Chapter 6: The morning after

After the best sex session of their lives, Clover took Sam and Alex to her bed, where she laid them for some well-deserved sleep. Keeping her arms around them, hugging them tightly, she also fell asleep. They slept through the rest of the afternoon and the whole night. Only when the first rays of Sun peered through the windows of Sam's bedroom did the girls woke up. Clover was the first. Slowly opening her eyes, she blinked them a couple of times. Slowly turning her head to the left, she saw Alex peacefully sleeping in her arms. Smiling, she then turned her head to the right and saw Sam also sleeping by her side. Even though she knew that the previous night had not been a dream, it still felt like it had been. She had told her best friends that she was in love with them, and the feeling was mutual. In a matter of minutes, they went from best friends to lovers. Still, Clover was now a little worried of how the girls would react when they woke up.

Taking a deep breath and removing any bad thoughts she had, Clover then started to plant soft kisses on both girls' faces and necks trying to wake them up. Alex was the first one to open her eyes and Sam followed her a couple of seconds later. Looking at Clover, they both smiled and giggled as they kissed her on the cheek.

"Good morning, Clover." –they both said.

"Good morning, girls." –Clover smiled, suddenly feeling a little embarrassed about

"Pretty good, actually." –Sam smiled.

"My heiny still hurts from last night." –Alex playfully answered her. –"You really pounded it like there was no tomorrow."

"Well, you asked for it."

"I know, I know… and you know what? I think that a few hours from now, I'll be ready for another session."

"Who would have thought that both my best friends would be into anal?" –Clover thought to herself. –"So… I guess you girls have a lot of questions, right?" –she asked them.

During the next 15 minutes, the girls talked about what happened, and Clover kept asking them if they did not regret what had happened or if they thought she had forced herself on them. Of course, Sam and Alex both told her that everything was consensual and that even though they were still getting used to the idea of her friend being the host of an alien symbiote being, which enabled her to do what she did, they had no regrets of what happened.

"So, you girls aren't…"

"Let's put it this way. It will take a little time for us to get used to this, but, don't worry. We've been through crazier things ever since we started working for WOOPH." –Sam told her.

"Yeah, it's not like we aren't used to these thins by now." –Alex smiled, as planted another kiss on Clover's left cheek. –"By the way, where's your alien pal?"

"Oh, Blackie crawled inside me. Blackie, come on out, the girls want to tell you good morning." –Clover called Blackie as she gently tapped her abdomen.

A couple of seconds later, a small tendril came out of Clover's bellybutton with the rest of Blackie coming out soon after. Turning one of the tendrils into a replica of the three girls, it bid them hello.

"Hey there." –Alex said. –"Just wanted to tell you that last night was awesome."

"Indeed. I guess I was wrong about you at first." –Sam apologized, as Blackie turned another one of its tendrils into a thumbs up, telling her that it was okay.

"Guess we're all friends now." –Alex smiled, as some of Blackie's tendrils extended towards Clover's pubic area, revealing that it was hungry. –"I guess it wants breakfast." –the brunette giggled.

"Oh, Blackie, can't this wait for after me and the girls eat breakfast ourselves?" –Clover asked the symbiote, to which Blackie answered by beginning to cover her whole body like it usually did. Sighing in defeat, Clover said –"Fine, I get it. Girls, if you want to you can wait outside, while I do this." –the blonde said, a little embarrassed. Last night, she did not have any problem with having Sam and Alex looking at her, while she touched herself, but now, she was embarrassed, though she did not know why.

"Don't worry, Clover, we can stay." –Sam smiled.

"Yeah, we'll help you get that little devil satisfied." –Alex giggled, as she ran her fingers over Clover's body, giving her goosebumps. –"You're going to cum so hard that even Blackie won't be able to absorb all of your juices."

Saying that, Alex swiftly began to caress Clover's legs, while planting kisses on her thighs, moving towards her pubic area. The brunette's kisses felt like little jolts of electricity that caressed the blonde's skin. Sam also joined the party, by planting a kiss on Clover's lips, and then slowly kissing her way down the blonde's body. When she reached Clover's pubic area, the tips of her fingers caressed the blonde's outer lips quite softly, but it was enough to make her gasp.

"Gently, girls, I'm very sensitive right now." –Clover gasped, as her heart beat kept racing like crazy.

"Good, because we want you to feel everything…" –Sam whispered naughtily, as she took Clover's pussy into her mouth and began to lick it.

The way Sam's tongue moved inside of Clover's pussy felt like it had a mind of its own. She would lick her as fast as she could for a few seconds, only to then slow down a little, before speeding up once more, making Clover feel like she was on a roller-coaster. Gasping for air, the blonde's heart felt like the heart of a hummingbird from all the sensations she was feeling right then.

After a few minutes, it was Alex's turn to pleasure Clover, while Sam tended to the blonde's beautiful boobs, which kept rising up and down due to her breathing. Instead of teasing Clover's pussy with her tongue, Alex inserted her right index and middle finger into her friend's pussy.

"My god, it almost feels like she has a volcano between her legs." –Alex thought, as she slid her fingers in and out of Clover's pussy at a steady rhythm, making her squirm. –"Now, now, don't cum just yet, Clover. We haven't finished playing." –Alex told her with an evil look on her face.

"Yeah, Clover, you don't want Blackie to starve now, do you?" –Sam said, as she pinched the blonde's nipples.

""F-Fuck! Not so hard, Sammie!" –Clover squealed. –"Screw it! I like it hard!" –she thought to herself. –"Who am I kidding? Girls, make me cum like hell!" –she said, giving in to the rush she was feeling.

Complying with her wishes, Sam and Alex both did her best to make Clover cum like she never had before. In the end, Clover came so hard that the sheets from Sam's bed would have to get changed after it. Still, the amount of juices was enough to satisfy Blackie's appetite. As Blackie's tendrils absorbed every drop of its favourite meal, Clover kept panting, while Sam and Alex covered her face and neck with smooches.

"So, did it feel good?" –Sam asked Clover.

"Fuck, yeah… you girls really know how and when to press my buttons." –Clover panted. Still panting, she exchanged a torrid kiss with both her friends, thanking them for what they did for her.

"Look" –Alex pointed with her finger. –"Looks like, Blackie has finished its meal."

Indeed it had. Clover's pussy and the area surrounding it was now absolutely dry, as if nothing had happened a few minutes before.

"Guess it was really hungry." –Clover giggled. –"Well, and now, I think it's our turn to get some breakfast." –she said, as Blackie went back inside her, through her belly button, satisfied with the delicious meal Clover and the girls had provided it.

"Definitely. But, maybe we could, you know, take a shower first." –Alex suggested, flirting with Clover.

"You just want me to fuck you in the shower, don't you?" –Clover asked her with a smirk on her face, as she wrapped herself around Alex's beautiful body. A few hours ago, she would have never think about doing such a thing with her friend, but now, she saw that as the most natural thing in the world.

"Well…" –Alex pretended to be shy. –"… maybe a little." –she said in a whisper.

"Hey, what about me?" –Sam complained, feeling a little left out.

"Oh, don't worry, Sammykins, you can also join us." –Clover blinked an eye at her. –"Come on, we're not leaving our favourite redhead behind, now are we, Alex?"

"Nope, never." –Alex answered, as she grabbed Sam by the wrist and pulled her towards them. –"Come on, the shower is waiting for us."