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Summary: Bonnie accidentally cast a spell that turns her and damon into kids for the day, What happens when they have 24 hours to go through different stages of there childhoods … together ; Pure Bamon :)

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My Boy Lollipop


Bonnie's POV

Many times I wished I could relive my childhood memories, you know the ones that make you smile and with the people who put the smile on your face. Unfortunately I got what I wished for because here I am in my toddler form with Damon Salvatore by my side….

I was at the boarding house practicing new spells. Damon offered to help me learn them since he dated a witch in the past and picked up some things from her. At first I thought it was crazy, there was no way I was going to work with Damon but I was desperate and had no one else to turn to

" Focus witch" Damon said softly placing my hand on his temple.

" I am focusing !"

"Do you see anything yet?"

I sighed knowing where he was getting at

"No… " I trailed off

"Well if you were FOCUSING you would've ALREADY seen parts of my memories! We've been at this for HOURS bonnie! " Damon exploded growing frustrated as well

I could feel my blood begin to boil this guy was starting to piss me off ! who was he to tell me if I was focusing or not !

"If YOU would STOP YELLING at me I would've done it already !"

Damon sighed running a frustrated hand through his hair.

"Ok, ok calm down… I know a spell that can speed up this process"

He grabbed the grimore and pointed at a spell

"read this " he said sternly handing the book over to bonnie.

I grabbed the Book and started chanting …

"El tiempo pasa de Nuevo"

'Focus' Damon said interrupting my concentration

"Para los días en que"

" No wait witch you're-"

"estábamos linda e inocente"


"cuando éramos jóvenes !"

I felt a gush of wind circle around me , my body felt different as if I were changing … I opened my eyes to see a toddler who oddly enough looked like Damon.

" hello LITTLE witch" Damon said through clenched teeth

My eyes grew wide, I hurried over to the mirror only to see myself in my toddler form… Uh-Oh what have I done …

" Oh Cheese and Crackers !"

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