Alright Everybody! It's CarlisleCullenIsMyHomeboy12, and yes it had been to freakin long since I have posted anything.

This is coming courtesy of my new computer, my old one broke, well, it fell out of a window onto a parking lot, so I lost everything and had to start over on it. Yeah, not much fun, but enough of that.

First of all I'm kinda' sad that only two people finished the contest; I was hoping for more. Big thanks to Rowan Rawr, and Amela333 for finishing, that made me happy.

So now, the main event:

The winner is: with a score of 194, Rowan Rawr! I loved the stories and the plot and the way they were written. Congratulations!

The Bonus word winner is: with a perfect 10, Amela333! I loved this one-shot, and I'm not kidding, I read it at least 12 times!

Both of you get a prize that I will PM you about in the next couple of days! And one that's a surprise!

Peace out!- CCIMH12

If anyone knows where I can watch the season premier of House, PM me, lol. Love you guys, thanks for reading!