To all my lovely readers:

Don't worry about this fic being deleted because it won't be. However, I'm going to be doing a bit of a re-write. The general plot will remain the same - Bella writing to a soldier that's stationed overseas - but the other characters will be different. And while I'm still a fan of Bella & Edward, I have a serious problem with actually writing about them. If you haven't noticed - those of you who've read other stories that I've written - I prefer to write about a relationship between Bella and Jasper. With that being said, once I've rewritten the first few chapters I'll be deleting this story. I'll re-post the story with the rewritten plot and chapters so there is no confusion.

I'm sorry to those of you that have read this story and wanted to see it continued as a B&E fic, but the plot bunny hit me while I was reading Coming Home by Sarge's Girls and I literally cannot stop thinking about it. In fact, I doubt I'll get to finish reading it until I get something written, at least. Please bare with me and don't leave simply because I haven't updated in so long.

Little known fact about me: I'm bipolar and I have bouts of inspiration that tend to dwindle. Usually, these bouts come just as suddenly as they leave. My best friend/co-author/pre-reader hates it when I start writing something only to lose interest it just as quickly. All the stories that I've written and that are posted are NOT discontinued, just simply on hiatus at the moment. Eventually - one day - they will all be finished.

Again, I hope I haven't lost any readers to the changes being made here and I hope that you can bare with me on any lapses between updates. The first chapter will up soon so keep an eye out for it by following me as an author, if you haven't already.

Thanks again,

Whitney aka Cullenbabe1231