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Sup guys! So ya, I thought I'd try my hand on a PoT fic. This is for the looking away challenge. Ya.

Summary: Ryoma finds out that his 'friends' are not actually his friends. Enraged by the betrayal Ryoma leaves. Returning three years later, changed, Ryoma is ready to take on the traitors. But his past, one even before he first came to Seigaku is coming back to haunt him.

Warning: It will be slash, violence, sex scenes, graphic or not…I 'm not sure yet.

Past Trials

Chapter 1: All the Lies

Those people that called themselves his friends were all lying. Ryoma couldn't really remember them, after that fall, or so his father said, was he really his father? Well anyways he couldn't remember whom those people, you know the people with the tacky blue jersey thing. He had heard them over talking about how they had used him to win the nationals. Why would they do such a thing, even if he didn't remember them it still kinda hurt…barely…of course it was a good thing he didn't remember otherwise it would have hurt more.

Ryoma just wanted to leave, he wouldn't come back. He needed to get back to them. How could he have left them? They were his family, they taught him how to fight and defend himself. And most importantly…why the hell was his hair so short? Who had cut it? Damn…it was going to take a while to grow back but oh well, he had time…hopefully. Solemnly walking back to his 'father', Ryoma was greeted with the rather enthusiastic man.

"Hey Seishonen! What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be celebrating with your friends?"

"My friends?...oh! you mean the strange people wearing the blue jersey?"

"Yeah…don-don't you remember them?"

"Not really. I remember so voices but that's about it. Besides they're not my friends. At. All."

"What why?"

"I'll tell you why…


It was the day of the finals for Nationals. Seigaku had won. With the help of him they had won. Though he still didn't remember why he had helped him, after all he wasn't even sure he was even on their team. But oh well, it was fun playing. Ryoma walked back to the team, he could hear them talking in whispers. Quietly he stayed behind the concrete wall that opened up to the courts.

"Finally team. We have won the Nationals! Thank kami that Echizen won it for us. That stupid little boy. Actually thinking that we liked him." Said the tall boy with glasses…the weird one the Captain.

"Shuu…that brat was at least good for one thing. Too bad he had to go and lose his memories, it was a pain trying to get them back." Agreed the bandana wearing one.

"Kaido-kun is right. If he hadn't lost his memories then we would have won earlier but oh well, either way we have won." Whispered the blue eyed one.

Ryoma couldn't stand just standing there while they badmouthed him and said all those things about him. He couldn't it went against his nature, especially when he was with the gang. No one dared to badmouth him, whether in his presence or not, they knew he would find out and make them pay for their insolence.

Coming out of his hiding place, Ryoma walked up to his supposed team members.

"So you just used me huh?"

Startled, the team quickly spun around to see the topic of their discussion. Since when had he been standing there? They didn't even see him.

"So…let me get this straight. All this time you all having been just using me? All of it was just pretending?"

"Well of course! Who would willingly like a kid that just all of a sudden comes to their school and shows them up? No one wants that!" Yelled the idiotic tall one.

That kinda of hurt. Really. It did. Kinda. Ok maybe not so much, but if he had all of his memories maybe it might have.

"I see. Well I suppose now I won't be a bother to you anymore. Goodbye, I guess."

And with that, Ryoma spun on his heel and walked away. Never once looking back at the shocked expressions of his 'teammates'. They hadn't expected him to leave them…but when they thought about it did make sense, but now they would have to make up a reasin as to why he left the team to Ryuzaki-sensei and to the other teams.

End Of Flashback

"And that's pretty much what happened. Now I have a question for you Otou-sama."

'Otou-sama?...I see, you don't remember do you?"

"No, I don't, but I suppose it's a good thing, huh? At least now, if I really did like my team I don't have to feel the pain. Now my question, why am I here and not in New York with my friends? What happened to them and WHAT happened to my hair?"

"Alright. I guess I'll answer them. As long as you promise not to kill me."

"If you answers satisfy me Otou-sama."

"…sigh…I guess that's as good as I'll get huh? Well lets see, you are here because we decided to get you away from your life back in America for a while, the way you were going…your mother and I were scared of what might happen to you. Your friends…I know that two of them are in jail at the moment as to why…they were killed some guys-"

"Those idiots! Don't they know who to kill without getting caught!"

"NO! That's not the point Ryoma! People are not supposed to kill others! That's why we brought you here in the first place! Anyways, your hair…well actually I don't know what happened to your hair…you just cut it one day…I don't know why."

"Interesting. Alright I guess I won't kill you today, as long as I leave Japan within this week. I want out of here."

"If that is what you want. I'll call farther and tell him to get the jet to bring you back. Though I believe that your mother and I are going to stay here for a while longer. Its refreshing to be here. I hope you do know that when you go back you will have to take you the position again. There's no getting out and then schooling-"

"Don't worry about any of that father. I will be fine. Though I don't know if I'll be able to come back here, so the only way for you to see me is to come back home."

"Hahahaha! Alright. Fine ,I guess your mother and I can live with that. Anymore question?"

"No. Let's just get back to the house."

Walking back to the house, Ryoma decided that no matter what he would forget what had happened in Japan, and he would not return unless he had too…which if he was honest with himself, which he is, he knew that almost nothing could do that. But…would he continue playing tennis in the States? That was the question. Did he really like tennis enough to continue playing it even though the only reason he played it was because his father had made him do so when he was little? Would he be able to balance everything when he returned to the States?

Yes. Yes he could. After all he was Echizen-Hanatsuki-Takeuchi Ryoma, the heir to the Echizen Corporation and the Takeuchi-gumi. There was nothing that scared him.

Well almost nothing. His mother, Echizen-Takeuchi Rinko, scared the hell out of him when she got mad. But that was about it…thinking about it, when Rinko heard about what happened to him…she might just go and kill them…oh well. It wasn't any of him problem. And besides, he played tennis because he enjoyed it. no other reason. Though beating Federer and Nadal would be a plus!

Echizen-Hanatsuki Nanjirou was worried about his only son and heir. He realized that because Ryoma had forgotten what had happened the past year at school he was more than likely o go back to the way he was before. He would go back to ruling the streets of New York all the while keeping up the image of the 'Prince of Tennis' and to his grandparents, the perfect heir to take over their business.

The only thing was that the Hanatsuki Corporation, from his mother, was vastly rich, even more so than the Atobes in Japan, hell even more so than Bill Gates, or any other tycoon out there, but so where the Takeuchi-gumi…the problem was that while one got rich by the electronics, cosmetics and other things they sold, the other was a Yakuza, the strongest in all of Japan. Everyone knew of the Takeuchi-gumi, not even the police got messed up in their dealings. They figured out that their lives were more important to them.

The Samurai was fine with Ryoma taking over both the families, but he wasn't fine with Ryoma going back to his old life style. He didn't want Ryoma hanging out with his gang; he didn't want to get calls from the family hospital that Ryoma was in the ICU because he had gotten shot in a gang fight. Nanjirou couldn't handle that anymore. Worrying if this would be the last time he saw his little boy every time he walked out the front door.

Back when Ryoga was living with them it was easier because Ryoga always had some sort of way of controlling Ryoma, but now that he was gone, living on his own, there was no one to stop Ryoma. Hopefully Ryoga will answer the call this time and come back and live with them, if only for Ryoma's sake. Now don't get Nanjirou wrong, he trusted his son very much and knew that he was a genius and could do anything he put his mind to but Ryoma was still he little boy, and he'd be damned if someone told him he couldn't care for his son.

Nanjirou was pulled out of his train of thoughts when he realized that he was now face flat on wood. Pushing himself up with his hand he looked around and noticed that they were home already. 'How did we get here so fast?'

"Otou-sama…how many times do I have to call you so that you hear me? I called your name like five times, but you ignored me. So please don't go blaming me for not warning you when I tried to, but you were off in your own world."

"Alright, alright. Don't be a smartass. Now go inside and tell your mother that you're going back to New York, while I call your grandfather and tell him to bring the jet over. When do you want to leave by?"

"Tomorrow, the day after at the latest."

"Ok. Come on. I think your mother is in the kitchen. And please try not to et killed by her."

"Hn. I think you should be worrying about your own skin first Otou-sama. After all it is because of your little training trip that I lost my memories now isn't it?"

"Yes. About that…please don't tell you mother I'll ease it into her."

"Excuse me?"

A look of confusion spread across Nanjirou's face before it clicked.

"Not like that you brat!"

"Listen Otou-sama, you're the one that said it not me. But if you say so, I won't tell her. I just hope that I have a father after this."

With a smirk on his face, Ryoma walked into the house and to the kitchen in search of his mother. Leaving behind him a flabbergasted Samurai Nanjirou. Looking round the kitchen, Ryoma spotted his mother hovering over the stove. His face cringed up in disgust. Rinko could never actually 'cook cook', even Nanjirou knew how to make more dishes than her. She only knew how to make so American food but other than that nodda. That's why usually, either his cousin, Nanako or he himself would do the cooking for his family. No one and I mean no one wanted to taste Rinko's Japanese dishes.

"Oka-sama? I need to speak with you."

"O-oka-sama? Did you just call me Oka-sama?"


"Why? You only called me that back when we would live in New York. You stopped calling me that after we came here. Why did you pick it up again? Ryoma…what's wrong? There's something different about you. You're acting much different than how you were before you went on that training trip a few da- Nanjirou..what did he do to you!"

"Rinko-chan…I can explain that. You see, you know how I took Ryoma on that training trip a few days, right?"

"Yes…that's what I just said."

"Well anyways…um…while we were training 'trememberanything!" Nanjirou got out in one breath, but he spoke to fast and Rinko was trying to figure out what he had said. The confusion lifted from her face when she had deciphered what he said. And naturally pure rage shone on face.

"YOU BAKA! HOW DARE YOU! You almost got our son KILLED! What were you thinking! Were you even doing that!"

"Now, now Rinko-chan. Just calm down and let's all settle this in a nice calm environment."

"CALM DOWN? Calm? Down? How the hell can I calm down when I just found out that my husband almost got my son killed!"

"Yes well, what I did to him accidently is much better than what his teammates did to him purposely."

And just like that, Rinko's head spun so fast in his direction, Ryoma swore that he heard her neck crack. But he wasn't about to tell her that because of the fierce brown eyes that drilled into him, demanding that he say what had happened. Without any other choice left Ryoma sighed and let it go, if they died it was there problem.

"They betrayed me. They only used me for my skill so that they could win the Nationals. But luckily I'll be able to get over this quick."

"Oh really and why is that young man?"

"I don't even remember who they are mother. I still haven't gained all of my memory back yet. Let's hope it stays that way. Now there I one thing that need from you Oka-sama. I want to go back to New York."

"What! No. No way am I letting you go back there. We left for a reason!"

"So you would rather have me face the people that used me? Me, the next Yondaime of the Takeuchi-gumi?"

And that got her. No matter who is was, Rinko would not stand to have someone use a member of her family for their own selfish purposes. Especially not her son! Knowing that his mother had mentally agreed to let him go, Ryoma excused himself and went to his room to start packing his bags. Finally he would be out of the weird place and back home.

~A few moments after Ryoma confronted and left Seigaku~

After Ryoma had left, Seigaku had no idea what to do about that the others would say when, more than likely Echizen quit the team. What could they say? As they were contemplating this, the other teams started appearing to congratulate them on winning the Nationals. They were surrounded by all the teams that they had won against to get this far. Then someone noticed the little prodigy was missing.

"Hey you losers, where's the brat? Shouldn't he be here with you celebrating?"

"Akutsu-san…he…Ryoma betrayed us." Said Tezuka, saying the first thing that came to his mind. This was perfect. He could tell them right now that the brat had betrayed them and if he ever went to one of them, they wouldn't believe him.

"WHAT? What do you mean he betrayed you! Like that brat even knows the word!"

"It's true Jin," said Kawamura, "he told us that he needed to go speak with his father, but it seemed like he was taking a while so we went to go check if there was a problem and we heard him talking on the phone saying that we were a bunch of losers to have trusted him and that now that he had our techniques he would be set to fight anyone."

"No. There is no way he would have done something like that." Akutsu said, looking around his to see if anyone else agreed with his, but it turned out that either Seigaku were really good actors or the rest of the teams were just a bunch of idiots, because Akutsu could see the anger and hate that was in their eyes. He could see that they had all fallen for the trap. They all thought that Ryoma had betrayed them. 'WHAT A BUNCH OF IDOITS!' He screamed in his mind, 'who else would be stupid enough to fall for such a trick!'

Akutsu got tired of these people and decided to leave, he knew that if he stayed with them any longer his IQ was sure to drop. The monster stopped for a moment and looked over his shoulder, "You bastards disgust me. Just you wait and see, you will figure out that you were deceived and by the time you try and make it up to Echizen, it'll be too late. So if I were I would go to him right now and say that I was sorry for ever doubting him."

With that said Akutsu looked back up front and continued on his walk out, not knowing that he would not be personally seeing the tennis prodigy for the next few years.