*3 weeks later*

Katelyn sat rocking Kody back and forth. His eyes were starting to droop down and his hand was clenched on her finger. Her blackberry vibrated on the changing table and she reached up and checked it.

Christopher: Hey babe you there?

She smiled to herself. While she was waiting to get the ok for the delivery, Katelyn and Christopher had managed to make small talk. After that Christopher and Katelyn had been texting back and forth before they had decided to try being together. Sure she still loved Kendall and her mind was almost constantly pondering on what he was going to say but it was better than nothing.

Katelyn: Yeah. Kody's finally sleeping J

Christopher: That's good. So when do I get to see you again?

Katelyn: I start filming on Thursday. Idk if u want to stop by

Christopher: Thursday? I'll be there.

Katelyn put Kody into the crib and lay down in her bed. She felt lonely, like the queen bed was too big for her. It swallowed her and she desperately needed someone to hold her. A boy with shaggy dirty blonde hair, blue-green eyes, and was slightly but not too muscly… 'STOP! He's gone now.' She had to tell herself. Her eyes welled up again at the thought.


Katelyn pulled into the set with her new baby carseat in tow. She walked in to be greeted by multiple hugs and tons of compliments.

"You look so great!"

"He is so cute!"

"Wow his eyes are so blue."

She sat in her dressing room going over her lines until she received a knock on her door.

"Hey." It was Kendall. He walked in and sat on the couch opposite of her.

"Hi." She said.

"Wow he got big."

"Yep." she laughed nervously.

"Can I..hold him?" Kendall asked.

"He's your son. Of course." She answered. She felt her heart nearly melt as Kendall handled the baby with ease. 'He's such a good father.' She thought. Another knock soon came too.

"Come in!" Katelyn called. Katelyn felt her stomach dropped as SHE walked in. Jocelyn who was now more protective of Kendall than ever. Her eyes glanced from the baby to Kendall to Katelyn, Then Kendall then the baby. Then just Kendall and Katelyn.

"Um…why are you holding her baby?" She asked with bitterness in every word.

"He's just so cute." Kendall said.

"Not cuter than me I hope." Jocelyn said batting her eyelashes. Kendall felt horrible and Katelyn felt like she was going to be sick.

" Of course not." He said and gave her a peck on the lips.

"Hey! Hope I'm not- oh. Hi guys." Christopher said. "Kyle right?"

"Kendall." He said fuming. 'Two can play at this game' Katelyn thought as she walked over to Christopher and gave him the biggest kiss she could muster. She glanced briefly at Kendall who's jaw was practically on the floor.

"So you two are together?"


"Oh…congratulations." He said. Katelyn couldn't quite detect what was in his voice. Jealousy? Dissapointment? She had to learn to leave it be. Then, one of the producers knocked on the door.

"Hey guys. We need you for the next scene." he said. Erin showed up to take care of Kody and they walked out to the set.

"So..how long have you two been dating?" Kendall asked. 'He could not make more awkward smalltalk if he tried' she thought.

"Well we've been texting back and forth since Kody was born. We decided to make it official a few days ago."

"Oh. That's nice."

"Hey Kendall. Just wondering here. What happened when Jocelyn figured out you were with me at the hospital?"

"We had a fight. She cried saying that I loved you and I told her that I couldn't tell her the reason I had to be there, but that I was in love with her." He said. Katelyn felt a lump in her throat. Jocelyn had NO idea that the baby was his.

"Oh. Well I'm happy things are better." She said.

"Me too."

They went and performed their scene spot on- probably because it was a fight scene. When they came back Erin was there with Kody.

"I think he missed his mom." She said handing him off to Katelyn. "And I guess he's happy to see his dad too."

"WHAT?" Screeched an all too familiar voice. Jocelyn came running over to Kendall. "Did she just say his dad?"


"Kendall..are you the father?" She asked. By now everyone was staring.

"I….um..you see.." Kendall stuttered but couldn't get his words out.

"Kendall..I asked you a question. Are you the father?"

"Yes." Kendall said. He looked ashamed but relieved.

"So…you two were together?" She asked.

"One time!" Katelyn said.

"And nothing happened after that. Then I met you."

"Are you two like living together now?" Jocelyn asked. Tears brimming her eyes.

"No. This is the first time I've seen my son in three weeks." Kendall said. Jocelyn ran to him and hugged him.

"Why didn't you tell me? I've been keeping you from seeing your son." She said.

"Because you thought that I loved her." Kendall said.

"Well do you?" Jocelyn asked. Kendall hesitated.

"I'll always love her as the mother of my son..you know?" Kendall said. Katelyn looked down at her shoes to stop the tears that were escaping. She was crying because deep down. She wanted to be more than the mother of his children. She wanted to be together with Kendall. Why? She asked herself. 'Because I'm in love with him.'

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