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Weddings are always a glorious occasion. To Katelyn it seemed even more wonderful than she could ever comprehend. It had taken four years and another child before Kendall FINALLY popped the question. She remembered the day perfectly.

She was pregnant with her other child at the time when Kody came running in.

"Mommy! Mommy! Daddy wants to see you. He has a surprise." Katelyn looked at her son lovingly. She got up and what Kendall had described as "waddled" over to the porch where a glorious picnic was being set up. Kendall looked at her and smiled.

"Hi honey." Kendall said and walked over to her. He gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Want to sit down?" Katelyn sat down at the table and started to dig into her pasta. She was eating when she reached for her napkin. She opened it up and out fell a small gold ring. It was filled with diamonds and she looked at Kendall, stunned. Kendall had been saying recently how he was never going to be "married" and that no one needed to be married.

"A mothers day gift?" She said doubtful. Kendall gave that signature smile that still made her body warm up from the inside-out. He took the ring carefully out of his hands and got up from the table. He walked over to her and he got down on one knee.

"Katelyn Marie Tarver. You have been the greatest influence in my life. You gave me the greatest joy in my life and you provided my life with the greatest gift. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?" By then Katelyn had tears streaming down her face. She nodded yes and as he slipped the ring on her finger. She kissed him passionately. Kody let out a cheer and they looked over at him smiling and laughing.

That was two years ago. The preparations took longer than expected and not to mention that the paparazzi decided that they wanted every single detail of the wedding. People magazine did a feature on them and had already set up a deal to do their wedding pictures. Nickelodeon studios was going crazy considering that they could regain their image of being a kid's channel. Big Time Rush fans rejoiced over their favorite couple getting married.

They were also thrown of kilter by their daughter Kaliann. She was a beautiful little girl with her father's green eyes and her mom's gorgeous smile. The press went crazy over her. Some called her "The Second Mistake" But titles like that didn't get to Kendall and Katelyn because deep-down they knew that they had the most beautiful kids in the world.

They had waited long enough until finally the moment happened. When Kendall was standing at the altar anxiously waiting for his bride-to-be.

Everyone walked down the aisle only making Kendall more nervous. First was Dustin or D-Belt as everyone called him, because he was his best friend. He was walking with Erin whose stomach was bulging from the twins she was expecting as she was Katelyn's maid of honor.

Next came Logan who walked down with Katelyn's sister. Then James and one of Katelyn's friends, Carlos and his pregnant wife Tori, then Kevin and his wife Kimberly, then Kenneth and his girlfriend and Kody who was the ring bearer, holding hands with his cousin Kyla. Kaliann was too small to even know where she was supposed to go. Everyone let out awes at the site of the two small children. Finally came Katelyn. She floated down the aisle like a goddess. Her hair in a loose French braid updo and her dress flowing. Kendall's mouth was open wide at the site of his gorgeous soon to be wife.

She reached the altar and hugged her dad as he left. She stepped up. Kendall mouthed to her.

"You look beautiful."

She mouthed back a thank you. When it came time for them to recite their vows Katelyn was almost too choked up to speak.

"Kendall, it has been a wild and crazy road over these last four years. Deep down I always loved you, even when it was hard for me to see it. I honestly cannot even begin to express how crazy I am about you. Every time I see you I fall in love with you all over again. I am the luckiest girl alive and the only person I can see myself be with is you. I love you so much Kendall and I am so fortunate to spend the rest of my life with you." She finished with tears running down her face (she was sure the makeup artist would be extremely angry with her later but she was getting married, so there)

Kendall started to speak and he looked at her smiling with tears brimming his eyes as well.

"Katelyn, as cliché as it may sound you are truly the sunshine of my life. You are such an amazing woman and I knew that when they casted you as my girlfriend that it was for a reason. I've never told you any of this but, whenever I had to kiss you for a take I may have screwed up a few times just so that I could do it again." He chuckled at this and kept on going. "You are such a special person and the fact that I get to be able to call you my wife? That is the greatest honor besides being a father. I love you a ton babe."

The ceremony went off from there without a hitch, from telling the story of how they met and how they got together (which earned more than a few laughs from the guests). Then Kody brought them their rings and they said their I dos. It was beautiful and nearly everyone was in tears.

The reception was gorgeous with speeches and toasts and dances. A special performance from Big Time Rush was done and the crowd roared with applause.

The press went crazy. Hollywood's Nickelodeon couple was finally married with two kids and everyone was more than happy for them. Their marriage went down as one of the most anticipated of the year. For once everyone was happy and everything was figured out.