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Chapter 28

Unknown Island

Duncan was inside a safe house, sitting on a couch, and he turned on the screen. When he went to a certain channel, he was surprised at what he saw. It was in Britannia in a battle arena that a knightmare battle was occurring.

"A knightmare fight…with the Galahad and…is that the Lancelot?" Duncan muttered, "It looks different."

Megumi walked in the safe house and saw Duncan looking at the screen, "What are you watching?"

Duncan turned to see Megumi, "Oh Megumi," he went back to the screen, "I'm watching a knightmare battle. It seems Bismarck is fighting the Lancelot."

Megumi was watching the battle on the screen, "Isn't the Lancelot piloted by Suzaku Kururugi, the same guy who was your sister's knight and who became the Knight of Seven a year ago?"

"The son of Japan's last prime minister, who was suppose to be good friends with Lelouch and Nunnally, yeah, the same guy. But to take on the Bismarck…could it be it's what Jinta was talking about?"

"Fighting for the rank of Knight of One? Hmm, I wonder how this will turn out," Megumi said as she sat next to Duncan.

Cemetery in Japan (Area 11)

Mrs. Fennette was leaving the cemetery and shocked of what she learned of her daughter's death. She was glad that Shirley didn't commit suicide like she was told but she was angry at the fact she was murdered and the one who took a part of her was already dead according to Lelouch, who to her looked very sad as he told her what happened. She figured it affected him more than since the criminal admitted to him of the act and was planning to do the same thing to his sister. She still couldn't understand why he didn't show up at the funeral services.


"My daughter was murdered?" Mrs. Fennette asked shocked at what she just heard.

Lelouch nodded sadly, "I'm very sorry."

"Who? Who's the monster that killed my daughter? Where can I find him?" Mrs. Fennette asked ready to seek revenge on the person who took her daughter's life.

"You won't have to worry about him because he's dead," Jeremiah said, "we made sure of that. It's just a shame that he insisted that he wasn't wrong when he committed this horrible act."

Mrs. Fennette looked down, "I see. Then did you avenge my daughter?"

"I'd…like to think that I did," Lelouch said although unsure.

"I see…"

Lelouch continued to explain things to Shirley's mother without giving too much of what was going on.

"I knew my daughter wasn't the kind of person who would kill herself," Mrs. Fennette said after hearing Lelouch's explanation.

"I'm truly sorry, I know nothing will ease the pain of losing Shirley," Lelouch said in a sad tone.

"You're right, it won't and to think that I just lost my husband last year," Mrs. Fennette said and then had a scowl, "Zero and his Black Knights killed him in that damn rockslide."

At that both Lelouch and Kallen flinched at that remark. Nunnally and Anya looked at each other while Sayoko, Milly, and Rivalz looked down.

Mrs. Fennette continued, "And now, my daughter was murdered by someone who I can only describe to be a monster."

"What will you do now?" Kallen asked sadly.

Shirley's mother looked down, "I don't know. I just know that I have nothing left. I don't know how I'm going to continuing living my life when I've lost the only two people that mattered to me."

Back to Present

Mrs. Fennette left the cemetery while the others looked on. Lelouch looked down balling his fist in despair.

"It's my fault," Lelouch said in his head, "If only I-" Lelouch shook his head, "No, telling myself things that I should have done won't change anything and it's pointless."

Jinta looked on and started thinking of his own past.

Flashback: 1560 in a village in Japan

Jinta with his long hair in his blue robe and hakama and with his katana in his hand looking around seeing the terrible devastation that was brought forth on a village. He sees the dead bodies of the villagers and is saddened and angry. He then walks up to the dead body of a young woman and puts his hand on her head and was feeling depressed seeing the young woman dead in front of him.

"Hitomi…" Jinta muttered sadly and then looked down on the ground and felt anger, "Damn you Shinya, you damn traitorous brother…"

Flashback End

"Jinta…" a voice called out to him.

Jinta came out of his thoughts and saw Angelica looking at him with concern.

"Jinta, are you all right?" Angelica asked.

"You seem to be thinking of something, perhaps something in your past," CC commented.

"Oh…yes," Jinta responded, "I was just thinking all right."

"About what Jinta?" Angelica asked.

"Well-" Jinta was interrupted by the ring of his cell phone causing Jinta to pick it up and answer it, "Yes?" Jinta was hearing someone and then moments later, he was a bit surprised, "Oh, is that so?"

Britannia's Knightmare Battle Area

The Lancelot Albion and the Galahad were fiercely engaging in battle. The spectators were looking on as they watched what they considered to be an even match. There were some people who were not happy about what was going on and one of them was the Knight of Eight, Jarvis Trenton. He expected Bismarck to easily toy with him and then simply kill Suzaku but it seems that wasn't the case at all as he was seeing that the Knight of Seven was able to stand on his own against Bismarck and his Galahad.

"What the hell is this?" Jarvis asked in his head scowling, "It can't be that this weak fool Kururugi is actually able to stand against Bismarck like this."

Meanwhile the Galahad and the Lancelot was still battling it out. The Galahad was swinging its MVS, the Excalibur at the Lancelot Albion but the ninth generation knightmare was blocking the attack with its two MVSs. In the cockpit of the Lancelot, Suzaku was getting more confident.

"I can do this," Suzaku said in his head with determination and confidence, "I can win this. I will beat Bismarck and become the Knight of One. I have what it takes. I'm sure they're surprised, they've really underestimated me."

The Galahad shot its five fingered slash harkens at the Lancelot. The Lancelot blocked most of them but a couple of them got one of its arms. The Galahad then spun the Lancelot to the other side, retracted the slash harkens and charged again at the Lancelot with its MVS, Excalibur. The Lancelot quickly blocked the attack with its two MVS. They continued to clash with their MVS, blocking and countering each other's attacks.

In the cockpit of the Galahad, Bismarck was thinking what he had to do, "Kururugi is definitely more skilled then I thought but is it his own latent skill or the fact he has a ninth generation knightmare," Bismarck then smiled, "if that's the case, I'll use 'it'." His sewn left eye glowed red as the sewing broke revealing his geass, "I never thought I would need to use this power again."

Safe house in Cambodia

Schneizel was sitting on his chair looking at the chess board with the chess pieces and he was smiling.

"Now then," Schneizel spoke feeling pleased, "what shall be my next move?"

Schneizel felt that any move he would make would ultimately lead him to victory.

Ashford Academy

People were still taking shelter after the F.L.E.I.A. was launched on the Tokyo Settlement. On the roof top was a young woman who was a bit slim with long light orange hair, deep blue eyes who wore a red shirt, light blue pants, and white shoes. She was watching as people were going in and out of the academy with Britannian soldiers.

"I'm seeing a lot of people but I don't see Mom and Dad," the young woman said and then she looked at the entrance of the campus and saw some people on their way and was surprised.

Britannia's Knightmare Battle Area

The tables had turned as Bismarck was able to get the upper hand against Suzaku. The people that were there were watching were amazed and Jarvis had a grin on his face.

"Bismarck must be using his geass," Jarvis thought, "oh well, it couldn't be help but with this, that eleven upstart won't last much longer. I hope you enjoyed thinking you could stay toe-to-toe with the Knight of One Kururugi because this is the end of you."

Gino was watching and wasn't sure how to feel about what he was seeing. A part of him didn't want Suzaku to die just as a part of him wanted Suzaku to be punished for attempting to kill the 98th Emperor of Britannia and for being an accessory for his demise. The Knight of Three wondered if he made the right decision.

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