This is my first multi-chapter fic with an actual plot instead of different character's POVs, so please bear with me. Arthur and Joan both come off a bit more emotional and soft than their characters, but it's a tricky thing to write. And feedback you have will be greatly appreciated! Thanks :)

**Joan's POV**

I sat on the edge of mine and Arthur's bed in a grey cotton cami edged with lace, matching shorts, and my favorite yellow and purple swirly kimono. I had come home midday from work because I had felt extremely nauseous. Then I had slept for a few hours, got up, and made some tea. My stomach was in pain, and I couldn't tell why. There wasn't any virus going around that I was aware of. Owww. I rubbed my stomach while keeping my mouth clamped shut, the nausea coming in violent waves. What was going on? I hadn't been sick in almost 4 years. And I missed Arthur. Missed him like crazy, even though I had seen him around noon when I told him I was going home. I winced as my stomach ached. Was it PMS? That was possible. Suddenly, my blood went cold. Or it was…..

Shit. I dropped my the ground, grabbing my bag from the floor in front of my closet. I grabbed my calendar and flipped through it, searching. I documented everything, and I mean everything in this calendar. From meetings and things at work to personal things, like appointments, it was all here. Which meant it would be here. The piece of information I needed to reassure myself that everything was going to be alright. I flipped back further, growing worried. It shouldn't be back this far. This was almost 2 months. And then I saw it. And my mind went blank.

The door opened, scaring the hell out of me.

"Joan? Honey, how are you doing?"

Oh god. Arthur. He was home early. It was only 6, he shouldn't be home for a few hours.

He walked into our bedroom, taking off his tie and setting on my nightstand.

"What's wrong, sweetheart? You're pale as a ghost."

I opened my mouth, but nothing came out. Arthur walked over and pulled me up, wrapping his arms around me once I was standing. It was good thing too, or I would have collapsed.

"Arthur, I.."

"What is it, Joan?" He looked worried. I mentally crossed my fingers. Oh god, please don't hate me….

"I'm pregnant," I choked out. And then I broke down.