Disclaimer: I do NOT own the Dexter Franchise, which includes the books and the show, eventhough I wish I did, the credit goes to Jeff Lindsay :) However, I do own the story line and my character Jason.

Authors Note: This is my first Dexter fan fiction, so I am still getting used to it :P This story takes place right after Dexter finds out Rita is dead. He is dealing with emotions he has never really felt before and is looking for a... friend.

Summary: Shortly after the death of Dexter's wife Rita, he finds himself feeling emotions he has never really felt before. He runs into one of the most talked about serial killers of 2010 and instead of killing him, he decides to become friends with him. Little does he know Jason has a secret of his own. (FPPOV)

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The Skinner Killer

Death is something I've never really delt with before in the since of it effecting me. Its my job to murder those who deserve it, some would even call it justified. Rita's death was no where near justified. Death is human nature, it happens to everyone at some point, Im just here to make sure it happens the right way. Murder is my life.

I sat motionless at the kitchen table as the cop's taped off the house. It felt weird having Debra so close to something I was involved in, but it was her job. Little did she know all these years she's been investigating most of my murder's, but what she didnt know wont hurt her. "Mr. Morgan" A small female cop called out across the empty, lifeless house. "What?" was all I could say without showing any emotion. "We need your statement" she waved her small hand as if I actually cared.

"Dex... Go give her your statement" Debra urged pulling my arm. I couldnt help but seem angry while I was giving her my statement. If I had known this is what I would have come home to I would have killed him differently, maybe even slowly. He killed me without ending my life and he knew it. He wanted me to suffer.

Shortly after I was finished talking with the detectives I sat back down at the table. "Deb... Will you keep him for the night? I need to be alone" I asked without even looking at her. "What are you going to do?" she asked frantically. "Thats for me to know and you to not worry about" I flashed a small, fake smile and kissed the top of her head. "Dex promise me you wont do anything stupid or reckless?" I asked staring blankly at the wall.

"Promise" I lied through my teeth. "I love you" She called out as I reached for my keys. "Love you too" I yelled and walked out the door. As soon as my feet hit the gravel I wasnt Dexter Morgan, I was a crazed serial killer on the hunt for revenge. Revenge I knew wouldnt be justified, but revenge I was sure to enjoy.

"Dexter... Dexter Morgan?" I husky male voice echoed through the empty streets. I turned around and rolled my eyes knowing it was another detective. "What do you peopke want now?" I sighed walking up to the man the stood feet away from me. "Im Jason... Jason Marrows" he spoke with a slight smirk. "We need to talk" he laughed walking to my car.

Who was this guy and what the hell did he want. I walked hesitantly to the car and opened the door. "First tell me what you want" I scratched my head in confusion. "I think its better if we talk about that when we are in the car" He waved his hand furiously. "Uhm okay" I was more so asking a question.

" I really admire your work " he smiled sifting through a small black bag. "What can I say... Ive always been intergued by death" I smiled blankly, looking ahead at the empty road. "Oh believe me I know" He smirked throwing a stack of pictures on the empty space of seet between us. I took one glance of the pictures and my mind filled with questions and panic. "Where did you get these?" I yelled looking through them.

They were pictures of me do what it is I do best. Murder. "Dont worry your secrets safe with me" he assured me cailmly. "We actually have that in common" He smiled happily. "Im a murder as well , maybe your more familler with the name Skinner" he spoke rolling down his window.

"Your the skinner killer?" I asked more confused that I started out to be. "I was hoping of forming a... team" He smiled once more. "Sorry bro... I work alone" I winked thinking about ways I could now kill him. He was in my car therefore he was trapped. Mine for the taking dare I say it. "Now before that brilliant mind of yours gets to thinking of numerous ways to kill me, let me propse the full offer" He pulled out a small white sheet of paper.