him. Once the tomb was opened a bond between the witch and the vampire would be created that none of them would be able to ignore and that couldn't be destroyed.

"Since he agreed to protect her descendants she obviously believed that the good side of him would still be strong enough to outweigh all the hate and anger. Looks like she knew him better than I did." Stefan said.

"Maybe she was wrong. I can't believe that she did that. How am I supposed to work together with Damon? Besides he decided to stay in the tomb, he probably doesn't even want to be saved. And I'm not strong enough to open the tomb alone." Bonnie replied doubtfully.

"I'm pretty sure you're strong enough now. Emily always knew what she was doing and i guess she is the only one who knew how strong Katherine is. Obviously it takes more than just a vampire to defeat her. Though I have no idea how Damon is going to react when we get him out, but we have to do it. It's the only way to stop those dreams that you're having. And we also know that Katherine is out there and we're going to need him in case the town and the people here needs indeed to be protected." Stefan assured her.

Elena agreed with her boyfriend and squeezed Bonnie's hand in order to reassure her best friend.

"Okay, let me practice some magic for the next days and on Friday we're going to try it." Bonnie eventually said.

Elena and Stefan agreed and nodded.

On Thursday evening Bonnie was pleased with herself and the fact that all the spells that she had cast had worked but she was also anxious and nervous when she thought about the following day. The night was awful. As soon as she closed her eyes she saw Damon and the vampire looked more shattered and broken than ever. She slept three hours at most and felt so tired in the morning that she was almost eager to get Damon out of the tomb just to get a good night's sleep again. Since her father had left for a business trip she decided to skip school and texted Elena that she would meet them around six at the boarding house. Sundown would be around seven and they wanted to start shortly afterwards.

When Bonnie parked her car in front of the Salvatore mansion she was still nervous but also confident. The most important thing was to get Damon out of the tomb and then Stefan would deal with his brother for the time being. The younger Salvatore opened the door before she had even knocked and greeted her with a smile. Just like her he was nervous, because he didn't know how Damon would react to his probably unwanted rescue and the information that they had gathered from Emily's notes.

"Do you know in what condition he is right now?" Bonnie asked.

"He couldn't feed for quite some time now, so he's probably unconscious. I have some bloodbags for him, but I will give it to him not until we're home. I'm going to have a better control over him here. We still need to be careful, he is strong and I'm not sure what happens if he can sense you and Elena and the human blood." Stefan explained.

The two girls nodded and eventually it was time to leave. When they arrived the tomb everything looked still the same way as it did the last time they had been there. Trying to ignore these unpleasant memories Bonnie grabbed the grimoir and climbed out of the car.

"Okay, let's do this." she murmured.

When she was done with the preparations she took a deep breath, closed her eyes and started to chant. Elena and Stefan looked expectantly at the entrance of the tomb and finally the stone moved so that Stefan could enter. Bonnie continued to chant in order to keep the seal open and was too determined to hold up the the spell to be aware of anything that was happening around her. Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder and looked up. It was Elena.

"It's okay Bonnie, you can stop now." she said.

Right behind her best friend Bonnie spotted Stefan who had carried his brother out of the tomb and while she was looking at Damon's limp body in Stefan's arms the tomb closed again.

"Is he really going to recover?" Bonnie asked doubtfully.

Damon's skin was ashen, his once beautiful face was marked by pain and his cheekbones were standing out. He was unconscious just as Stefan had assumed and Elena was looking at him with the same expression of compassion on her face like Bonnie.

"Don't worry, he only needs some blood." Stefan replied but the pitiful appearance of his older brother seemed to affect him as well.

They walked quietly back to the car where Stefan put Damon's body in the backseat and climbed in next to him. During the car ride he glanced occasionally at Damon and remembered when he had locked him up in the cellar to let him starve. Back then he couldn't hardly await the day he would find him unconscious but now with the result of a starvation diet like that sitting right next to him he felt the slightest pang of conscience. He only hoped that they would be able to deal with Damon's mental state.