Chapter One

Embracing your inner demons

Author's Note:

Just so you guys know, Naruto will have multiple bloodlines in this, and I will probably have a poll to see which bloodlines I should give him, but there are certain ones that he must have. Anyway, enjoy the story.

By the way, I DON'T OWN NARUTO! heh.


Bold=summon/demon/powerful being speaking

Underlined= Jutsu/Abilities Activating

Normal Pov:

'Why, why do they hate me? What did I do wrong? Was it the pranks? No, then what could it be?'

Those were an eight year old Naruto's thoughts as he was walking home from the academy in the rain. He was so wrapped up in his mental questioning that he didn't notice a group of ninja following him.

'Why, what have I ever done to make them hate me so much! Wh-'Naruto was brought out of his thoughts as he bumped into someone and fell on the ground.

"I'm sorry, mister! I didn't see you, sir! Honest!" he said as he looked up, but he realized it would be of little use to apologize as he saw the eyes, he knew those eyes. People looked at him with those eyes just before they tried to kill him.

"You stupid Demon! Today is the day that you die! We'll finish the work that the fourth started." The ninja roared as his friends surrounded Naruto.

"What did I do? Whatever it was I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Just please tell me what I did wrong!" Naruto pleaded as the men started to close in.

"You took my brother away from me Demon!" one of them spat, "You killed my sister!" screamed another, all of them yelling things like that as they closed in.

"AHHHHHHH!" Naruto screamed as they started to give him the worst beating of his life, having every intention of killing him.

"Please!" he screamed, "just leave me alone!" he then lost consciousness, but the men continued to beat him until he fell into blissful unconsciousness.

Naruto's Pov:

"Ung" Naruto groaned as he got up out of the water, wait, water? Where was he?

"Hello!" Naruto yelled, wadding through the knee deep water (A/N Naruto is shorter because he is eight, duh), "anyone here?"

'Hm, strange, how did I get here anyway? The last thing I remember is being beaten by those ninja.' Then he felt it. A huge amount of power all centered in one area, calling to him. So, naturally, he followed.

After about three minutes of jogging, he made it to a huge room and was shocked at what he saw.

In a cage was one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen. "Hello!" he called, causing her to turn her head to him.

"Why are you stuck in that cage?" he asked her.

"Why, you ask." She stated in a voice that demanded respect.

Naruto nodded. "Well that damned Fourth is the reason I'm stuck in here."

"What!" exclaimed Naruto, "but the Fourth Hokage never imprisoned anyone, besides, he's dead!"

"I know that, kit. Who do you think I am!" she said and released a large amount of killing intent.

Somehow, though, Naruto stood through it all, but then everything clicked and he shouted, "YOU'RE THE KYUUBI!"

"Good job, kit. You finally put two and two together."

"But the Fourth killed you!" Naruto exclaimed

"Nothing can kill a demon boy." She said turning into her fox form, "he couldn't beat me so he had to seal me."

Naruto had a guess where this was going, he just hoped he was wrong. "Where did he seal you?"

"I think you know the answer to that, Kit. He sealed me inside of you."

It all made sense now. The insults, the beatings, the names. It was because they knew he had the Kyuubi inside of him.

'So this is why,' he thought, 'this is why they hate me.'

"Yes, Kit, I'm the reason they hate you. It saddens me though, they must know that you're a human, or why would they beat you. If they truly thought I was you they would fear you.

'Fear…´ Naruto thought, "So, fox, can you help me make them fear me?"

"Yes, Kit, I can, but why would you want to, they're not going to respect you and they're never going to trust you enough to be Hokage."

"I know," he replied, "that's why I want them to fear me. If I can't have their respect, I should at least have their fear, right?"

"Kit," the Kyuubi smirked, "I like the way you think. I will help you; after all, it would be an insult for me to have a weak container."

"Kit, do you know what a bloodline is?"

"Yeah," Naruto looked up with a curios face, "They're special abilities that certain clans have, right? Like the Hyuuga have the Byakugan?"

"Yes, that's the basic idea. However," the Kyuubi changed back into her human form and looked Naruto right in the eyes, "all bloodlines are also the result of demonic chakra entering one's body and altering the genes."

"The Sharingan that those bastard Uchihas have was the result of my chakra entering a Hyuuga's eyes."

"Wait," said Naruto looking confused, "I don't see where this is going."

"And I thought you were getting smarter." Sighed the Kyuubi, "Simple, Kit, I'm going to give you a bloodline, but not just one, I'm going to give you many. If you want to that is."

"Whoa!" screamed Naruto, eyes going wide, "So I can have more than one bloodline! Awesome!"

"So, Kit, I take it you like the idea." The Kyuubi continued upon receiving a nod from Naruto, "Alright Kit, but this is going to hurt like nothing else. The demonic chakra going through your body will probably kill anyone around you though."

"Oh," She shouted as Naruto began to leave, "I also won't be able to tell what bloodlines you will have until the process is finished, but my guess is that you'll have a lot of them and even some new ones!"

And with that, he was gone.

Normal Pov

The ninjas were just getting ready to kill Naruto when something stopped them, intense demonic chakra, chakra that they hadn't felt since the Kyuubi attack.

All of a sudden so much exploded from the now conscious Naruto that people all over the village, even the civilians, felt it. That is why many ninja where present when Naruto started screaming and convulsing in the middle of seven corpses.

"Naruto…" the third Hokage whispered as he arrived on the scene, "Someone get this boy to the hospital!" he ordered to the ninja around him.

"Yes, sir!" the ANBU saluted before carefully picking up Naruto and jumping off in the direction while everyone else headed back to what they were doing.

The Hokage was about to go back to his office to once again wrestle with his most hated enemy, when a hand stopped him.

"Lord Hokage," Said the wolf masked ANBU before taking off his mask, revealing the face of Hatake Kakashi.

"Are you sure that it is wise leaving the boy without protection. You saw what happened today, surely the council will be after his head even more now."

"I know, Kakashi, but what can we do?" sighed the weary Hokage.

"We don't know what the fox is doing to him, so we can't very well fix it, and no, you cannot adopt him. You're an eighteen year old boy and an ANBU commander; you wouldn't have time for him."

"I know, but he's Minato-sensei's son isn't he? At least let me instruct the boy when he gets out of the academy." sighed Kakashi, sadness evident in his voice, "Promise me."

"Alright, Kakashi, I'm not making promises, but I'll see what I can do. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to visit Naruto. That damn paperwork can wait." And with that the two men were gone, each to their own desires.

It had been three hours since Naruto had been encased in that demonic chakra, and everyone that didn't hate him was worried.

But now their worries were relieved, as Naruto had just awoken.

"Naruto! You gave us quite a scare there!" chuckled the third.

"Don't worry old man, I'm not going anywhere anytime soon!" shouted Naruto.

"I still have to get that hat of yours and become the Hokage!"

"I have no doubt that you will, Naruto," smiled Sarutobi

"However, I need to know just what happened when you were incased in that red chakra."

"Oh," Naruto looked confused for a moment, "I don't know." said Naruto with a depressed and confused look on his face.

"Don't worry Naruto," the old Hokage consoled the boy, "I'm sure it was nothing."

"OK, Ojii-san, I trust you." Naruto said, giving the Hokage one of his famous foxy grins.

"Naruto, I need to go back to my office, but the hospital staff should take care of you, OK?" said the old Hokage as he started to leave.

"I'll be fine, Ojii-san, BELIEVE IT!" Naruto shouted.

And with that the Hokage was gone.

"I can't believe the old geezer fell for it, how about you fox?" Naruto said out loud.

'He is a fool. Now kit, let's start your training, but first, you only need to think for me to hear you.' growled a certain demon lord in Naruto's stomach.

'Is this better?' Naruto questioned the Kyuubi.

'Much. Now, kit, I believe I have found the first of your bloodlines, so come into your mindscape so I can train you and we can talk. And kit, what do you know about the Sharingan?'

Author's Note:

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