E/O Drabble Challenge, Challenge Word: Stumble

Spoilers: None

Summary: Why is it that little brothers always want to play with their big brother's toys...

He dashed through the underbrush, barely noticing the scent of molding leaves or the greedy claws of brambles tearing at his jeans.

His panting was drowned by vicious snarls, approaching fast.

He stumbled, skidded, stifled a cry.

Up, up again, sidestepping, eyes wide, heart drumming "prey, prey, prey".

But not today.

He turned, watching the giant werebear slow down warily.

"Don't be timid, sweetie", he wheezed, "I know you wann'it too".

The creature reared up, its rage a fetid roar.

Dean ducked.

The silver bullet found its aim.

He exhaled.

"Aw great Sam! Look what you've done to my teddy..."

A/N: Well, this one is a bit nuts, and for everybody who didn't know yet: Yeah, there are werebears out there, Indian lore, shapeshifters, so if you're going to pick some wild blackberries – stay alert. Or take your little brother with you :-) Shan: Thanks for the wonderful extra challenge, "timid". Barbara: Thanks for your awesome drabble sequels, they are such an inspiration!