Jack was talking again as Ianto woke with a slight start. Bugger. Fallen asleep again. That's right. He'd taken more pain killers for his leg. Owen said there was a small tear in the muscle. Bloody hurt though. He'd gone to sleep with Hugh Edwards talking, but now he'd been replaced by George Alagiya. For those who didn't speak BBC news 24, it was sometime after ten o'clock.

"I'm awake." He mumbled in reply of whatever Jack had been saying to him.

Bemused, Jack smiled. "Of course you are."

Looking around, the hub was empty, yeah. It was that time on a Friday. "Everyone gone?"

"Yep." Jack replied sinking onto the sofa next to him. He showed him one sheet of paper amongst many. "What's this I found on my desk?"

Staring forward, Ianto didn't look at what Jack was showing him. George's tie was an odd choice. Why did news readers have such bad ties? "That's an invoice."

"For a suit?"

He shrugged as Jack turned the page. "Amongst other things."

Out of the corner of his eye he watched Jack scan the page before he found the final figure.

"You want me to pay your gas bill?"

Bored of being told the world was ending, Ianto punched the button on the remote and banished George Aligiya back to the BBC newsroom. "Only for time lost so... three weeks?"

Shaking his head Jack chuckled. Well, he had said he'd make it up to him, and as far as Ianto was concerned the money involved was not to be taken lightly. "Anything else?"

As if waiting for it Ianto pounced on the opportunity. "I'd like steak and mash potatoes. And lots of gravy."

"That I'll concede."

Hmm. Being a logistics sort of man, Ianto had no idea how to pull it off. He'd settle for a curry. "Take away steak?" He retorted sceptical. "Good luck. I'm quarantined remember?"

"I'm sure we could bend some rules." Jack started, before breaking out into a broad grin. "I could always handcuff you to me. Say we're conducting a social experiment." He leaned closer, "Or we could forget dinner and get straight to the handcuffs."

Giving a small chuckle Ianto shook his head. "Not after last time. Your desk nearly broke." Oh yes. That was right, he'd meant to ask. "What happened to your desk? There's a chunk missing from it."

"Don't ask." Jack said quickly before changing the subject. "So you wanna eat out?"

Ianto considered for a moment, stretching with a yawn. "Is this a "date the boss, get away with it" scenario."

"What Owen doesn't know won't kill him."

Steak did sound good. Not as good as an "I love you," or a "I don't know what I'd do without you." That would have been nice, but it wasn't going to happen. That was the difference, and Ianto knew it was unfair to compare Jack against Lisa. Jack got up and went over to the coat stand. Ianto dug into his pocket and pulled out his wallet. The picture of him and Lisa had slipped to the front. He slid it out, looked it over then put it between his never used credit card and old train tickets.

Jack held Ianto's coat out to him. "You game?"

















Dear all,

Did you enjoy that? I hope you did.

Did you spot the unnecessary Monty Python reference? No? Well go back and read it again. I'm not telling you where it is. Honestly, Kids today!

What about the Tenth Doctors cameo? Did you spot him? No not Ianto calling him a wanker... there was another one.

Well, this had at least two classic who references. One in the Haemovores (or Hemovores depending on how Jack felt like pronouncing it in the scene), who were featured in Curse of Fenric. Also Yetis on the underground was featured in the now mostly lost Web of Fear.

Here is a glossary to explain some of the terms that may have evaded readers from across the pond- (though in this day and age of Wikipedia there really is no excuse).

Wanker- one who must induce self pleasure as they will not be able to find a willing partner for sexual activity. Insult. See "The Doctor."

Greasy Spoon- A term for a cafe such as one in a truck stop or working class area that predominantly serves fried food.

Knob- Another word for penis.

Pissed- Meaning drunk, not angry

Cymru- (pronounced Cum-ree) Welsh language word for Wales.

Hammer Horror- See Christopher Lee

Rohipnol- Drug that does bad things to you.

Codeine- Drug that does good things to you.

Plaid Cymru- (Pronounced Plied-Cum-ree) The Welsh nationalist party. A bunch of lovely left wing peeps who love their nation very much, but don't feel the need to tell you it's better than yours.

GCSE's- Exams endured at 16 to decide your future.

The Coral- Liverpudlian band.

The Manic Street Preachers- (Also known as "The Manics") Alternative rockers from Blackwood, South Wales. A lovely bunch of lefties who produce album after album of melancholic joy.

Roald Dahl- Writer famed for children's books. Born in Cardiff of Norwegian parentage.

Castle Anthrax- See Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

All belongs to RTD other than that. They are his characters to maim, kill and torture as he sees fit. I only borrowed them to do the same.