Vampire Hearts - Birth By Bite

"Sora, you're such a jerk!" a brunette screamed into a cell phone. "I can't believe you forgot my birthday!" She stamped her foot in the sand, purple skirt rising just a little above her knees with the action. Her white button-up shirt stayed motionless.

"I *hic* don' know wut yer *hic* talkin' 'bout…" the boy replied. Sora had gotten into liquor, mainly beer, at the age of 15 and now, 18 years old, couldn't go a day without it. His girlfriend hated how he was always drunk, and that he always smelled of drink, and tasted exactly like it.

"You're a Heartless bastard, Sora! I'm breaking up with you, now!" she screamed, tears spilling from her eyes and streaking her eyeliner down her face. Kairi slammed the flip-phone shut, just barely glancing at the engraved Keyblade before tossing it into the ocean. The phone was a gift from the Keyblade Master himself before he became a drunkard.

She collapsed onto her butt on the sand and hid her face in her drawn-inward knees so she could cry freely. Sora wasn't the same anymore, and Riku disappeared a long time ago. He took nothing but his shoes, leather pants and skin-tight leather jacket, and a blindfold. He left when she was only 14, leaving not even so much as a note or call for anybody.

The heart-broken girl had nowhere to go, and no one to turn to. That kept running through her head, sobs echoing far into the night. Eventually the tide came; large, crashing waves creating a nocturne to match her sorrow. The poor girl was utterly and despicably all alone…

Meanwhile, in a famous school far away…

"Kaname, congratulations on graduating from Cross Academy!" Headmaster Cross said enthusiastically to the young man. Kaname was as cool as always as he accepted the congratulations.

"Thank you, Headmaster Cross," he replied politely. The two were in his office, away from everyone else who partied like animals.

"So what do you plan on doing now?"

Kaname closed his eyes, thinking about the question deeply. "There's a small island, almost in the middle of nowhere in the sea. I've been wanting to go there for a long time now."

"Why? What's the name?"

"It just seems like a gorgeously peaceful place. I feel compelled to put as much distance between me and this place, as Yuki no longer needs me."

Headmaster Cross sipped from a teacup and, after making a disgusted face, started to spoon in sugar. "What's the name? I'll get you a ticket."

Kaname smiled. "That won't be necessary, Headmaster. I've already made the necessary arrangements. I leave tomorrow." He drank a liquid from a bottle, a red liquid that was moderately thick in itself. "It's a bit poetic, the name. Maybe that's what draws me, that name. Maybe it's just my innate instinct. Maybe I'm just a little hopeful for a new start." He laughed. "Destiny Island."

The older man sat back in his chair, locking his fingers and thinking seriously. "Hmm… I've never heard of that place before." He stirred his tea, adding milk until it was a light brown color. "The name does sound intriguing, I'll give you that."

The vampire smiled. The older man was about to drink his tea but stopped just as the porcelain cup grazed his lips. "What happened between you and Yuki, anyway?" he asked curiously, peering over the rim of the cup and at the vampire. Kaname stopped smiling quickly.

"Headmaster, I would expect that you already knew…"

"Well, I don't," he replied flatly. Kaname closed his eyes, recalling the event in his mind.

It was night, midnight, actually, on a day there were no day or night classes. Kaname and Yuki were the only two on the school grounds - even the Headmaster had left.

"Yuki… let's go back to my dorm. Nobody's there…" Kaname suggested. "I have a gift for you."

The younger girl blushed and timidly accepted. He brought her back to the mansion-like dorm. She was still blushing and embarrassed; not because of the dorm. Besides, she'd been there before. The vampire led her to his room and sat her down on the edge of his bed. Out of the drawer beside, he produced a small box wrapped in blue paper.

"For you…" he said quietly as he sat down beside her and placed the box in her lap. She hesitantly held it before pulling the paper away. There was a small, fuzzy, blue box. She flipped the lid, revealing the treasure inside: a simple, gold ring with a deep-red garnet jewel nestled inside.

"Kaname! I-I can't accept this!" she exclaimed, pushing the box back to him. He picked it up and held her right hand in his as he placed the box back in her left hand.

"I insist, Yuki," he purred silkily. "Please. It's my gift to you for keeping your sanity, even through all this crazy nonsense."

She hugged him tightly. "Thank you, Kaname." After a moment, she noticed a warmth getting closer to her neck, but didn't mind until something wet trailed along her soft, delicious skin. She jerked back in horror and fear. The vampire was about to bite her!

"Kaname!" she shrieked in terror. His fangs had extended a great deal past his lower lip, and there was no shame on his face. No shame, no embarrassment, nothing but hunger.

"Yuki… let me drink you… let's become a part of each other…" he purred, eyes fixed upon hers as he gazed past her physical form. He started to lean in again. Yuki was almost completely hypnotized, falling prey to his influence to such an extent she almost didn't recover. His fangs were just poking into her flesh, not piercing, but just poking her.

"KANAME! NO!" she screamed and pushed him away forcefully. Suddenly her anti-vampire weapon was in her hands. The girl hoped that the weapon would be enough to protect her. The vampire looked hurt and opened his arms sadly.

"Yuki… please… come to me…" he begged softly. She stepped away from him, towards the door.

"Don't touch me, you bastard!" she shrieked. He stood up, slowly walking towards her. She ran for her life, hoping he wouldn't follow. Kaname Kuran, aristocrat vampire, only sat down on the edge of his bed beside where she had been and let his emotions show in his tears.

The next evening, he found Yuki in the bushes on the borders of the school. She didn't notice him at first, but she looked around once to make sure nobody was spying on her.

Then her eyes stopped on Kaname.

"No… stay away… stay away!" she said, voice escalating in volume from mumble to normal. He was as calm as ever.

"I just wanted to give you this… I'm leaving Cross Academy two days from now," he said, and placed the box before her. Before she could say anything, he turned away and left her. She opened the box and found the ring and a folded-up piece of paper. An apology letter. She couldn't stand to look at him after reading it, so ashamed and guilty she was.

The older man DID know all of this, but he wanted to hear Kaname's side of the story. "Well, Kaname?"

"I know you know, Cross!" he shouted, slamming his fists down on the Headmaster's desk and standing up quickly. The other man slid back in his rolling chair in surprise and sheer, temporary terror. The vampire's eyes widened in surprise at what he'd just done and he turned away.

"My… apologies, Headmaster Cross… I'll take my leave now, if it's all the same to you." He started to walk away. "May your pacifist endeavors succeed. I'll continue to support you, away from your school."

"I'll pray you find what you're looking for, Mr. Kuran," Headmaster Cross replied, still in shock. Kaname Kuran returned to the Night Class dorm with a heavy heart and a burdensome conscience.

"Kaname, you look stressed. What's the problem?" Zero asked in an uninterested tone. The aristocrat ignored him and went to his room, packing up his things so he'd be ready for tomorrow. The rest of the day he sulked in his room, letting nobody disturb him. He didn't sleep during the day, didn't roam about during the night. When it was his time to leave, he didn't say anything to anyone. He took his one suitcase and left at the turn of dawn, wearing a long, dirt-brown trench coat, matching slacks, and red-tinted sunglasses. He gave one last look backwards at the large, white building, half-risen sun cast an orange glow over all life and popped an earphone in each ear, listening to Alesana as he began to walk away. Half an hour later he'd arrived at the ocean port his ship was supposed to dock in. Either he was early, or it was late, since the aquatic vessel wasn't there. He sat down on a bench with his back to the sun, humming to himself to provide for some company, anything to keep from just flat-out weeping. Harsh, cold air bit at the little exposed flesh he had, making his skin sting with desire for warmth.

On the shores of Destiny Island, Kairi fell asleep by accident. She woke up, stiff as all hell. Sand was all in her hair, in her clothes, covering the entire left-side of her body… she tried to dust off as much as she could before sighing in defeat and beginning to walk back to her home. A ship, off in the distance, blared its horn loudly to announce its arrival to the only port on the tiny island. She sighed again, knowing nothing would be on it for her. After all, Riku left so long ago… it was unlikely he'd ever return to the boring little island.

The brunette picked up a seashell and lobbed it angrily into the ocean waves. She kicked the sand with each individual step as she walked away, cursing the fate she'd been left with. "Maybe I'll turn into a huge Heartless and wreak havoc on this miserable little sand pile…" she muttered.

Kaname was standing on the ship's deck, one white-gloved hand on the equally white railing as he gazed at the small island before him. The sun still hadn't completely risen, and a storm was coming. 'Perfect timing, then…' he thought with a grim happiness. He really wouldn't be able to wait until night to explore the island. Kaname was excited about the prospect of getting some new blood, fangs slightly extending. The ship docked a little roughly, vibrating ferociously enough to almost knock him off his feet. He ran a hand backwards through his shoulder-length, semi-spiky black hair and picked up his suitcase. His black dress-shoes clicked on the wooden deck with each step he took towards the ramp to get off the ship. With a simple nod to the captain - a body-long scruffy-bearded big guy in a blue coat with white pants - he left the vessel and took the first step of his new life onto the beach sand with tremor-inducing excitement.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a beautiful young girl walking away. To him, she looked like she had spent the night sleeping on the beach. He could smell the depression emitting from her heart, the bittersweet aroma calling to him like barbecue to any redneck American.

"This girl… hmm. Things are already looking interesting…" he murmured aloud with a smirk. His fangs extended in agreement, but he forced them back so he would be able to talk to her without freaking her out. "But, before I start hitting on strangers…" he mumbled, suddenly coming into reality, "I should probably find out where this address leads me…" He pulled a slip of paper from inside one of the coat's outside pockets at the bottom. 'Maybe I can stalk her and she'll lead me to it… or at least go by it,' he thought, taking off his sunglasses and storing them inside his coat. With suitcase in hand, he followed her at least 100 feet behind, using the scent of her sorrow if she left his vision.

Kairi turned back one more time to look at the ship and the sea and saw a strange man in what looked like a trench coat and pants. Then she realized how cold she was and hugged herself tightly. 'Alucard?' she thought with a smirk. 'Nah… oh well.' She did have to admit he seemed pretty hot… from a distance, anyway. She decided not to dwell on the stranger unless she saw him again and walked along the road that ultimately led to the high-school she recently graduated from. On the way were several tangent roads that held their own courses. She took the very first road on the left, walking semi-quickly since she was chilled to the blood. A little while later she glanced back and noticed the stranger following her, now without his glasses on. She could see his reddish-purple eyes glance down occasionally at a small slip of paper in his left hand. Kairi ignored it and kept walking. It was a longer time before she glanced back again, and she saw the stranger again following her. He was a great distance away, but she still felt a little alarm.

On the other hand, she wasn't paying attention to anything in front of her and tripped on a fallen tree branch, hands flying up like an Anime character as she fell. The brunette girl landed flat on her face and lay still for a moment, registering what the hell just happened in her mind. As she started to pick herself up, a white hand hovered a bit from her face.

"Miss, are you alright?" It was the stranger, of course. "Here, let me help you up."

She was hesitant at first, but took his hand in hers. He was warm, warmer than Sora had ever been, warmer than Riku's heart, warmer than the sun itself. She blushed and almost melted, but regained herself and tried to dust herself off.

"Th-Thanks…" she mumbled, embarrassed.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have been following you in such a manner," he apologized, bowing low. "I'm Kaname Kuran. I've been trying to find this address, and I figured I could follow someone who knew their way around and I might find it."

Kairi cocked an eyebrow. "It's not your fault. Here, let me see it." She read the words written on the paper. "This is actually beside my house," she said, a small spark of interest glinting in her eyes. "I guess this way I don't have to anticipate who my next neighbor will be, huh?" she joked lightly, smiling and closing her eyes as she cocked her head at him. He gazed at her in awe, blushing.

"Um… yeah. Sure," he said. "Can you take me there?"

She nodded. "Yeah! Follow me!" she replied excitedly. The brunette took the black-haired boy's hand in hers and drug him along until they reached their destination.

Kairi's house was a simple thing, shaped like a box with a pyramid on top. Kaname figured it only had a living room, kitchen, and a bedroom with a small bathroom attached, something that would be easy to pay rent on, or to pay for entirely. His house was of the same size, and he knew what was inside. He had money, he could've gotten the best housing there, but he wanted to start a new life from the ground up.

"Thank you, Miss, uh…" he stumbled for a name that wasn't there.

"Oh, sorry! I'm such an idiot, I forgot to tell you my name! I'm Kairi," she replied, same smile as before. He managed to keep contained this time, bending over to kiss her hand.

"Thank you, Miss Kairi. I greatly appreciate this, more than you'll ever know," he thanked. She nodded, embarrassed.

"You're welcome, Mr. Kuran." She started to walk away, but turned back to him and said, smiling, "Welcome to Destiny Island."

Yeah, I'm definitely going to continue this… hell, I'M curious as to how this turns out. And I'm the WRITER. ;-p