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Chapter Eight: Glomp-a-date

So, after killing Hidan (in a sense, I ever so slightly stole his IPod and set my phone to text him at every hour of the night…) the rest of my day was… a hellish blur. Do you know how fast word travels? Not one hour after I announced my existence (again), fans were hoarded outside work, my house…everywhere! HOW DO THEY KNOW THESE THINGS! I forgot how annoying it was to not have any privacy. I had to sleep with my Ipod blaring because of the paparazzi…that's not true. I slept with my IPod blaring because I fell asleep doing a report for my creepy science teacher. Just thinking about him gives me the shivers. Insert shiver here. So now I''m waiting for the bus to take me to school. No,no I'm not early, I'm late. Very late. Damn. SKEECH! I looked at what caused the noise and lookie there. It's the walking, talking, driving, annoying trash can.

-"Yo Freshie! I'll give you a lift!"

-"My mommy told me not to get into stranger's car's."

-"But I'm no stranger."

-"Technically, you are. I'm not even sure how old you are. I don't know your last name, were you live, what's your favorite color. So all of those things lead me to say: you are a stranger."

-"Meet me after school Friday and I'll tell you about myself."

-"You know, it sounds as if you're asking me on a date."

-"And if I am?"

He turned away. Is he pouting? He is! That just ruined my vision of him being a bad-ass.

-"If you give me a lift for the rest of the week I'll do it."

-"…deal. Hop in."

He leaned over and opened the passenger door.

-"Before you drive off like a crazy maniac, does your car have air bags?"

-"What are those?"

Oh dear. What have a gotten myself into.

~-~Meanwhile at the Uchiha Household~-~

Tobi P.O.V





Yes, this is a typical morning for me. Little brother telling me to get up because I've trashed too many alarm clocks so we just stopped getting them. So I get up, get dressed, eat whatever the maid made for me, drive to school. I hate school. A complete waste of my time. I ace everything anyway. I have to ignore Izuna because I act like an idiot, and he gets bullied. It's annoying that I can't do anything. But, I'll say this for the school; being one of the main schools, we get all the interesting people. So I may be talking about one person in specific. Meiun I think her name was. She was...well special. I can't describe her. She could be like me, but the only way to be sure of it is to ask her and Deidara has unknowingly taken great care to show us that she was his. He already has a girl, the bastard. She might know that and she might not. I sincerely hope that she doesn't, because that way I can still claim her. So maybe I do like her. Maybe I don't. I still want her open if I find that she's worth my while. What am I saying? She'll be like all the others. Shallow and only care for my popularity. Although she pretty much forfeited that after the episode in the cafeteria. She's an artist, a signer from what I can tell, who's good in science and English. Doesn't tell me much about her.


Fan girls. The absolute last thing I need. The absolute last thing anyone needs. Looking over the heads of the hormone-struck girls I try to locate the one person that I would like to see.

"I'm telling you trash if you're trying to play me, I'll kill you, like I did Hidan, speaking of which..."

Tch. Those two have no right to fawn over her like that. She looks interesting and acts unusually. That's the only reason they're paying attention to her. Wait. Isn't that why I'm interested in her? Ah, fuck it. Here we go.


Ha. The look on Deidara's face is priceless. A mix of jealousy and surprise. I just want to laugh. This annoying fake personality has finally paid off, as I get to be closer to the girl. And I get to cling to her like a-

-"Tobi, will you stop clinging to me like a chimpanzee?"

Well, that wasn't what I was going to say, but it works. I was well aware of the glare she was getting, but if she couldn't handle a few haters-

-"I know I'm perfect, but you all HAVE to stop staring! And Tobi, your still a chimpanzee…THAT RHYMED!"

What is with this girl? I let go of her but still stayed close. Annoyingly close. Close to the point I could small her shampoo… What in THE hell is the matter with me? Her shampoo? Seriously? What was I, some sappy, fag fawning over his boyfriend? No. I had to stop this.

Meiun's POV

I knew that face. The one Tobi had on. It was the 'I'm disgusted with myself' face. Jin used to make that face when he'd say something romantic or nice. He'd say it was faggy. See? That was (one of the many) reasons I broke up with him.

-"Tobi, if you're thinking ANYTHING with the word 'fag' 'faggot' or 'gay' I will hate you for the rest of your natural life time."

He looked up. Well, looked. It's not like you can really see his eyes. One's hidden behind the visor of a cap, and the other behind his long, dark bangs. So it gave him a mysterious cool look. He still acted like a child and had that 'in the spot-light' look.

-"I don't think Tobi know what a fag is."

-"Trash, shut up, I still haven't forgiven you."

-"For what?"

Good question…for…for…for…four…pour…4…4X4 is 8…wait. No it's not it's…ah forget it…ha-ha 4get it…Wow; I'm rambling in my mind again.

-"Freshie? The bell rang."

-"Ah, noodles."


-"Yes, noodles. They make you fat and taste good. Trash, I got to run, I have gym."

I turned and ran in the direction that I would have logically placed the gym, but was the gym in that way-direction? Noooo, it wasn't. And was the teacher 'ok' with it because I was new? Apparently. Ever see a grown man in a green jump suit? No? Good. It's horrifying. He made me run twenty laps around the gym. THE GYM IS HUUUUGE. I was panting before the class even started. Note to self: NEVER EVER be late to gym again. We were playing basketball. Well 'playing' I was playing as much as one could after dying by running. And I thought that death by sketch pad seemed bad. I'm not actually bad in basketball. I'm not the best but not bad. I was going to hurt so badly in the morning. Wait. It IS morning. Does that mean I'll hurt badly at night? Arg. Whatever. The bell. Oh thank heavens for the bell. But, that means I have science with Tobi now. Why, oh why did I have to be so good in science? I don't even LIKE the subject! Running to the lockers. Pant,pant. Running to the third floor. Pant, pa—AH!


-"Tobiiiiii, why do you always glomp me when you see me?"

-" 'cause Mei-chan a pretty girl."

-"Well Mei-chan doesn't like it."

-"Okay, Mei-chan."

-"Oi! Fuckers! Are you just going to stand here?"

Hidan. Who was a junior, failed this class twice, and Tobi, who's a sophomore by the way, is just in it because he is.

-"You look tired Hidan, you should sleep more."

-"Oh, Shut up. You texted me at every hour of the night! How can you be so well rested?"

-"I set up my phone to text you. I was asleep. Hee. Oh, here's your IPod back. You only had classical music so I helped you out."


-"Are you Canadian?"


-"Oh, never mind."

-"Wait. What did you do to my IPod?"

-"Are you just going to stand half way into the class? Some of us would like to go in."

-"Fucking Nerd."

Ok. Let me get this straight. I don't have a problem with nerds. I like nerds. But THAT nerd, I cannot stand. Otsune says he's cute but he's really just a snobby nerd who is somehow infatuated with the creepy science teacher.

-"I asked you to move."

-"OH, can it Helmet man."

-"Helmet man?"

-"Yes, Helmet man, because your name means helmet and names are given for a reason. You're most likely hard headed, and I know you are, 'because I'm VEEERRY good at analyzing people."

-"If so, Maishin-san, you know that I will get annoyed if you don't step into the class."

-"Y-yes, sensei." Creepy pedophile snake-like bastard who shouldn't be allowed within 10000000000 feet of me.

He put his arm around my shoulders….EWWW.

-"Maishin-san, are you ill-thinking of meeee?"

-"No, of course not Senseiiiii."

Right. I looked to Tobi and Hidan for help but should have known better. Hidan's face was as smug as can be and Tobi had a look of utter terror. Wonder bread-a-full. Orochi-creepy-aru literally lead me into the class, by the shoulders. I swear if you were to look through his computer you'd find child pornography. Honest to the Archaeopteryxes. And prehistoric animal never lie. I think. Well they don't to me. So I sat at my spot, in between Hidan and Tobi. Ironic, isn't it, that in every class that I have, I sit next to one of my personal tormentors. Or, in Hidan's case, tormentee. The bell rang. Why is the bell that begins class annoying, and sound horrible, when the bell that ends class is beautiful and sounds heavenly? Must be my ears.

-"So class, today we will be learning about the human body."

Like yesterday. Tobi and I played a game instead of listening to how 'fascinating' the way the heart pumps blood is. We've learned that Orochi-creepy-aru's catch phrases are: "Isn't that fascinating, class?" and "Maishin-chaaaaan. Please listen." and "Everything will be mine." I have no idea how we got to that subject. But he's wrong because I'm going to be the one ruling the world one day. Nudge in the ribs. Ooowww. I turned to look at Tobi and a note was passed. Hey. He has nice handwriting. Anywahoozles the note say:

-Wanna eat lunch with us?

Now that I think of it, I don't have a place to eat lunch. I didn't have time to talk to Kotone, Otsune, Miko and co. AND I didn't really hit it off with the rest of the school. You know, hanging out with the ultra-hot popular guys, throwing coffee and…a cupcake I think it was at bitchy Starbucks head, and I probably did some other stuff. Hey. I'm good at making new friends. So hey. I might end up eating lunch on the roof with the druggies, but I've had worse. Such as spending an hour eating at the same table as Trash and a bunch of rich guys getting to see their gourmet food while I eat my peanut and butter sandwich, carrot sticks and apple juice.

-Swy. Got plans.



-Riiiight. U just dnt want to eat w/ us.


Tobi drew a sad face. He really can't draw. Hey wait didn't tell Naruto that I'd sit with him yesterday at lunch? I did. Ha! I wasn't lying! I DO have plans.

-Ur a bad lyer

-I am NOT. I just can't lie on paper.

-Like u did when I 'glomped' u


-'oh cmon u liked it

-is this ur other personality speaking cuz ur freaking me out

-fine dnt sit w/ us, but at least sit w/ my lil bro.



-oh!him! he's sweet. Sit next to him in bossed around a lot too


-so u want me to b his bodyguard?

-no, just to b his friend.

I didn't know that Izuna was Tobi's brother. A lot different. He's really sweet. I guess I could hang with him…

-If u promise not to glomp me anymore


Well look at that. I just made a new friend.