Sue looked at them through the window and smiled. It made them feel a little better, though they were still worried about her mysterious condition. Jack too glimpsed at them before regaining her attention with a squeeze of his hand. They continued to talk while Sue occasionally glanced at her friends behind the glass. Eventually her eyes began to droop and she fell back asleep.

Half an hour passed in which Nurse Ellen was relentless. No matter how much they pleaded they were not allowed to enter the room. And all the while Jack sat by Sue's bedside, holding her left hand across her abdomen and her right hand against his cheek. Finally, after checking with him first, Ellen let them go inside.

"Be sure to let her rest now, you hear?" she reminded them.

They all promised, but as soon as the motherly woman was out of earshot, Lucy rounded on Jack.

"What is going on?" she demanded. "What is wrong with Sue? What is her condition?"

Had the others been any less determined to find out the truth, they might have told her to ease off a bit. As it was, however, they were all bursting with the same questions. Jack lowered his eyes, settling them on Sue's left hand joined with his right. After taking a deep breath he finally gave them a soft but steady answer.

"Sue is pregnant."

Tara and Lucy gasped. Bobby's eyes grew wide as he watched his mate's bowed head.

"By you?" Myles asked deadly calm.

Jack nodded his head in silent response, never taking his eyes of Sue's IV.

"What did you do?" Lucy exclaimed angrily.

"Wait a minute, Luce. You cannot seriously believe that Jack could or would force Sue to do anything," Bobby defended his friend; the very thought was an insult to Jack's integrity and Sue's character.

"No, of course not. I just... How did this happen?" she sighed.

"Do you really need me to talk to you about the birds and the bees?" Jack replied, finally looking her straight in the eye.

Author's note: You're right, fanka77. They were all totally blind, blind to the change in Jack and Sue. But so people often are when it comes to those they are close to and see every day. People do not always realize the meaning of what they see, simply because that meaning is beyond anything they expect or suppose to be possible. Many of you picked up on the clues and realized their meaning, but that's just because in pretty much every STFBE fanfic you expect Jack and Sue to get together, you want them to have a baby. Look at the facts objectively though and you'll see that Sue's condition could have been something completely different, something life-threatening even, causing Jack to be so very worried. (End-of-rant, but not end-of-story. :p )