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Chapter 6

I woke up groggy. The room was so dark that I could barely see anything. How long did I sleep? Yawning, I brought a hand up to rub the sleep out of my eyes… or tried to. I met resistance far from my goal, hearing a metal clanking in the process. Turning my head, I stared at my wrist for a few seconds… minutes… trying to figure out why I couldn't move it freely. Did I get it caught on something?

I saw a glimmer of metal on my wrist. Curious, I lifted my other hand and realized that that one had been restrained as well. My eyes shot open, suddenly awake as adrenaline course through my veins. Instantly, I noticed that my legs were chained as well to the… bed? Why am I chained to a bed? No time for that now! I have to get out of these!

Struggling against the restraints, I pulled as hard as I could, trying to free at least one limb. A dark chuckle met my ears. One I knew too well. Focusing on the voice, I glanced around wildly for the owner.

"Y-Yami? Yami, help! I'm chained to this bed an-"

"I know." Yami's calm voice would have soothed me, if I hadn't heard his words.

"Wh-What?" I squeaked.

"I know." He repeated. "You're chained to the bed because I chained you there."

I gulped; this was way too similar to my fanfics! "W-Why?"

"Because I won't let that future happen. I'll take you before you can even have the chance to take me."

Okay, now, I'm confused. Future? What was Yami talking about? "Y-Yami? Wh-wha-?"

"You know exactly what I'm talking about, Aibou." my nickname had a lustful ring to it when he said it now. "You were planning on doing to me exactly what I am now doing to you. However, you never thought that I would know. That you would be found out."

I seriously had no clue what he was talking about. He stalked closer. By now I could see his bright crimson eyes and his well-formed chest. Wait- chest? Why wasn't he wearing a shirt? I looked down at myself. Gasping I realized a very important fact that I had over looked.

I wasn't wearing any clothes.

Only a simple sheet covered me where it counts. Blushing furiously, I tried to hide myself somehow- to close my legs together, but the chains simply wouldn't let me. Another dark chuckle met my ears. Glancing up, I noticed that Yami now stood beside me.

"Don't even try. I tested all of them while you were out. There's no way out of them, Hikari." Again, another nickname filled with lust. It sent tingles down my spine.

"Wh-what are you g-going to-?" I gulped. His eyes flashed.

"Whatever I want." Was his reply before I found his lips on mine. They tasted like the perfect blend of spicy and sweet. My breath caught in my throat as a tongue licked my bottom lip, demanding entrance. When it didn't come fast enough, my lips and teeth were forced open. Whimpering, I shivered from the onslaught of feeling a simple kiss was giving me.

Yami pulled away with a deep chuckle. "You like that little one?"

Another name, more lust. Desperately trying not to seem too willing, I shook my head furiously. Seeing hurt flash across his eyes, I regretted it instantly. Maybe that wasn't the right thing to do? As I was about to apologize, he cut me off.

"That's not what your body is saying." He said, taking a quick glance at my erection showing through the sheets. Blushing to my roots, I tried to look away, but he wasn't having any of that. "Ah-ah-ah, Aibou. I want to see your face."

Embarrassed, I slowly turned my face back to him only to get caught in another kiss. He was gentler this time, but I was still whimpering in need after only a kiss. Darn! I'm way too sensitive! Chuckling again, he trailed kisses from my lips, down my jaw and to my neck, giving a harsh bite.

I yelped in pain, and then moaned as his tongue soothed the abused area. He continued to make bite marks; his hands trailing down my torso. They brushed against one of my nipples and I heard a lustful moan. It caught me by surprise and took me a few seconds to realize it was mine. I didn't know I could sound like that! Clamping my teeth down, I tried to be quieter.

"Uh-uh, Hikari. I want to hear you. Hear you moan and scream my name as I pleasure you into oblivion." Yami's tongue licked at one of the nubs and I couldn't hold back the moan that erupted from it. "That's right, Little one, I want to hear you scream."

And scream I did because his next action had my erection deep in his warm moist cavern. Wanting more, I bucked up into it, but he held my hips down. Panting heavily and moans spilling from my lips, it was all I could do to hold on to consciousness as waves of pleasure crashed over me. Suddenly I felt an intrusion at my entrance.

Crying out in pain, I tried to shy away from it, but found it was already deep inside of me. It hurt so badly! Then that pain turned to pleasure again as Yami gave a particularly hard suck. My vision spun wildly and I barely noticed the second finger as he kept my attention elsewhere. However, I did notice the third as a shot of pain made it through the fog of pleasure wrapped around my brain.

"Sorry." Yami apologized, letting my cock slip out of his mouth with a pop. No! Don't stop! I tried to form the words, but my mind wouldn't think straight so what came out was a strangled cross between a whine and a whimper of pleading need. So much for not being too willing.

Chuckling at my reaction, Yami curled his fingers inside of me. That's when he brushed that spot deep inside of me. Sure, I had read about it and I had even written about it, but I had never experienced it! No wonder everyone exaggerated it. It felt fantastic! I thrust back onto them eagerly, just managing to brush against my prostate again before they were gone. I whined in frustration, a few tears falling from my eyes.

"What's wrong, Yugi?" Yami asked teasingly. I growled at him, about to threaten him that if he didn't put those fingers back inside of me then I would-

He jerked into my body, pain erupting from my arse. Clutching blindly at the sheets and chains beneath my hand, I tried to find some way to end the pain. He must've sensed this because he didn't move as I adjusted to his large size. Experimentally, I rolled my hips. Apparently that must've been some sort of signal to start because he pulled out until only the tip was left inside of me then slammed back in.

I cried out as he repeated the process at a slow pace. My volume grew as he hit my prostate dead-on with a particularly hard thrust. That must have pleased him or something because his pace picked up until he was slamming into me with as must force and speed as he could muster-hitting my prostate precisely with every thrust. Soon I was meeting him half-way, already addicted to the waves of pleasure that made my head spin.

A coil deep in my stomach threatened to put an end to our activities. He must've known this because his hand went to my hard neglected cock, pumping it in time with our thrusts. That sent me over the edge into what he had earlier called 'oblivion'.

"YA-AH- MI!" I came with a cry of his name. Everything went white, even though I could still hear. I heard a low moan that somewhat resembled my name. Good, so this had affected him just as much as it did me. I felt him stopped soon after, a wet feeling filling my insides. He collapsed on top of me, both of us panting heavily. My vision slowly cleared to the point that I could see his handsome face filled with tired happiness.

His eyes locked with mine. There was a comfortable silence between us before he moved, pulling out of me. Instantly I whimpered, feeling empty without him inside of me. He cuddled me close to his chest as both of us caught our breaths. I think about that time, I fell asleep.

The next morning (?) I woke up in the same position that I had fallen asleep with Yami's arm around my waist and still chained to the bed. I tried to nudge my darker half to get him to wake up. He groaned and mumbled a sleepy, "Five more minutes."

"That's supposed to be my line." I grumbled. He stiffened at my unexpected response. His eyes flew open and we ended up in a staring contest, crimson and amethyst. Fleeing back quickly, he had the funniest face when he realized that he was awake and that- yes- I was in his bed. I giggled, "Mind helping me out of these?"

His eyes trailed over my body before locking onto my wrist and the chains that were still attached. He blushed- ACTUALLY BLUSHED! - and helped to unlock my wrists, "Err, sorry, Aibou." he said as he detached the first.

"It's okay, but can I ask why you decided to jump me last night?" I asked.

He gulped, "Because a person that can tell the future foretold it online."

Now I was confused. "Excuse me?"

He looked up nervously, stilling his hand on my. "Aibou, are you aware that we are constantly watched by people who are trying to predict the future? Some have come very close as well."

Really confused, "What?"

"They even know where we live! And just yesterday I read a fortune that you were going to…" he continued to explain in depth the 'fortune' that I instantly connected with something I knew all too well. My latest fanfic.

"Um… Yami? Th-that's not a fortune. That's a fanfiction." He stared at me blankly, "Um… a story… written by fan girls… fantasies, you know? They… they aren't fortunes…"

"How do you know?" Yami tilted his head cutely to the side.

"Because… because…" I sighed, well, it was now or never. "Because I wrote the one that you read."

He was speechless, eyes wide. I blushed embarrassedly and looked away. "You're Game of Light?" he asked.

? I didn't think that he would remember my username… odd. "Um, y-yeah?"

"So you do have a bondage fetish!" he grinned. What did that mean? More confusion.


"I'm Shadow! I tried to foretell the future a little, but it didn't happen often so I quit, mostly I read others, preparing myself for what could happen. Game of Light was always closer to what could really happen than all the others who were way off. And since Game of Light is you…" something clicked in his head, "those were your fantasies?"

My blush darkened and I looked down as he caught on, "Um… y-yeah…"

I could feel his smirk rather than see it. "So, you've thought of this a lot?"

Embarrassed, I nodded my head. Suddenly, I was in a bear-tight embrace and I eeped in surprise. Ugh, I'm so unmanly. "So you won't be adverse to me doing this more often?"

"N-no…" I stuttered, a shiver running down my spine at his words and the intention behind them. He pulled back and turned my head to face him as his smirk widened.

"Good." Then he grinned and pulled away, "Now how about some breakfast?"

My stomach growled in response. He lifted his eyebrows in question, "I guess that's a yes?"

"You would guess correctly." I smiled. He made to leave and I got up to follow him, only to trip and fall. "What?" I looked down and noticed that one ankle was still chained to the bed. "Hey Yami, you forgot one."

"No I didn't." he said as he left the room, without looking back.

"Wha-? Yes you did! Hey! Come back here and help me!" I whined, pulling at the unyielding chain.

"No, though we are getting breakfast, we are not done here. Not yet. Don't worry, I'll bring your food up to you!" he called cheerily from the stairs.

My face heated up at the indications of his words just as all of my fanfics ran through my head. He knew exactly what my fantasies were and knew where and when each had 'taken place'. There would be no stopping him.

And I was going to like it. "YAMI!"

I heard him chuckling in response, even from downstairs. Oh yes, I was going to enjoy this.

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