Warning: Contains mild acts of lust.

Summary: Set in a fluffy AU where the Doctor and Donna are a couple.

Disclaimer: I own Doctor Who memorabilia, but not the BBC TV show.

The Doctor entered the kitchen looking thoughtful. Donna was looking through the cupboards for cereal and turned to greet him. "Morning, Spaceman! What's up? You look worried."

"Morning Donna, I was thinking about the problem with the canlotery emanagement supporial configurations, but I'm not sure about standardising the output determinants. I wonder if there's that shop still on Leax that has those… whatdyamacallits…"

He had come up behind her, holding her around the waist, and had trailed off in his speech to look at a far and distant place that amazingly was also located on her cleavage. Donna looked into his eyes to judge whether this was a fazed out moment or daydreaming lust. The lights were on but nobody was home. It was the former situation then.

"Will you stop looking at my boobs like that!" she ordered.

His gaze came back into focus. "I wasn't, not this time anyway. And don't call them 'boobs'! It makes it sound like they've done something wrong," he protested.

"Well, they're not always on their best behaviour," she countered.

"Why? What on earth do they do wrong?" he asked.

"For a start, they attack me when I try to run fast!" her look dared him to contradict her.

"Do they? I've never noticed." Well, he hadn't!

"How can you not notice? They practically hit me in the face!" What was it with men/aliens not being able to see the glaringly obvious?

"Ah, well, I'll have to stop running in front of you in future to get a better….look!" he pulled her to him tightly, emphasising the last word.

"You saucy s-…!" but she didn't get the chance to finish that sentence. Not that she had an overwhelming desire to, mind you.