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All of my friends are crying telling me we'll have to keep in touch. If I didn't know how they were and remembering to call, I would have believed them. Claire comes up to me and gives me a hug. One of her rare hugs. They all come hug me, as my mom honks the horn. I say bye, and turn to walk to the car. I turn around to look at my friends one last time and you know what passes through my mind?

-"Wow this is an effing cliché scene. I really thought that we had more originality than this."

Chapter One: Mmpffs and Trash Cans

-"Meiun! Get out of bed! You don't want to be late for your first day at a new school do you?"

Yes… I do. Why do you think I didn't get out of bed when my music started playing?

-"Come on sweetie. The new school isn't that bad. It's an amazing school even, and you passed the exam with flying colours and there's no uniform! I don't see what's so bad."


-"No, I don't think there's 'mmpff' there…."

-" It's school in general and moving…" I say with out my head buried in the covers.

-"Well you can do any thing about either of those things so I suggest to-"

-" Suck it up. I get it, I get it."

Mom left and I got up, pulling on my clothes. It was a very cold morning. I was wearing a long sleeve shirt, a tee on top as well an a tank top, all of which did not match colour-wise (black with purple polka dots, neon yellow, apple green, well ok they did kinda match…) as well as my hot pink leggings I had on a pair of torn blue jeans. My orange messenger bag was leaning against my door full of that back to school crap. I pick it up and feel as if my arm is about to fall off. Oops. Forgot about the schoolbooks in there. As I drag it down the stairs, mom yells at me for: one- making so much noise (I swear that thing weighs as much as an elephant) and two: dragging my bag. Well it's not my fault we don't have a conveyor belt for school bags…ok that was a bit exaggerated…helpful though.

-"Here's your breakfast, honey."

-"Mom, no time."

I grab my lunch fro the counter and head for the door.

-"I need a picture!"


It was a flat answer. There was no way.

-"But my baby is going into high school!"


I walk out of the house and run to catch the bus that will drop me off right next to school. Did I mention my bag weighs a ton? I haven't mentioned my name yet have I? Weird since you've been stalking me all morning. I'm Meiun. Meiun Chirigri Maishin. It literally means Doom Destiny Struggle on. Yes my parents have horrible naming skills. My little sister's name is Shukumei. It also means destiny. So now you know. I just barely made it to the bus. I get in and pay for my ticket and plug myself into my Ipod. Most people listen to music like Usher, Simple Plan, Green Day, but all of my music, or at least the greater part of it is Asian Pop. Like SHINee, Super junior M, S.H.E and that stuff. You have no idea of whom I'm talking about. Ha. I have more knowledge of music than you! I mean who gives a hoot that you know Usher's address? Most people (paparazzi, fan girls mostly) do. I can almost fluently speak Korean, Mandarin and Japanese (please note the key word almost). The bus stopped at my stop, School Street. I know. These people are really original. And that was sarcasm if you were wondering. I walked/ ran to the school that is on top of a hill. I was panting by the time I was at the entrance. Ok, fine. I'm not the fittest person alive.

-"Hey you!"

I just kept walking. I was almost at the door when someone grabbed my shoulder and while doing so, pulled on my hair.

-"Oi! What was that for!"

-"I didn't do it on purpose."

I briskly turned and saw a boy (I know I'm very specific.). The boy had messy brown hair and red paint on his face.

-" Are you new? I haven't seen you before."

-" Yeah, I'm new. Who's asking?"

-"Kiba Inuzuka. And your name is…?"

-"Meiun Chirigri Maisin."

-"Cool name."

-"Are you kidding? I hate it with all the power of a woolly rhinoceros."

-" 'All the power of a woolly rhinoceros'"

-"Yeah…never heard of that one?"

Of course he didn't I invented it.

-"Anyway, what year are you in?"


-"Me too!"

The warning bell rang.


-"Hey, Meiun-san, what's your first class?"

-"Advanced English."

Wonderful. That's exactly what I needed to start my week. I suck at English…ish.

-"That with Kakashi. I show you were it is. My first class is right next to it."


And with that we were off. I was panting like hell. There was no way I'd be doing this all year. Assuming that Dad won't say anything to offensive for a year. Hun. Like that's going to happen.

-"Hey! Watch it shrimp!"

-"Hun? Oh sorry."

I look up to see a guy (again with my Über specificness). He had long, messy hair (what is with these guys and messy hair?) and baby blue eyes. I would have liked him if he didn't have that "I'm-superior-to-you kind of look. Definitely older then me. Definitely hot. And I also noticed that the hall was quiet all of a sudden.

-"Watch it shrimp."

Ok, that got to me. I am not short. No way in hell that I'm short.

-"Well sorry Mister-just-standing-in the-middle-of-the-hall-after-the-warning-bell."

-"What was that?"

-" Wow. So as well as having problems with seeing proportion, you have problems hearing."

The really hot guy smirked. If I weren't so pissed I would have blushed.

-" You do know that that wasn't a complement right?"

-"Yes I do."

-"Ok, good. I was worried that you were as dumb as you look."

Gasps circulated the hall.

-"Tell me shrimp in what year are you?"

-"Freshman. And I'm gonna be late for my class so if you'll excuse me."

I walked around him casually, heading in the direction the Kiba went. Wow. What an encounter. I saw Kiba standing in front of a classroom, waiting.

-"Meiun-san! Here you are! What took you so long?"

-" I ran into a trash can."

Haha… I'm going to have to remember that one.

-"Well, that's the English class. I'll see you after class. Umm…and you might want to re-dye your hair. Coloured hair isn't allowed."

-'Oh, my bangs are naturally orange."



-"Ok, well see you!"


I didn't mention my hair did I? So my hair is always in messy curls, kinda ash brown and blonde, except my bangs. They are a kind of strawberry blonde. And always in my face hiding my forest green eyes. It drives my mom crazy. Well, she's already crazy but you get what I mean.

So here I am, standing like an idiot, half in the hall, half in the class, trying to find a place to sit. I saw an empty table at the back so I went to sit there. And in came two (very good looking) guys that came and sat at the table. Great. If these guys are anything like the "trash can" I'll be dead before the end of the week.