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Chapter 1

I turned around and yelped as a bunch of cables fell on top of me. Cursing quietly, I struggled under them as I tried to untangle myself… and ended up tying myself up. Only my hands though, my legs were still free. Panicking, I knew that I was the only one still left after the concert and that the band had already left. Who was going to find me?

Suddenly, I heard footsteps.

"W-who's there?" I called out, terrified.

"Yugi?" that familiar voice greeted me.

"Y-yami? Yami! Help! I'm tied up and can't move!" I pleaded. He looked me over, kneeling beside me. His curious look turned into a wicked smirk.

"Hmm… you are tied up indeed. So restricted so… defenseless." He whispered huskily in my ear. "Just the way I-"

"Yugi! What are you doing?" Yami opened my door quickly. I flipped to Face book just as quickly, hiding my work.

"Just face book, why?" I asked, smiling innocently. He came over and looked over my shoulder.

"Farmville again? Haven't you gotten bored of that yet, Aibou?" he asked.

"Nope." I sang. I should probably clear some things up, right? Yami was a spirit inside of this puzzle that I solved. The millennium puzzle. We had a lot of adventures and saved the world too many times to count. Then the final duel came where the two of us dueled each other. That's when Yami went back to the afterlife.

Or was supposed to.

Yami ended up staying. How, I don't know, nor do I question it. I just accept it. Besides, I'm not one to complain.

"Well, once you're done, can you help me and Grandfather in the shop?" he asked.

"Sure." I chirped. With that, Yami grinned at me and left. Oh if he knew what I was really doing. I clicked back onto my writing processor and continued the story in detail about one of many fantasies that I've had recently about my… darker half. By the time I was done, my face was beet red and I really needed a shower… a cold one. I was beginning to rethink the idea of wearing leather pants.

"Okay, now to post it." I click up a new internet tab. Clicking open the favorites, I selected the one that brought me to this secret site called 'Fanfiction'. I had found this site a couple months back and decided to look into it. I think that this was made for our fan girls. Somewhere along the line, Yami had been found out to the world when people began to mistake him as me, the 'King of Games'. Also, somehow the fan girls knew of his shadow powers.

Of course, not all of what they said about them was true (though sometimes I wish it was) but that was okay because it was a fiction. After a while, I tended to write some fanfics as well. So far I have over 100 constant viewers! I'm doing pretty well if I may say so myself.

"And~ there! Done!" after posting the new story, I walked awkwardly to the bathroom and took a quick shower. Once my… problem was fixed, I hurried down stairs.

"What can I do to help? Grampa?" I looked around the shop.

"Grandfather went out. Can you watch the shop for a second while I do some things around the house?" Yami came up behind me. I squeaked unmanly and jumped around to face him.

"D-don't sneak up on me like that!" I protested. "Yeah. Just be quick, please. The noon rush-hour will start soon."

Hearing a grunt for agreement, I turned my attention to the shop front and waited patiently. This was going to be a long wait. Oh and can I make a little confession? You've probably already worked this out, but…

I'm in love with Yami.

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