Epilogue: Gambit

"Hi and welcome to a very special episode of Talking With Tabby," Tabitha said to the camera. "Tonight all our guests are from the same band! Let's here it for the amazing, Gothic Romance: The Scarlet Witch!"

Wanda waved to the camera.

"Her twin, the sexy Quicksilver."

Pietro grinned and winked at Tabitha.

"Blue Yonder Boy," Tabitha joked. "No only kidding, I mean the incredible Nightcrawler."

Kurt shook his head in amusement.

"The hot Pyro."

"Burn baby, burn!" Pyro said, grinning.

"The not-so-untouchable Rogue."

Rogue smirked.

"And the newest member of the band, Remy 'Gambit' LeBeau."

Remy smiled as the studio audience cheered.

"Okay so, I'd love to get down to business, and talk about your new album and stuff," Tabitha said, "but I'm dying of curiosity over here. Remy, what made you join Gothic Romance after Thieves Guild broke up?"

"Okay first," Remy said, "Thieves Guild hasn't broken up. We're on hiatus."

"Uh huh," Tabitha drawled.

"I'm serious. Henri and his wife found out they were having twins and Henri decided he wanted to take time off to take care of his family. Theo, Emil and I decided that the band wouldn't be the same without him, so we put Thieves Guild on hiatus. Theo's working on a solo album right now, and Emil's going to be making his movie debut in a comedy flick he's working on at the moment. Me? I just decided I wanted to spend more time with my girlfriend."

Gambit turned and grinned at Rogue, squeezing her hand under the table.

"Yeah," said Wanda. "He hung around us so much, we declared him an honorary member of the band."

"Of course, that meant he needed a stage name," said Pyro.

"I wanted to go with Le Diable Blanc," Remy joked, "but they decided that wouldn't go down very well when we got to France, so I went with Gambit instead."

"Is it weird?" asked Tabitha. "I mean you went from lead singer to back up, and lead guitar to second guitar."

"It is a little odd not being centre stage," Remy admitted, "but as I said, I was only interested in spending more time with Rogue - because long distance relationships suck - so I'm just happy I'm getting to play at all."

"Aww we couldn't just have you sitting around twiddling your thumbs, looking adoringly at Rogue all day," Pyro teased him.

"I don't know," Remy joked. "That sounds like a pretty good day to me."

"Yeah, that's all I need," Rogue drawled, "having that feeling of being watched for hours on end."

"But just think, chére," said Remy, "you would have looked around and seen it was just your sexy boyfriend."

"Wouldn't have been that very long," Rogue said. "That's creepy."

"The sexy or the boyfriend?"


"Sexy boyfriends are creepy? Hmm," Remy considered and then shrugged. "I guess you can only work with what you have."

He then proceeded to pull a slovenly face, tongue hanging out and stared at Rogue with wide eyes. He closed the distance between their faces but not quite close enough to touch.

"Stop that," she said and when he didn't, added an insistent: "Knock it off."

"Gehh," he replied, sounding dopey.

"And stop drooling," she added. "It makes you look like a rabid dog."

Remy started breathing loudly and heavily.

"But he is a rabid dog, Rogue," Wanda said with a smirk. "We should have named him that instead of Gambit."

Remy gave Rogue a low, playful growl, leaning in further.

"Stop being creepy," Rogue demanded, glaring at him as she leaned away.

"Make me," he replied with a smirk.

"Fine," she said, and kicked his leg under the table.

"Ow! Did you have to kick me so hard?" he asked, his pose destroyed as he leaned down to rub his shin.

"Yes," she replied.

"Wow," said Tabitha, "it's like nothing has even changed."


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