The truth always surfaces

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Chapter 17: Second Epilogue The Lie

One year later, 20th of February…

"I was thinking that we could hold the wedding in May." Draco peered up from his Potions handbook that Severus had lent to him. He smiled at the scene he was greeted with. Harry was sitting with crossed legs on his bed with Caelyn, who had just turned one two days ago, lying in front of him, giggling while her daddy was tickling her tummy.

On Harry's birthday they had decided that they would start the preparations for their marriage, that would take place the year after that. Harry and he were already engaged since Christmas, but they never had officially decided to start preparations for the marriage. Now all they needed, aside from making a list with people they would like to invite, was a date for their marriage to take place.

Harry hummed and chuckled when their daughter made a grab for his hand and got hold of one of his fingers, stopping his tickling attack. She released a satisfied sigh and smiled impishly before starting to mutter something in her own language.

"That sounds good to me. Did you have any particular date in mind?" he asked and turned around to face his blond fiancé, though he kept most of his attention on Caelyn.

Draco cocked his head to the left and his fingers started to tap softly on his desk. "Hm, what do you think of holding it somewhere in the middle of May? At least then the weather should be good."

"We should hold it in the weekend then so that everyone can come," Harry replied and bit his lip. He furrowed his eyebrows in thought and then looked at the calendar, hanging on the opposite wall. He grabbed his wand and waved it softly, flipping the pages of the calendar until he arrived at May. "What do you think of the fifteenth? That's a Saturday. Do you think everyone will be able to attend then?"

"It would surprise me if they couldn't make it," Draco replied and wrote the date down on a piece of paper. "At least now mother will stop asking about the date."

Green eyes twinkled in mirth. "Can't blame her for being so excited about her son's marriage."

Grey eyes rolled. "That may be, but I could do with less questions."

"Ah yes, Sirius and Remus have agreed to watch over Caelyn during the honeymoon," Harry mentioned casually, though his hands shook a bit when he grabbed Caelyn and put her on his lap. She made a smacking sound with her lips and her eyes started to flutter, signalling she was on the verge of falling asleep.

Draco took notice of his trembling hands, but didn't say anything of it. Harry hadn't said anything to him about it, but he had a suspicion Harry was very nervous about their honeymoon. Not about the part where they would stay or for how long, but because of what would happen then. Even though Caelyn was one years old already and their relationship had gotten even stronger throughout the months following her birth, they hadn't gone further than the occasional groping underneath their shirts. The first half year after Caelyn was born, they were both too worn out to take their relationship any further. They were already glad when they could lay down for a bit and cuddle while Caelyn was sleeping, that it hadn't even crossed their minds to attempt to do something more. And though Caelyn being there was obvious proof they had already taken their relationship to the highest level, Harry still couldn't remember anything from it, which actually made the whole thing more awkward to talk about.

Draco had thrown hints at Harry that he would like to keep the tradition of making love during the wedding night, as long as Harry was ready for it. Harry hadn't rebuked him whenever he hinted at doing more during that night, but he hadn't confirmed anything either. Draco knew it was high time they talked about it, because they couldn't keep ignoring it until their wedding day arrived. But he didn't want to make Harry uncomfortable either. Plus when Caelyn wasn't sleeping she was either with Harry or Draco, or both of them were near their family, which made talking about it very awkward.

"Not a surprise there; she has them wrapped around her little finger already," Draco smirked and stood up, walking over to his bed. He sat down next to Harry and slid his arm around his waist, rubbing Harry's right side absentmindedly. He gave him a kiss in his neck and felt Harry's breath hitch, making him smile. "Mother mentioned something about visiting her during that week too."

"Seems like she doesn't trust them alone with Caelyn," Harry chuckled amused.

"Well, she trusts Lupin, but I don't think she finds Black a good influence on her." The blond smirked. "Let's be honest here; out of the two, Lupin is the more mature one."

Harry smiled faintly and looked down at their baby girl, who had fallen asleep. "Can't argue with that." He held her carefully against his chest and stood up. "I'm going to lay her down in her crib so that she can sleep," he announced and exited the room, to enter the room next to Draco's which they had transformed temporarily into a nursery until they had found a house of their own.

Draco's smile slid off his face the moment Harry left the room. With each day that passed, he became acutely aware of the pensive look his godfather threw him, every time he thought Draco was too preoccupied with something to notice his staring. Severus had never really commented when they had told them the explanation of why Caelyn was his daughter, but he had given Draco a hard stare, as if he knew or at least suspected something.

And that was dangerous. Severus had been a double spy; someone who had managed to fool Voldemort himself. He also had known Draco since he was born, so he could read most of his facial expressions and pick up things that Draco hadn't even voiced out loud.

If Severus suspected something was amiss, it would have dire consequences. As long as he didn't start interrogating him in that casual way of his, when the victim only realized in the end he was being interrogated, and didn't show any other sign of being suspicious, Draco was fairly safe.

But what if Severus indeed suspected something? What if he somehow found out what he had really done? The young man didn't even want to imagine what would happen then.

He had to find a way to make sure nobody would ever discover the truth. Destroying his notes wasn't enough, he had to go deeper and remove all traces of his deceive.

What he needed was …

"Draco?" Harry's voice startled him and his head shot up. Harry was standing in front of him, looking at him worriedly.

Immediately he plastered a smile on his face and drew Harry to him. "Sorry, all that studying has made me a bit drowsy."

Harry clucked his tongue. "I told you, you should take more breaks. You're just asking to collapse one of these days."

He let out a high squeak of surprise when Draco spun him around and hooked one of his feet behind his legs to trip him. He landed on his back on the bed and blinked when Draco crawled on top of him with a predatory smile on his face.

"Good thing I have you to remind me of my much needed breaks then, hm?" he purred and his lips covered Harry's before the younger man could form a retort.

They kissed leisurely for a moment before Harry broke off the kiss and pulled his head back a bit, pressing against the soft matrass.

Draco looked at him questioningly, his hands resting on both sides of Harry's head.

Harry clasped his arms around Draco's neck and took a deep breath, licked his lips and gathered enough courage to mutter, "I think I want to try to go further when we are married."

"You mean you want to …"

Harry nodded and felt his cheeks flush in embarrassment, his emerald green eyes sliding away from the captivating, grey ones above him.

Draco smiled tenderly. "As long as you're ready for it. I'll make it a night you won't forget." He sealed that promise with a sweet kiss.

They couldn't have chosen a better day to hold their wedding. It was a beautiful, sunny day and everyone who had been invited, had shown up, eager to see the couple finally marrying. Pansy acted as the witness for Draco and for Harry, surprisingly enough, it was Luna. The ceremony was led by someone of the Ministry.

Harry wore a white cape and an ocean blue shirt with black pants and a white tie. Draco was his opposite in that aspect with a black cape and an emerald green shirt with a black tie and black pants.

Their daughter was dressed in an aqua blue summer dress, a little cap protecting her head against the sun. Her Uncle Remus was holding her while they looked how the two young men were being tied together for life.

The ceremony had been put together by Narcissa and Pansy. They hadn't given the young couple the chance to organize it themselves; they only had reassured them they would love it. And that was indeed the case. Contrarily to previous Malfoy marriages, this one wasn't as grand as the ones of Draco's ancestors. It didn't need to be. Both were content with a small ceremony and a small party afterwards where only their close friends and family were present. The press was notified of their marriage, but were forbidden to be present at the wedding; both young men wanting their wedding day to be peaceful and not broadcasted for a whole nation.

After their first traditional dance as newlywed couple, Draco danced with his mother, Pansy and even Luna, while Harry also had the opportunity to dance with Narcissa (though he felt a bit flustered by it), Luna and Pansy. Luna had taken their dance as an opportunity to tell him everything would be alright.

Reassured by Luna's words, Harry felt a bit more confident about leaving his daughter alone for the first time since she was born. They said their goodbyes when ten o'clock neared and made their way to the Portkey, that was waiting for them, just outside.

Their bags were already sent to the vacation house they would be staying in for a week.

Coincidence or not, they landed right in the middle of the large master bedroom. And this was where Harry's nerves played up again.

The Portkey, a silver watch, was placed on a small table, standing against the wall. The 'thick' of the metal making contact with the wood was loud in the otherwise silent room.

Harry looked apprehensively at the large bed. Butterflies were swarming in his stomach and he wringed his hands together, shifting his weight from one leg to the other.

This was it then. He would finally sleep with Draco for real. He swallowed and rubbed his hands over his thighs. He wanted it, but at the same time he wanted to ask Draco whether they could just sleep for tonight and try it later. He knew they had had done it already; Caelyn was proof of that. But no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't remember anything of it. What if it turned out he sucked at it? Or that he was so horrible that Draco wouldn't like it? What if he did something wrong and he completely screwed it up and …

He nearly jumped three feet in the air when two strong arms wrapped around his waist from behind and he was pulled against a hard chest.

"Relax, Harry," Draco whispered in his ear. "I'm not going to hurt you."

"I know that." Harry clenched his jaw and sighed frustrated.

"Hey, look, if you really don't want to do it, we can just go to sleep now, okay?" his husband murmured soothingly. "You don't have to force yourself, if you don't want to. I can wait."

"But I want to do it!" Harry insisted and turned around to face the blond. "I want to, really."

Grey eyes stared at him thoughtfully for a moment and he hold his breath. His legs were trembling and he hoped Draco wouldn't notice that.

"You know what?" Draco murmured and raised his hands to clasp Harry's shoulders. "We'll do it slowly, all right? We'll go lay down and we start from there. No need to rush."

Harry pressed his lips together, but nodded. He let himself be guided to the bed and after kicking off his shoes, he crawled on the bed, sitting down rigidly. He knew he should relax, lest Draco would think he had been lying, but it was so hard …

The bed dipped when Draco joined him and for a short moment they both didn't move, only sat there in silence. Then Draco moved closer to him, placed his hands on his cheeks and drew him in to kiss him softly on his lips. A light nip on his lower lip made him sigh and he slowly opened his mouth, giving the blond the chance to sneak his tongue in.

A tongue touched his own and slid against it, before it lapped at the inside of his cheeks and his palate, coming back to his tongue to curl around it. Their breathing sped up automatically and was audible in the room. The bed creaked a bit when Draco shifted and Harry felt himself being pushed down carefully, until his back touched the soft matrass. He stretched out his arms and wrapped them around Draco's shoulders, drawing him in. Draco complied and after a short hesitance, the dark haired man opened his legs and welcomed his husband to lie between them.

Draco drew back a bit and both gasped for air. Grey eyes catching green ones, Harry felt slender hands slowly popping the buttons on his shirt open. He squirmed in embarrassment, but didn't stop the other from continuing. When all the buttons were undone, his shirt was spread wide open and he felt eyes studying his chest. A flush spread out over his cheeks, continuing down his neck and he turned his head away, his arms falling back on the bed, his hands clenching the sheets.

"You're beautiful." The whispered comment made him look back in surprise and the blond smiled wryly. "How you could ever think otherwise, is beyond me."

Harry shrugged, feeling uncomfortable and he frowned. "Hey, it's only fair if you get naked too, isn't it?" he mumbled petulantly, wanting to direct Draco's attention elsewhere.

A blond eyebrow rose up in challenge and suddenly his hands were grabbed and put over the first button. "Why don't you do it for me?"

Harry stared at him in shock and uncertainty, but when Draco gave no sign of budging, he swallowed and with trembling fingers he began to pop the buttons open, revealing smooth, pale skin that was illuminated by the moon, shining through the window. Harry's breath caught in his throat and he berated himself for being so caught off guard with seeing Draco's naked chest, when he had seen him half naked before.

Still, tonight it all seemed different.

Draco shrugged his shirt off and after giving him a look, he beckoned Harry to raise up and understanding the unspoken command, Harry took his shirt off too and shivered when the cool air hit his warm skin.

Draco pushed him back down and they both shivered when their naked chests touched each other. Harry took a deep breath and hesitatingly, he brought his hands up and placed them just underneath Draco's collarbone, before he trailed them up and down, feeling goosebumps appear in his wake and his fingers skidded around Draco's abs before they went back up again.

Draco heaved a sigh of pleasure before his own hands started their journey on Harry's skin. It was the first time for both men to touch each other like this. Draco had touched his stomach before, but that had been while he was carrying Caelyn and hadn't had the same intention behind it as it did now. Back then, it had been to simply feel their baby kicking, but now it was with the intent to relax and arouse him.

"You like it?" Draco murmured in his ear and he hummed back in agreement before he reached up a bit to kiss him in his neck. He felt Draco tweaking his nipple and in response to that, he carefully bit down on a patch of skin, soothing it quickly with his tongue. When he pulled back, it was already blossoming bright red and he smiled.

For a while, they did nothing else but kiss and touch. Eventually Draco's hands wandered downwards and he pulled back from Harry's neck to look at him questioningly. His hands rested on Harry's belt, while his thumbs dipped down and slipped between his pants and skin.

Harry's stomach muscles clenched and he bit his lip hard. His breath shuddered, but he reminded himself to relax. He wanted this. He had been thinking about it for a while now. He needed this.

After a small nod, Draco rose up and unbuckled his belt, sliding it out of the loops before he slid down the zipper. Harry, not wanting to feel left out or being passive, sat up and began opening Draco's pants, feeling the muscles rippling in surprise. He refused to look up and pushed down the black pants when he finally had won the struggle between him and the pants.

Both pants were dropped on the floor and now they were only left in their boxers. Insecurity flashing up, Harry tugged down the sheets and slid between them, feeling relieved at the cover it provided.

Draco threw him a look as if to admonish him for covering himself up, but he seemed to realize he wouldn't be able to make Harry budge on this one and so, he slid between the sheets himself, immediately pressing his body against Harry's.

Twin groans filled the room when their hips pressed together and Harry pushed himself even closer, feeling more eager to continue now.

Draco smiled and once again he pressed their lips together, though now he was more insistent, kissing him harder and forcing him to react. His skin felt like it was on fire and his head felt heavy with want. Their legs intertwined and it was hard to tell one apart from the other when they were pressed so intimately together; their blond and black hair clashing like day and night.

Their sighs and pleasure filled moans filled the air and the bed creaked softly with their movements. It was indeed a night Harry never would forget.

He abandoned his nerves and everything that could possibly hold himself back and gave his everything to Draco, whom in return gave him everything. They embraced each other tightly and their hands never strayed away from each other's skin, intent on discovering every inch on their bodies, committing it to their memory even though they would have many more moments like this.

Draco fulfilled his promise of giving Harry a night he wouldn't ever forget and when they were done, they laid together, Harry enclosed in Draco's arms, his head on a pale chest, littered with red marks.

"I love you," Harry whispered and they shared one last sweet, tender kiss.

"I love you too," Draco smiled and it wasn't long before the fatigue of the excitement and their tumbling caught up with Harry and dragged him into a deep sleep.

Draco looked down at Harry's face and one of his fingers traced a mark he had left behind on Harry's shoulder. It was official now. There was nothing that could separate them anymore. Except one thing.

His memories of that one night where he had betrayed Harry. If someone ever got a hold of those memories, he would lose everything he hold dear. That couldn't happen. He wouldn't let that happen. He had waited so long to have Harry – he wouldn't let him be taken away from him.

Carefully, slowly as to not awaken his husband, Draco reached his arm out and his fingers closed around the familiar wood of his wand. He brought it back to him. This was the moment. After this, nobody would be able to tear them apart. He just needed to concentrate a bit; it wouldn't do to screw up now.

In the silence of the bedroom, broken only by the soft breaths of his lover, three words rang out, "Obliviate mea memoria."

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