Chapter 1 Being myself

A/N: This is about Roxanne Weasly (from the next generation of harry potter, she's George and Angelina's Daughter) and her cousins and friends.

Some people find it hard to be themselves. I don't ,mostly, but sometime that can be a real pain, like when I'm to nice and let people sit where I'm sitting if they want (I don't do that with people I don't like but it's still annoying!) however sometimes it's not, no example but still.

One example of me being myself is that I do hand stands to think and not caring what people say about it(don't ask why it just helps) I was doing this when suddenly Fred came in ,about to revile anther way that I was going to be myself.

'What are you thinking about?' he's my brother so he gets it.

'My charms homework.' I said. Suddenly James bounced in.

'Hi guys! Roxi what are you doing on the floor?' I had fallen over when he yelled.

'Pretending to be a rug.' I answered sarcastically . James held his hands up in mock surrender

'I only asked. Anyway Fred you've got to see what's happening in the common room.'

'Wait a sec.' said Fred, he bent down and picked up a bottle that had rolled out from under my bed when I had fallen.

'Oi. That's mine!'I yelled scrabbling to my feet but Fred had already seen what it was.

'Roxi!' He said looking astonished. James lunged forward trying to grab it. But I grabbed it first.

'What is it, is it bad Fred? Let me see Roxi!' James begged.

'No way it's my business.' I retorted.

'Fine.' James said 'Fred you tell me.'

'It's...Hair dye.' Said Fred.

'What?' said James half laughing 'Hair dye? Roxi you're gonna dye you hair? What colour?'

'Pink.' said Fred still looking completely bewildered.

'Fred!' I yelled furious. James was now laughing so hard that he was bent over clutching his stomach.

'Pink, PINK! Your parents will kill you.'

'They will you know, mum and dad, they'll go crazy.' said Fred looking worried

'Dad?' I said sceptically raising an eyebrow

'Fred well maybe not dad so much, but mum will go mental.'

'we'll cross that bridge when we reach it.' I retorted stuffing the bottle of dye into my draw.

Fred bit his lip. But James grinned at me.

'It'll suit you. Come on'

'What was it that you wanted to show me?' Fred asked him

'Hugo's got purple eyebrows!' and as James started to tell the story of how this had happened. I made three major resolutions

1. Never to hide stuff under my bed again

2. To hurry up and dye my hair before someone who could confiscate the dye finds out.

3. To ask Dom to help with my charms homework.

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