The Truth

By WriterHorse32

I do not own Generator Rex or the coupling. Bye Bye.

'Okay breathe Holiday,' Dr. Holiday thought to herself. She had just lied to Rex. She never ever, ever lies to Rex. Sure she had said that she had never been asked to prom because she knew he would think higher of the girl that way, but she also knew that her prom was the best night of her life. She decided to go see the man who had actually taken her to the prom. She turned a few corners and walked down a few hallways to get to the room and found Six waiting for her near the door.

"You're late," He said jokingly. She was the only one he showed this side of him to. She had always been the only one. He grabbed her hand took her into his room and for the rest of the night. They recreated their prom night. It's a good thing that the soldiers can keep secrets or you would know that every person that walked by that room described the noises as someone trying to start a lawnmower in a closet. They should be glad Rex was in his room the rest of night.