A/N: This fanfic came from the idea of what would happen if things had gone different from Code Geass R2 Ep. 19.

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Chapter 1

"You fools; you're just realizing it just now?" Lelouch laughed as he took of his Zero mask.

Kallen and the rest of the Black Knights were surprised at Lelouch's outburst.

"No, Lelouch, you—"Kallen tried to find the words.

"Kallen, you were the most powerful pawn."

The Black Knights were enraged with Lelouch's words while Kallen could only have tears stream from her eyes and have her heart broken by Lelouch's word.

"Goodbye Lelouch," Kallen said with anger and sadness in her voice.

"Kallen, you have to live," Lelouch whispered as Kallen walked away.

What Lelouch didn't realize was that Kallen heard those words. Kallen was surprised to hear those words and stopped. As for the rest of the Black Knights, they prepared to shoot down Lelouch when Rolo intervened in the Shinkiro, used his geass, and got himself and Lelouch out of the Ikagura.

As Rolo made his escape with Lelouch, a mysterious black knightmare was in pursuit.

Lelouch was trying to convince Rolo to stop protecting him and just let him die, but Rolo was not hearing it. All of a sudden, the mysterious black knightmare intercepted and grabbed hold of the Shinkiro.

"What is that?" Lelouch asked in shocked.

"I don't know," Rolo answered, "but it doesn't matter, I'll get us out of this."

Rolo used his geass but to no avail.

"What?" was all Rolo could say.

The black knightmare's cockpit opened and revealed to me a man in black with a scythe in hand. He goes to the cockpit and breaks it up with his scythe and grabs Lelouch, taking back to his own cockpit. Rolo tries to take Lelouch back but he is not fast enough. The man in black takes Lelouch in his own knightmare and flies off and disappears from sight.

Rolo was baffled as what had just happened and the Black Knights who saw the event was just as baffled. Anya who was ordered to pursuit the Shinkuro was stunned at the events as well. Schneizel and Kanon couldn't comprehend the events they just saw.

The question on everyone who witness was what happened. Who was it that just took Lelouch away? What did all this mean? No one knows anymore.

That's it for the first chapter of this fanfic. Tell me what you think. I'm open to suggestions. I'll admit that it was a bit rushed, so let me know if there are any mistakes.