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"Demonic/Powerful Being/Powerful Summon Speaking"

"Demonic/Powerful Being/Powerful Summon Mental Communication"


Final Harem:

Fem Kyuubi

Yugito Nii (and Matatabi)

Konan (will become younger through the power of the Rinnegan)




Younger Mei Terumi

Current Harem:


Bloodlines: (Will be *ed if he has unlocked them)



Eternal Mangekyo

Perfect Sharingan (Sharingan abilities of the Blend Eye)




Energy manipulation (think Ki from DBZ kind of)

Shikotsumyaku (Kaguya)

Matter manipulation (ghost abilities, matter jutsus, teleportation, super speed, shape shifting {think Prototype}, etc.)

Wind mastery*

Fire mastery*

Water mastery*

Lightning master

Earth mastery

Ice manipulation (Haku)

Metal Manipulation

Lava and Heat manipulation

Vegetation Manipulation (Not Wood Release)

Blend Eye (Complete mastery over all bloodlines, combined into one, becomes a true bloodline)


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Seven Sins: Wrath: Chapter 5-F*ck My Life



Naruto showed up to training ground seven after stopping home to retrieve his supplies and saw that Sasuke was already there, leaning against a tree.


However, he then noticed the slight twitch of Sasuke's eyebrow, so slight that he doubted that anyone would have seen it if they hadn't seen it before.

Naruto looked further up the tree that Sasuke was sitting by and saw, in its branches, a flash of pink, signifying that Sakura was there too.

Damn, not good.

However, if there was one thing that Naruto prided himself upon, it was his acting ability.

It was this ability of his that had saved him from many an inopportune situation, be it the being the center point of the villager's ire, or if it was slowly winning over the shinobi of Konoha.

And so, with only slight difficulty, he put up a regular henge, preforming the handsigns as quickly as he could so that neither of them would see him.

He suppressed his chakra at the last second before casting the jutsu, resulting in a slight waver in his chakra, but not a spike, so as not to draw Sakura's attention.

Seeing that his henge was in effect, he strode into the clearing with energy and exuding as much giddiness as he could bring himself to generate.

"Sakura-chan!" Naruto yelled, waving at the pink haired girl in the trees, being ignored for his efforts. "Teme." Naruto growled out at Sasuke.

"Dobe." Sasuke responded in kind, appearing to doze off, ignorant to Sakura's pleas for a date.

Naruto sat down at the tree opposite to Sasuke and glared at him.

And glared.

And glared.

And glared…

And glared…

Until, two hours later, he yawned and decided to do some mental training instead of wasting time glaring at an asleep Sasuke and an ever oblivious Sakura.

"Kyuubi-se-chan?" Naruto inquired into his mind.

"Yes Naruto-kun? Kyuubi responded, "What is troubling you?"

"Can I come and train? Sensei is late again." Naruto stated agitatedly. Kakashi's tardiness was beginning to get on his nerves.

"Why of course you can Naruto-kun! You know I love your company." Kyuubi answered, changing her shocked tone at the beginning to a more sensual one, her implications obvious to her container.

"Just let me in already." Naruto said to her, annoyed.

"Fine!" She exclaimed and Naruto could picture her throwing her hands into the air exasperatedly, "Spoilsport!"

He then got a mental image of her sticking her tongue out at him, which soon turned into an image of her slowly removing the tails that covered her nude form-


Naruto was sent flying across the training field, blood coming from both his mouth and his nose, he soon got back up and glared at Sakura, who still had her fist extended.

"BAKA!" She screamed at him, "OUR SENSEI'S GONNA BE HERE ANY MINUTE AND YOU'RE SLEEPING! WHY I OUTTA-" she started but was cut off as Naruto appeared in front of her, his eyes full of anger as he decked her across the face.

"Quiet, bitch." He growled, pissed beyond belief his private strip-show had been interrupted.

By this point, Sasuke was wide awake and watching the exchange with amused eyes.

He'd been wondering how long Naruto would be able to put up with her incessant whining.

Sakura screamed as she got up and looked at the blood falling from her face.

Her eyes took on a crazed look as she ran a Naruto, fully intent on beating him into unconsciousness.

At least, she was until he put her in the same hold he had her in yesterday.

Foot on her back, kunai at her throat, her on her knees and both of her wrists in his free hand, he was slowly moving the kunai back until-


Signaled the trio's sensei popping into the clearing, causing all three to look at him as he shook off his amusement.

"You know Sakura; I figured you more for a dominatrix than a submissive. But, if that's you game, play it your way." He said in a teasing tone.

His thoughts, however, were very different. 'Damn only day one and they're at each other's throats. This is gonna suck for team dynamic.' He thought, mentally face-palming.

And he had a legitimate excuse this time too…



Kakashi woke up with a groan, not even bothering to look at the clock as he went through his morning rituals.

He started with brushing his teeth, even the though most people can't see his teeth, that doesn't mean that he should neglect them.

Then, he took a shower. A simple, yet necessary part of every ninja's life.

After all, how would it look to the client if all of Konoha's ninja walked around looking and smelling like blood, death, booze and sex?

After that, he quickly dried himself off and got dressed, still not quite awake by this point. He never was a morning person.

After that he got his book out and began reading as he left his apartment, not even bothering to lock it.

After all, any thief stupid enough to rob a well-known high ranked jonin didn't deserve to live anyway.

As he was walking past an ally way he saw something that he just couldn't let slide, a stereotypically dressed crook, armed with a large kitchen knife, was robbing a little old lady, probably about seventy years old who was hobbling on her cane.

This sight made Kakashi's blood boil, and he unsheathed a kunai as he walked up to the unaware thief.

It was music to Kakashi's ears when the thug screamed in pain, the kunai up his ass doing its job quite well.

"Are you okay ma'am?" Kakashi questioned the old lady as he returned her purse and all of its contents while the ANBU on patrol cleaned up the mess.

"Of course young man. Thank you, such a nice young man, the world needs more nice young men like you." The old woman said while gracefully accepting her purse back. "I must be going though, my grandchildren get worried when I'm not home when they wake up."

Kakashi felt his heartstrings pulled and, in a manner not unlike that of a certain youthful jonin, exclaimed "Then I shall make sure you get home safely, and, if I cannot do that, then I will climb the Hokage Mountain with only my fingers, and if I can't do that then I shall run around the walls of Konoha twenty time carrying three boulders and-"Kakashi caught himself.

"Why thank you young man, I would appreciate your assistance." The old lady said over her shoulder as she waddled off, Kakashi following close behind.

'What the hell just happened to me?' Kakashi thought, disturbed, as he followed the old lady, helping her cross the streets, avoid the potholes, all of the generic helping-the-old-lady stuff.

By the time they got to her house, if was already 8:55, and as the old lady opened the door, rumbling could be heard as all of her grandchildren came to great her.

"Well, come on in then. A nice young man like you needs to be rewarded." The old lady ushered him inside and closed the door, just as her grandchildren came into sight.

Kakashi had never been more thankful for his mask, as blood immediately left his nose by the galleons as he saw the lady's four granddaughters.

Each one looked to be about twenty-four and each was incredibly beautiful.

Kakashi was half tempted to take out his Sharingan just to memorize the sight of the four girls, their large breasts all rubbing against each other's as they struggled to be the first to greet their grandma.

The first was a blonde with fair skin, the second was a brunette with tan skin, the third was a redhead with porcelain skin and the fifth was a blackette with pale skin, all of them very beautiful.

"Grandma Seiko! Where were you?" the blonde one exclaimed, the others nodding with her in agreement.

"Why, I was taking my morning walk when I was jumped by a thug-" the girls gasped "but this nice young man here saved me and stopped the crook." Grandma Seiko said, shooting a grateful glance to Kakashi.

"He then walked me home, and I'm trying to figure out what a good reward would be for such a nice young man like him, but I just can't figure it out." Seiko said while scratching her chin.

"Don't worry grandma, we've got it covered." The brunette said, the other girls once again nodding, and they started to circle around him, each pressing their impressive busts into his body.

"If only I was younger, even during my genin days I could've taken him on!" Grandma Seiko exclaimed suddenly and Kakashi, who had been enjoying his treatment, suddenly froze, the memories of his genin team coming back to him.

"SHIT!" He suddenly exclaimed and ran to the door as fast as he could, "I'll have to take a rain check girls!" he shouted over his shoulder as he ran down the street, leaving behind a very confused family.

They all just looked at each other, shrugged, and went back to sleep, Grandma Seiko blabbering on about her genin days all the while.



Naruto twitched.

Sakura glared.

Sasuke brooded.

Kakashi stared.

"So," Kakashi started, "are you gonna let her go, Naruto?"

Naruto scratched the back of his head as he let Sakura go, making it seem as if he was embarrassed, "Sorry Kakashi-sensei! I just wanted to show off the cool move that I learned!"

"Naruto, you said that Sasuke taught it to you yesterday." Kakashi deadpanned.

"Uhhhh…" Naruto droned while smiling nervously.

"YOU'RE LATE!" Sakura screamed at Kakashi, finally getting her senses back.

"I'm sorry," Kakashi said airily, "I had to stop a crook from robbing a little old lady, and then I escorted her home, only to be greeted by her beautiful granddaughters and-"

"PERVERT!" Sakura screamed at him, a heavy blush adorning her cheeks as she pointed a finger at him.

"Well, I was going to say 'then I left to go see my cute little almost-genin', but I suppose that would've made for a more interesting story." Kakashi drawled, secretly laughing at the look on his soon-to-be student's face.

Oh yeah, they were going to be his students, with Konoha's sole Jinchuriki and the last Uchiha, he was all but required to pass them.

That didn't mean that he couldn't mess with their heads though.

"Anyway, are you children ready for your test?" Kakashi questioned, pulling out two bells and a timer.

"What's the test Kakashi-sensei?" Sakura asked, both Naruto and Sasuke perking up.

"Well it's quite simple Sakura; all you have to do is get a bell before 10 o'clock."

"But sensei, there are only two bells and three of us." Sakura questioned, looking confused while Naruto and Sasuke shot each other a glance.

'So, Naruto and Sasuke, huh? This'll be interesting' Kakashi thought.

"Very astute Sakura, those of you who don't get a bell will fail the test and have to go back to the academy for another year. Not only that, but you won't get to eat this morning and will be tied up and have to watch the three of us eat." Kakashi said with an eye-smile as he held up three lunch boxes.

At this thought, all three of them looked horrified, for completely different reasons, of course.

'What! If I go back for another year, that's another year for him to get stronger! Not to mention that this is one of the village's top jonin, one of the only ones who could go toe to toe with him. I can't fail! I just hope Naruto passes too…'

'Sonuva! There was never anything about this in any files! What the hell is he playing at? I'll to do more research. What's you game, Kakashi…'

'Oh no! If I go back to the academy, I might lose my only chance to be on a team with Sasuke-kun! I have to pass, and make sure that Naruto-baka fails…'

'Well, here we go again, try not to let your eyes melt from their horrible teamwork. Don't go into shock. Don't let them take your book. My book. My beautiful, beautiful book…'

Kakashi was jolted from his thoughts when Naruto charged at him, kunai in hand, clearly looking to get a bell while he was daydreaming.

Not today.

Kakashi, in the blink of an eye, disarmed Naruto and, using Naruto's own kunai, put him in the same position he seemed so fond of putting Sakura in.

"Now, now, Naruto, I didn't even say start yet." Kakashi said with an eye smile as he released Naruto and pocketed his kunai.

"GO!" he yelled as he pressed down on the timer.

So he pulled out his book.

And waited.

And waited.

And waited.

And waited.

"Naruto, what the hell are you doing?" Kakashi asked incredulously as he looked at his blond student.

"Gathering information." Naruto replied curtly before getting into a taijutsu stance with his legs spread a little farther than shoulder length, one arm extended in front of him in a fist and the other drawn back by his hip.

Kakashi started reaching for his pouch, causing all of the genin to tense and Naruto to rush forward in hopes of stopping whatever Kakashi was hoping to do.

'I'm not gonna make it!' Naruto thought in despair as he watched Kakashi's hand go into his pouch and pull out…a book?

Naruto stumbled in his run while Sakura and Sasuke face-faulted.

"What the hell are you doing!" Naruto screamed at him.

"Reading." Kakashi replied without looking up from his book.

Naruto twitched before rushing Kakashi again.

He got closer, closer, closer, farther, farther.

Naruto screeched to a stop and turned around when he realized what had happened.

"Come on Naruto, it's already been ten minutes and you haven't even gotten close to a bell. Maybe I should just fail you right now." Kakashi taunted.

He was surprised when Naruto started chuckling though.

"Fine, no more holding back!" Naruto's hands flashed into the release seal for henge.

"Kai!" He screamed, revealing his true attire as Kakashi put his book away.

"Impressive genjutsu abilities Naruto, but a change in clothes won't help you." Kakashi droned as he rushed Naruto.

'Fast!' was all Naruto had time to think before he was knocked back into a tree and immediately put on the defensive.

"Ninja skill one, taijutsu." Was all Kakashi said before continuing his assault on Naruto.

"Naruto!" Sasuke yelled as he jumped from his hiding place and launched a kunai at Kakashi.

"Use it!" He yelled as he had to dodge the kunai thrown in retaliation.

Naruto was internally debating with the breathing time that Sasuke had gotten him.

'I could, but the consequences-'


Naruto's attention was immediately on the Kyuubi's voice.

"Use it; it wouldn't reveal too much of your skill, but enough to show that you are powerful. Not to mention that you would also be able to gain influence on the council by being related to the 'great' Uchiha clan."

"Thank you, Kyuubi-sam-sen-chan!" Naruto corrected at the end.

"Sasuke!" Naruto yelled to get his attention as he jumped away from Kakashi.

Sasuke looked at Naruto and they both nodded.

Sasuke jumped back into the fray with Kakashi and, as soon as he was within striking range, yelled "Sharingan!" as the Uchiha clan's feared dojutsu came to life.

"Already awakened your Sharingan, I'm impressed Sasuke. And fully evolved too. You truly are a genius." Kakashi praised as he still evaded Sasuke's attacks with ease.

Sasuke smirked and motioned to behind Kakashi, who soon felt the chakra build up and prepared himself for whatever jutsu Naruto could launch at him, but nearly tripped at what he heard.

"SHARINGAN!" Naruto yelled and jumped into the fray with Sasuke.

"Naruto?" Kakashi questioned when he say that the blonde's eyes were indeed red.

"Later." Naruto mumbled as he and Sasuke pushed their assault, forcing Kakashi to block some of their attacks rather than dodge all of them.



Sakura had been sitting in the trees trying to form a strategy to fight Kakashi-sensei when she heard the sounds of fighting and felt the large chakra build-up, so she immediately went to investigate, hoping to gather more information on their sensei.

What she saw, however, was almost the opposite of what she'd hoped to see.

She knew that Naruto had the biggest chakra reserves, so she expected to see him at the scene, and maybe spot Sasuke.

But to see the two of them fighting together against Kakashi and doing relatively well?

That in itself nearly made her fall out of the tree, but she adjusted herself just to fall to a lower branch to get a better view.

It was then that she noticed Naruto's new clothes, as she had left before he released.

She was ashamed to admit it, but those tight clothes did him justice that his old jumpsuit never could've.

'No! Snap out of it! We've got to figure out how to get a bell!' Sakura thought to herself while shaking her head.

She needed to focus if she was ever going to find out how to sneak a bell from Kakashi-sensei, or Naruto if he got one.

"How about you just help 'em in the fight! Even if Naruto gets a bell, he'd just as soon give it to us SHANNARO!" Inner Sakura yelled at Sakura.

'You're right!' Sakura thought back to herself with renewed determination as she prepared some kunai with explosive tags and jumped high above the clearing with a chakra-enhanced jump.



Kakashi was honestly impressed by these kids, they both had talent rarely seen in one person, let alone two!

They were probably already almost at low chunin level!

It wouldn't save them though, even against a normal Konoha jonin, even a squad of four chunin couldn't take one down.

And that was a normal jonin, he was one of the village's top elite jonin, the best of the best, and he was among the best of the best of the best.

'Sucks for them.' He thought as he redirected one of Sasuke's kicks to hit Naruto instead.

At least they had clearly read up on some of his abilities, or they would've tried to turn this into a ninjutsu battle by now, as both could've easily been ninjutsu specialists.

Oh well, at least they're working together.

Kakashi had just finished dodging in between Naruto and Sasuke when three kunai came at him from the sky.

He was about to grab them out of the air before he realized something.

They already knew kunai wouldn't work, so why try?

This attack was probably meant to take him out, as it didn't give Naruto or Sasuke enough time to prepare for a counter attack.

The explosive tags on the kunai were almost ready to detonate.

This lead to one conclusion from Kakashi.

This was gonna hurt.

A lot.

Those were his last thoughts before the explosive tags exploded, exactly at the moment he caught the kunai.



Sasuke stared in disbelief at the spot where the explosion occurred.

He looked over and saw Naruto do the same.

'Sakura?' he thought as he saw her jump down from the trees, also staring at the plume of smoke rising from the crater.

"Holy shit." He heard Naruto say and could only nod.

"Sakura?" he asked.

"Yeah Sasuke-kun?" she all but squealed.

"What grade explosive tags were those?" he asked, still wide-eyed from the explosion, both his and Naruto's Sharingans having faded.

"Ummm…I don't know?" Sakura meekly responded, tapping the ground with her toes.

"Hey look!" Naruto suddenly exclaimed as the dust cloud cleared.

In the middle of the crater was a log.

But beside the log?

The bells.

All three of them immediately ran for it, pumping as much chakra as they could into their legs to increase their speed.



Kakashi face-palmed from where he was in the nearby trees.

He knew that Naruto and Sasuke had deactivated their Sharingans, but still, to fall for a simple genjutsu?

That just ruined any thoughts he had about them already being near chunin level.

Hell, even experienced genin would've known to check for traps before rushing in.

'Oh well…' Kakashi thought as he put his hands into a handsign.

The results were quite humorous.



Naruto knew he was going to reach the bells first.

Not only did he have more chakra than the both of the other two combined, but because of his excessive chakra reserves, he also had the greatest stamina, due to the influx of physical energy.

Normally it would be the other way around, with his physical and mental energies creating greater chakra reserves.

But, the chakra that he had was not entirely his own. Due to being a Jinchuriki, some of the biju's chakra (Kyuubi's chakra) leaked into his system, greatly increasing the amount of chakra he had, not to mention that his seal already slowly converted Kyuubi's chakra into his own.

Because his increase in chakra was not due to his own fitness, the body had to compensate, lest an imbalance occur and destroy his body from the inside out.

To compensate, his body separated the foreign chakra into its separate energies and ran them through his system, resulting in a large increase of physical ability and mental capacity, leading to an increased I.Q., exceptional physical abilities and overall increased fitness.

This was a necessity for Jinchuriki, if they didn't have these increased abilities they wouldn't even be able to handle a fraction of their biju's chakra, much less full control, like Kumo's Jinchuriki.

That's why Naruto knew he was going to win.

Until he was surrounded by smoke and found himself hanging in the air by his feet, completely tied up by ninja wire, with both Sakura and Sasuke stuck in a pitfall and covered in oil.

And Kakashi was right in front of him, dangling the bells right in front of his face.

"Now now Naruto, don't be so impatient as to not check for traps. That'll get you killed out in the field." Kakashi said mockingly with an eye smile before he poofed away in a shunshin.

"AAAAARRRRGGGG!" Naruto screamed in rage as he struggled against his bonds.

"Need some help?" He heard from behind him as a kunai cut through the ropes holding him up.

Naruto growled again as he brushed the ropes off of himself, "What do you want?"

"To help." Sasuke said as he and Sakura helped Naruto up.

"How did you get out?" Naruto asked him as he shrugged off their arms.

"Chakra exercise. You know, the one where we had to stick to a vertical surface?" Sasuke replied with a shrug. "Turns out Sakura's a natural at it. Go figure" Sakura blushed at the praise.

"So how are we gonna get the bells?" Sakura suddenly spoke up.

"Whadda ya mean, 'We'?" Naruto glared at her, "I don't need any help from such a weak girl."

Sakura went red with anger and was about to hit him but Sasuke stepped in between the two of them.

"Think about it." Sasuke said, "Since when has there ever been a genin team of two in Konoha history? Never."

"What does that have to do with anything?" Naruto voiced while Sakura also looked confused, "He's in charge of what the rules of this test are, if he wants to send one of us back he's well within the rules to be able to do it."

"What does Konoha endorse most heavily upon its ninja?" Sasuke asked.

"Teamwork." Sakura replied almost immediately, "Konoha ninja are taught to value their comrades before all else. Wait-"

"Exactly." Sasuke cut her off, "And what better test for Konoha ninja than to test their loyalty to their comrades?"

Naruto snapped his fingers, "So we're just supposed to be all buddy buddy or what? How the hell do we pass this?" Naruto asked irritably.

"We work together to get the bells." Sasuke said with confidence.

Naruto sighed, "So how're we gonna do this?"

"Naruto-kun?" Kyuubi asked from inside Naruto's head.

"Yes Kyuubi-sama?" Naruto responded and immediately got a headache.

"Remember what you are to call me now?" Kyuubi asked forcefully.

"Yes Kyuubi-chan?" Naruto asked again.

"I give you permission to use up to two jutsus above C-rank but below S-rank. Use them well." Was all Naruto heard before he 'awoke' to Sasuke snapping his fingers in his face.

"You back?" Sasuke asked mockingly.

"Bastard." Was all Naruto said before they went to find Kakashi sensei.



It wasn't too hard to find Kakashi, he was just back in the clearing where the test started.

Sasuke twitched from his position in the trees. They had come up with a strategy on the way here.

He saw Naruto run into the clearing, apparently trying to hit Kakashi from his blindside.

Good. That was the signal.

Just as Kakashi engaged Naruto Sasuke jumped from his hiding place and began his handsigns.

From Kakashi's facial expression, Sasuke was sure that his sensei was experiencing disbelief that a genin could perform the Fire Style: Great Fireball Jutsu.

That's what you get for underestimating an Uchiha.

"Fire Style:" Sasuke yelled as Naruto cornered Kakashi with ninja wire, "Great Fireball Jutsu!" he finished and exhaled a giant fireball right at Kakashi.

Naruto and Sasuke both remained on guard as the fireball impacted, neither expecting it to actually harm the jonin.

They were proven right as Kakashi jumped out from the trees on the other side of the clearing, throwing kunai at the two of them.

Now it was time for Sakura to finish the job.



Sakura knew that she wasn't the strongest, or the fastest here. She knew she was the least physically fit.

But she made up for that with her mind. Her mental capacity is why she was put on this team.

While the other two could charge in and destroy just about anything in their way, she would be the strategist, the mastermind behind all of the death and destruction. And she knew it.

While she wasn't a genius like the Naras, she was a very intelligent and practical thinker, how could she have passed the academy otherwise?

That's why she was the one who came up with the plan, Naruto charge in and distract Kakashi in a way that Kakashi would expect him too.

She had seen the action between Naruto and Sasuke, so she knew that Kakashi had seen it too, so Sasuke would appear next, and make it look like he'd tried to end it.

Then when Kakashi showed himself after his escape, which she knew he would do, the two would engage him while she slipped in a regular bushin to throw him off guard.

While he was still off balance, she would suppress her chakra as much as possible and try to slip in and get the bells.

Not only that, but if only two of them could pass, she'd be the one to choose who!

That thought especially made her giddy.

Now, it was time for her to move.

"Bushin no Jutsu." She whispered as she went through the handsigns and controlled her bushin to move in on Kakashi.


She bolted from her spot in the trees and rushed Kakashi.

Just as she was about to grab the bells, she felt eyes on her, and looked up just in time to make eye contact with Kakashi, who was eye smiling, before darting away.

'He let me get the bells.' Sakura thought with shock as she stepped out into the clearing just as the bell rang, the four of them coming together in the center.

"Why'd he do that? SHANNARO!" Inner Sakura asked her outer counterpart.

'Maybe-' Sakura's thoughts were cut off by Kakashi's clapping.

"Well done! Now, Sakura, since you have both of the bells, who do you want to be your teammate?" Kakashi asked, looking towards the two boys.

Sakura didn't even take a second "SASUKE-KUN!" she squealed, her fan girl attributes coming out full force in a second.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Naruto seemingly shaking with…something…and Kakashi-sensei appeared to be shaking his head with something akin to disappointment.

"All right then Sakura, you and Sasuke eat up, I'm going to be sparring with all three of you later to get a feel of where you two are and what level of the academy Naruto should be sent back to." Kakashi said as he grabbed Naruto and tied him up with little difficulty.

Kakashi turned to walk away with his meal, "And don't let Naruto have any, you all fail if you do."

"Later!" Kakashi said with an eye smile as he poofed away.



Naruto may have been shaking with rage on the outside, but that was nothing compared to the rage he was feeling on the inside.

"RRRRRRRAAAAGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!" Naruto roared in rage as he destroyed another wall in his mindscape.

Naruto's mindscape was originally a sewer, but due to the Kyuubi's influence on his mind and his own darker personality, it had changed into a sort of demonic dungeon, complete with torture rooms, holding cells and the Kyuubi's chamber, as well as a dark castle above with undead servants and flaming fields of punishment surrounding the place.

Naruto was currently in the dungeon, smashing through anything and anyone who came in his way.

"Mas-" was all a skeleton got out of its mouth before being smashed to pieces by Naruto, clearly heading towards the Kyuubi's chamber.

By the time he got to the Kyuubi's chamber, he was already starting to run out of steam, the exhaustion from his mind from having to destroy many things, only to rebuild them, was starting to weigh on him.

"Calm yourself child." The Kyuubi demanded as she appeared before him in a hybrid form, chains around her arms, neck and legs still signifying the seal.

Her hair was still as red as blood, and her eyes as well, but on her hands were claws, on her head were fox ears and whiskers and behind her, swinging freely, were all nine tails.

Naruto looked up at Kyuubi and almost looked away, "Kyuubi-chan, could you dress yourself?" Naruto asked with as much respect as he could muster.

Kyuubi smiled coyly, "Now why would I do that? I'm perfectly comfortable as I am." She shoved out her chest even more and started to spread her legs before she felt him start to anger again.

"You needn't trouble yourself with the pink-haired one's insolence, she will be punished later." The Kyuubi said calmly as she attempted to stop Naruto from angering too much.

"THAT BITCH!" Naruto raged, "AFTER ALL I'VE DONE FOR HER!" his anger only increased and the Kyuubi felt her power being drawn on.

"Naru-" "AND SHE BETRAYED ME! SHE KNEW HOW TO SUCCEDE IN THIS TEST!" He started to glow red with the dark chakra's power.

He began to stand up, Kyuubi's chakra coating him and was about to leave when all of the chakra left his body and he fell over.

"Enough!" seethed the Kyuubi, angered that a mortal could draw her power in such a way.

"Insolent brat! Calm yourself immediately!" the Kyuubi yelled at him as she began to glow with her own power.

"Now, awaken! Your friend" she spat the word out as if it was poison, "is attempting to reach you. Be gone!" and with that he was cast out of his mindscape.



Sasuke brought his food up to Naruto's mouth when he seemed to calm down.

He felt horrible when he saw that Sakura had completely disregarded their plan to be with him.

She was supposed to give the two of them the bells to show that she was selfless for her comrades.

Well, that went out the window.

He had a feeling that this was another test, to see if they were willing to fail to 'save' their comrades.

"Sasuke!" he heard Sakura yell as his food was about to go into Naruto's mouth.

He didn't even dignify her with a response, just glared at her, and shoved the food into Naruto's mouth, just as Naruto woke up.

All of a sudden, the sky darkened, lightning flashed, thunder boomed, rain fell, and Kakashi appeared, hands on hips, and glared at them.

"What. Have. You. DONE?" he growled at them as the three cowered in fear.

"Do you know what you've done!" He yelled and they all quickly shook their heads.

"You…You…You…" The genin-to-be were shaking in terror at what they'd done.

"You've….…passed!" and all of a sudden the storm was gone and the genin could only say one thing.


And that's a rap!

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