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My boy lollipop CH.8: Back to Reality

Damon Smiled, pulling her closer to him before disappearing off in the night….

Bonnie slowly opened her eyes; a bright light flooded the room making her squint. Damon laid beside her knocked out cold. A smile was plastered on her face as she watched the charming man sleep.

'Where am I'

she thought slowly getting up from the cold hardwood floor. Rushing to the mirror only to be greeted by a young woman, wearing a dark pair of jeans with a purple flowing tank top and grey cardigan on top. Exactly what she was wearing before she disappeared.

"DAMON!, Damon wake up!"

"Ugghh what, 5 more minutes" He said sleepily eyes closed voice raspy.

Bonnie looked around her, everything was in the exact place! The grimore was opened on the bed and her phone was on the dresser. She picked it up 27 missed calls … great 20 of them from her dad, 4 from Elena and 3 Caroline. The young witch rushed over to where the sleeping vampire was, trying to wake him up for a second time.

"DAMON WAKE UP" She yelled shaking him as she did so

"Geez little witch no need for the rude awakening… I told you 5 more minutes"

he smirked, pulling her towards him capturing her lips. Bonnie smiled in the kiss, returning all the passion he was giving her. A low growl escaped his lips. Damon flipped over so that she was under him giving him complete control of the kiss. Bonnie laughed as the vampire roughly attacked her lips. A noise appeared breaking them apart.

"Want you to make me feel like I'm the only girl in the world…"

Bonnie slipped from underneath Damon retrieving her phone. She sighed before looking at the caller ID …. Elena quickly pressing the answer button.

"Hello?" Bonnie said

"BONNIE! Where have you been! I've been calling you all night!" the brunette worried.

"Do you know what your dad was going through?"

"I'm so sorry, I just … went on a quick road trip with Damon" Bonnie lied.

"With Damon What! … You have A LOT of explaining to do" Elena replied

"I will, later … what's up where are you?"

"Well, me and Stefan are going to a Bon Jovi concert for the weekend" Elena dully said.

"Hey bon jovi is awesome!" Stefan defended making bonnie laugh

"Ahah well you two have fun, I got to call my dad… he's probably pissed." Bonnie sighed

"yeah you should, I'll call you later…. Bye!" Elena smiled


Bonnie pressed the disconnect button; running a frustrated hand through her hair, she really didn't want to face the music with her dad. She dialed his cell and waited for her punishment.

"Young lady! You're in BIG trouble!" Sean Bennett roared in his daughters ear

"Dad I'm sorry, I'm coming home right now"

She replied looking over at Damon who had a pout on his face.

"That's the thing; I'm on a business trip. But don't think you're off the hook I'll deal with you when I get home! And Bonnie don't forget the Smith's called to remind you your babysitting this weekend"

Frigg she completely forgot she had to Baby-sit. As much as she wanted to decline and stay cuddled here with Damon she couldn't. She really needed the money and this is her first time babysitting for the smith's if she wanted to make money she would have to leave a good impression.

"Alright dad, I gotta go Love you"

"Love you too be safe"

Bonnie sighed hanging up the phone.

"So how did Daddy take things?" Damon smirked, wrapping his arms around her waist.

"Well, he's on a business trip so I'm off the hook for now"

"Good, so daddy wouldn't mind if I spent the night with his baby girl then" Damon winked

"Sorry not happening, and I have to baby-sit this weekend so I should probably get going"

she replied putting her phone in her pocket; heading towards the staircase

"How about you Baby-sit here with me? Come on im going to be here by myself and there are plenty of extra rooms. What do you say little witch?"

"I don't know Damon…" she trailed off

"too bad you're staying here. Call those smith people and tell them the new location."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes" Damon said, pulling her phone out shoving it towards her " Now call them"

Bonnie laughed putting the phone to her ear, letting the smith's know she'd be babysitting with a 'friend'. Surprisingly they were okay with it and agreed to drop the kid here instead of her house.

"Everything taken care of" Damon asked sipping on his scotch.

"Yeah, I got clothes and my toothbrush and they should be here any minute now"

The doorbell rang, and bonnie hurried to go answer it. Damon slowly walked behind her placing his drink on the coffee table.

"They're here" Bonnie said opening the door.

"Aw hell no!" Damon muttered.

Bonnie and Damon's Jaw dropped when they realized who they were babysitting. A smile was plastered on the kid's face


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