Chapter 1 – Day 1

The grass swayed in the wind. The sounds of neighing could be heard in the background. I was spread-eagle on the ground, grunting, I tried my best to get up. I had a small book and a pencil in my pocket. "Day 1," I scribbled the title. "Today, I was raped by a man named Saunders. The ass betrayed me. He promised me we wouldn't go all the way, unless we married. He put something in my drink and I woke up naked. Now, he dumped me in a field with nothing, but the clothes on my back and this notebook that I always kept but never got a chance to write in it. Oh well, I've decided I'm going to study Blitzle and its evolved form, Zebstrika," I set the notebook down when a beautiful Zebstrika stepped up and sniffed me. I sat very still, as to not scare it. He (it's obvious) galloped past me.

"Just then, a huge male Zebstrika walked up to me, sniffed me and then galloped off." I looked around, grunting again, I dragged myself to a pool of water. I didn't care what was in the water. I was thirsty. I sucked the water, startling a young Blitzle that wasn't too far from me. He trotted off, to his mother. "Young Blitzle – presumably two months old – startled by my slurping," I quickly wrote.

Something I was expecting was about to happen, though. I noticed a Beartic creeping up on the herd. The herd was startled and began to form a circle around the young. The male Zebstrika I noticed before was beginning to charge electricity in his fur. "Beartic stalking the herd, Zebstrika male, I presume alpha male, is starting to charge electricity." He neighed violently and electricity began to crackle. A disk formed in the air, about three feet above his head. "That's Shock Wave," I mumbled. I quickly wrote it down. The disk formed into lightning bolts, shocking the giant white bear. "I remember only seeing Beartic in the winter, why is it here, when it's summer? Could it be a food shortage, or could it be because someone disturbed it when it was hibernating?" I thought aloud.

I heard gunshots and saw a poacher, at 11 o'clock. Despite being weak and tired, I got up, withdrawing my gun. He was about to shoot the alpha female Zebstrika. I snuck up, as close as possible and aimed straight at him. I fired just as he fired. My bullet hit his head, right in between his eyes; however, his bullet hit the female Zebstrika right in the leg. That sent the whole herd, except her, running. I ran up to the poacher quickly. He was dead. I then ran up to the Zebstrika, but not too fast, as to not scare her. She tried to get up. I grabbed onto her neck. The thing was more massive than I thought! She almost towered over me. I was about 5'9" and she must have been at least 5'4".

"Shh… calm down." She neighed violently, as if she were shrieking. "I'm René… please trust me. I want to help you." She looked into my eyes. I was surprised she hadn't shocked me yet. I carefully guided her to the ground, so she could lie down. I sat down on the ground and wrapped my legs around her neck. I was able to rip part of my shirt up. I found a pocketknife that was in my pocket. "Now this is going to hurt. I want you to remain as still as possible," I carefully put the knife into the bullet wound and carefully cut around it. She seemed to understand. I cut it large enough that I could stick my two fingers in it. She wasn't bleeding that badly. I found the bullet and took it out, tossing it away from the Pokémon. I tied my piece of shirt around her leg. I found a stick and shoved it into the cloth. I tore off another piece of my shirt and tied it at the bottom of the stick.

"There, I made a stint for you, so you can't move your leg." She looked straight into my eyes and nickered. She seemed to understand what I was saying. "Now, don't walk on that leg, it'll hurt. Let's wait until it heals." She curled her upper lip. She was using a response called flehming. I was shocked. She must have smelt something interesting. I slowly stood up and helped her up. "Can you sense that I'm pregnant?" She nickered again. She slowly trotted off. I sat down.

"I saved the female Zebstrika's life by killing a poacher. Law says in Isshu that anyone can shoot them, if it's endangering their life. I made a stint with her leg. She seems to understand me. She curled her upper lip at me, the flehmin response, when an animal curls their upper lips to expose their Jacobson's organ, to help facilitate the transfer of pheromones and other scents to it, especially urine of when a mare is in heat. Could she be sensing that I'm pregnant?"

"It is getting dark and I haven't found anything to eat yet. I don't like the taste of grass though; it almost has a musty smell. I don't think it's from their urine. However, I have a Luxio that could help me. He keeps catching small mice, though. About an hour ago, I buried the man that I had killed. I found some grass and tied it together, forming a cross. I laid it on the ground, on top of the dirt. I had promised myself to stop killing people, but it seems I keep breaking that promise. Tomorrow, I'm going to find the nearest town and get some supplies," I stopped writing and yawned.

Tonight, I would be sleeping by a campfire… but I loved the cold.

I woke up. I was having a nightmare. Saunders was repeatedly beating me up and strangling me. "I best be on my guard, in case he comes back." Luxio opened one eye and we both fell asleep.

A/N: I had fun doing this! My Side of the Mountain is one of my most favourite books, so I may base this story on it, somewhat.