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Summary: Ryoma finds out that his 'friends' are not actually his friends. Enraged by the betrayal Ryoma leaves. Returning three years later, changed, Ryoma is ready to take on the traitors. But his past, one even before he first came to Seigaku is coming back to haunt him.

Warning: It will be slash, violence, sex scenes, graphic or not…I 'm not sure yet.

Last Time

"Yes! Now if you will excuse me I must be leaving." Frustrated, but losing some of it when he saw his otouto's scared face, Ryoma bent down to his level and ruffled his hair. He winked at him and promised that they'd get together soon to play some tennis. He straightened up and threw a quick glance at Sanada and Yukimura, nodding his head in a goodbye, Ryoma sashayed out of the building and towards the parking lot.

Sanada and Yukimura shared a look, before he (Sanada) took out his cell and dialed a number.

"Moshi Moshi?"


"Hai. Genichirou…is something wrong?"

"Yes. He's back."

Silence was his answer from the other end.

Past Trials

Chapter 3: The Reunion

"…What do you mean he's back? Who's back?"

"Echizen, Tezuka. Echizen."

"I see. Very well then, I will get back to you. I have to go do some things at the moment."

"Very well. And Tezuka?"


"Be careful…he's different from before. Completely different."



Genichirou hung the phone and looked over at his tennis partner. Yukimura sighed, he's had a feeling in the back of his mind for the past few years that Seigaku had not been completely honest with them. In fact he had asked the captains of some other teams and they had agreed, something was definitely up with how Seigaku was acting about the boy…well…not so much a boy anymore. Definitely not a boy anymore. Who knew someone could change so much, but if he counted in the Seigaku, if his hunch was correct, people could change a lot in the span of a few years…or months. Or maybe they were always like that but no one else ever saw.

A thought struck Yukimura, what was Seigaku hiding? They were lying about the boy betraying them, of that he was sure. But why were they lying about that? Were they the ones that betrayed him instead? Nah. That couldn't possibly happen. Tezuka was too...noble? Loyal? To do that. Wasn't he?

"-ichi? Seiichi?" he was brought out of his musing by Gens voice.

"Sorry. Did you say something?"

"Yes. But by that look on your face I can tell that you must have been thinking the same as I."

"Yes? And what were you thinking?"

"That there's something that those Seigaku punks aren't telling us."

"Hmmm. I suppose we were then. It is definitely something about Echizen. We know that. But the question is, what happened? Echizen left right after Nationals, so something must have happened in between the time we all left so Seigaku could celebrate and the day Echizen left.

But the real question is, why doesn't he remember us? We know he lost his memory, but we also know that he got it back."

"Seiichi...I remember when I was researching any type of cure for you that I stumbled upon something called forced amnesia. That happens when something really horrible happens to a person and they force themselves to forget. If that is what Echizen did then what we have to figure out is what that tragic event was."

"Interesting...how I am going to love solving thing puzzle."

With a devilish smirk on his pretty face, Yukimura Seiichi walked out of the retreat center with Genichirou and Sasuke. Oh yes. He was definitely going to solve this puzzle.

Tezuka sat at his computer desk trying to concentrate on his college work, but that just wouldn't happen. His mind kept wondering back to what Sanada had told him 3 days ago, 'Echizen is back.'

But what the real question was why that brat was back. Was he here to get back at them? Not likely because even he had to know that the others wouldn't believe him, after all he is the one that had left right after the Nationals, then cemented him as the guilty party. There was no way anyone from the other teams were going to believe him.

So again. Why was he here?

Tezuka slammed his pencil down on the desk, finally conceding to the fact that he wouldn't be able to get him work done. Not with that brat constantly running through his mind. Sighing he got of the chair and fell on his bed. He laid there for a while pondering as to whether or not he should call his…well..one couldn't call him lover per-say. More of a bed buddy? Shaking his head, Tezuka sat up and reached over for his cell that was sitting on the small dresser by his bed.

Pushing the '1' on his phone, he waited for his number 1 speed-dial to pick up the phone. After three rings a voice was heard.

"Moshi moshi?"


"Ahh. Kunimitsu. I was beginning to wonder when you would call."

"Hn. What are we going to do about him?"

"Well..how about I come over and we can talk about it?"

"Shuusuke. This is serious. What if they found out the truth!"

"Ha! Oh come now Kuni, we both know that you thought over that option and I know you decieded that they wouldn't believe him. Just calm down. If you're really that worried we'll call the team and meet at the usual burger shop. Ok?"

"Fine. Tell them 10 minutes."

"Hahaha. Very well."

The Burger Shop(is it a Burger King)

The former Seishun Gakuen Middle School Tennis team sat piled up into two cubicles at 'their' burger shop. Everyone, but the two who already knew, was very curious as to why they were all called together like this again.

"Buchou! Why did you call us here? Is something wrong!"

"Yes, Momoshiro…it seems like there is something."

That got the entire teams attention. The former buchou never worried about anything, now that he was worried it could only mean that this was extremely important and they had to listen well.

"Echizen is back in Japan."

Whatever Tezuka was expecting it definitely wasn't the total silence he was met with. He had expected them to jump up and start yelling not just sit there, staring at him with a blank look on their faces. Tezuka sighed..really…after all this time they hadn't changed at all. He was still in deep thought that he didn't even hear his name being called by his former teammates.

"-chou? Buchou?"

Snapping out of his daze, not that the others would know that he was in a daze in the first place, Tezuka slowly raised his head to look at the faces before him.

"Yes Momo?"

"Buchou…is what you said true? Is that brat really back?"

"Yes. And it seems like he doe-"

"Oi! Ryoma! Hurry up!"

The voice that had interrupted their captain was irate. One of those, you better get your ass here now or so help me Kami I will kill you, but it was who said it that caught the them by surprise. Akutsu. Akutsu Jin had just yelled into his cell phone, yelling at a Ryoma to hurry up. Many questions ran through each of their minds, 'Ryoma? Does he know another Ryoma?', 'Since when has he been friends with Ryoma?', 'How long has he known that Ryoma's been back?'.

All these and more raced through their tiny, backstabbing brains. Eiji slowly stood up, "Hey! What do you me-"

He too was interrupted, but this time it was by extremely loud screaming. "KYYAAAA! RYOMA-SAMA!", was heard all throughout the land…well maybe just that neighborhood. Everyone one who heard shivered. They knew where that scream came from, it was from those dreadful things called fan girls…everyone that heard was glad they, at that moment was not one Echizen Ryoma.

The people at the burger shop were getting increasingly frightened. Why you ask? Well that's easy to answer. The stampede was getting closer and closer to them. As he herd got closer everyone closed their eyes in hope that the craziness would soon stop.


They shut their eyes tighter together, why, oh why, did one of those crazy things have to come into the shop? Keeping their ears on alert, they heard some shuffling and then silence, and then they felt the stampede wash over them. Slowly each of the customers opened their eyes. They were still alive…they were still alive…they were still ALIVE!

"What are you guys doing?"

Eyes opened, heads swerved toward the voice, and then eyes widened…well all eyes but one pair. There, standing behind the counter, was the male that was behind the stampede.

Echizen Ryoma.

The bane of (some)their existence. Damn it! Why did he have to get here so soon? They had no time to think of a plan. But a bigger question was on their minds…why was he willingly talking to them? He wasn't supposed to do that. If he did then…people would think twice about the lies that they had told them, about how Echizen had betrayed them, how he had stolen their techniques for his own selfish reasons. If started to act all nice with them, then people would start to think that something was wrong. Either that or…he was pretending to be nice to them to get back on their good side! Tezuka smirked. Oh it would be great if people believed that. Now all he had to do be mean to him in a way would make people think that he was still angry at Echizen for 'betraying' them. Hopefully the rest of them could follow his lead.

Ryoma on the other hand just looked at them as if they were really weird for a few more seconds before he shook his head and jumped back over the counter to stand next to Akastu.

"Jin…are all Japanese people like this? Weird."

"Excuse me?" The commanding voice of Tezuka questioned.

"I asked Jin if all Japanese people were as strange as to duck and hide when fangirls attack. Well nevermind," Ryoma turned his head to Akutsu, "I suppose I can't blame them for doing so, since I'm the one that hid behind the counter…"

"Ryoma…you really are just…nothing."

"I'm nothing! You think I'm nothing! JIN!"

A tick appeared on Akutsu's eyebrow. "Ryoma…don't twist my words around."

"What are you talking about! That's what you said! I didn't twist anything around!"

"Ryo…shut up."

A small smirk appeared on Ryoma's face, it was so fun to rile Jin up. Of course he made sure to space out the teasing. It wouldn't be any fun if Jin actually got used to it! Smirking to himself at his little joke, Ryoma shook his head, now was not a time to be spacing out, he had to pay attention to the people in front of him…well no he really didn't have to. But it was polite to do so. nodding his dead, Ryoma looked up at the people before him. He was greeted with gaping stares. Did he say something wrong? Was there something on his face? Ryoma turned to look at Jin, he would surely tell him what was wrong.

"Ryoma…you're making those faces again."

"Oh..the I-know-something-you-don't or the-many-things-are-going-through-my-mind-one?"

"What do you think?"

"Me? Personally I think it's the-many-things-are-going-through-my-mind-one. After all…many things were going through my mind just a little while ago."

The rest could do nothing stare. Since when did Ryoma become so…talkative? So blunt? So…un-Ryoma-ish? How weird…

Tezuka opened his mouth to speak up, but he was interrupted by a squeal, "ONII-SAMA!" A little boy ran through the shop and latched himself onto Ryoma's waist. Taking a close look at the boy, most of the people in the shop recognized him as Sanada's little cousin…but wait…didn't h just call Echizen 'Onii-sama'? What is going on here they wondered.

"Sasuke, what are you doing?" called out Sanada, followed by the rest of his…er…Yukimaru's troupe

"Nii-chan…are you blind? What does it look like? I'm hugging my Onii-sama," Sasuke lifted his head up to look his Onii-sama in the face, "Onii-sama, did you miss me?"

As Ryoma opened his mouth, a loud voice cut him off, "WAIT A MINUTE! Sanada-sempai! What does Sasuke mean? Why is he calling that…traitor,Onii-sama? Why aren't you stopping him? What's wrong with y-"

"Hey loud mouth. Shut it. Your voice is annoying." Said a cold voice. Heads turned to look at the owner of that voice.


Echizen Ryoma.

Echizen Ryoma had just told Momoshrio Takeshi to shut his mouth. That was a first time occurrence for everyone. That was something that had never happened before. At that moment something snapped in the back of most of Seigaku's minds…Echizen Ryoma…hated them.

"Come now Echizen there's no need to be so mean-"

"Do I know you?"

"Excuse me?"

"Don't you have ears that work?"

"I heard you just fine!"

"Then there's no reason for me to repeat the question is there?"

"Ochibi! How could you talk like that to Oishi!"

"Oishi?...so that your name, huh? And you redhead…you are?"


"It's no use Eiji."

"Tezuka? What do you mean?"

Tezuka turned to face Sanada, "I think it's best if Sanada took over for right now."

"San-chan?," questioned Ryoma, tilting his head to the side, "what does he have to do with any of this?"

"Echizen…let me explain. Seigaku, as you all probably noticed, this is Echizen Ryoma-"

"Babe…I think they already know who I am…I'm pretty sure you'd have to live under a rock not to know who I am."

"The little brat is right!"

Heads swung to the other end of the restaurant, there occupying two booths, were the one and only…former Hyotei Tennis Club. They all had smirks on their faces, it was kinda like old time, picking fights with Seigaku, ahh how fun that had been. Well it was fun…until the freshman left. But now here he was again. Stand right in front of them, and looking sexy as hell. Atobe stood up and walked(swaggered) over to where the rest of them were. Nodding to each other, the rest of Hyotei's team followed there captain.

Atobe stopped right in front of Ryoma grabbed him by the waist, which Sasuke had eventually let go of, and swooped down to lay one on his lips. Many gasps were heard around the restaurant, so were many snaps of pictures being taken with peoples camera phone(the female workers).

Slowly, Atobe removed his lips from Ryoma's, "Hn. It's great to see you again Ryo."

"Hahaha! You too Keigo. My, it has been a while hasn't it?" Question Ryoma, smiling up at Atobe.

"Six months, last Monday. But that's besides the point… when did you get here? Why didn't you tell me you were coming to Japan?"

"Well let's see…I got here a few days ago, I wanted to surprise you at first by, popping you at your place to say hi…but things got in the way. Sorry." With a sad face, Ryoma bent his head done to show his remorse. Of course no one was allowed to make the great Echizen Ryoma sad, so Keigo was quick to forgive him, "It's no problem, Ryo. At least you were going to do it. instead of never doing so!"

"Really? You forgive me!"

"There's nothing to forgive Ryo. It's not your fault, I'm sure."

"See Kei..i knew there was a reason why I love you!" Ryoma exclaimed throwing his arms around Atobes neck and squeezing him, "you are the best!"

"Of course Ore-sama is!"


"Ugh...I mean, of course I'm the best!"

"Excuse me?"

"I-I-I mean I'm not the best! You are!"

"Hahaha! I thought that's what you said!"

All around them people stared at them like they were aliens. The number one line that was going through their heads were…'since when did Echizen and Atobe get so close and comfortable?' And indeed they were close and comfortable, Atobe was still holding onto Ryoma's waist, while Ryoma's arms were still around Atobe's neck.

"Ryo stop teasing him."

Ryoma slowly turned his head to look at Jin and a pout formed on his face, "Fine Jin, take away my fun."

"What do you mean take away your fun? I thought you wanted cap boy over there."

Frowning, Ryoma looked at Sanada then to Atobe, back to Sanada and back to Atobe, then he turned to Jin, frown slightly deepened, "…can't I have both?"


Ryoma visibly sighed. Why did he have to choose? Why couldn't he have both? This wasn't fair at all! A voice brought everyone out of their individual musing, "Onii-sama! You can't be with anyone else other than Nii-chan!"

All the heads turned to look at the pre-teen. Definitely no one had expected that to happen. A smile graced Ryoma's face, "Oh really? I can only be with your Nii-chan?"


"I see," Ryoma looked at Atobe once more, "Well Kei, you heard the boy, time to let go." Reluctantly Atobe released his grip on Ryoma's waist, stupid kid. With a smile, Ryoma slipped out of the loose grip and swayed over to the Raikki Dai grouping. Stopping right in front of Sanada, Ryoma raised his arms and swiftly brought Sanada's lips to meet his. 30 seconds, 30-ish gaping faces and one happy 12 year old later, Ryoma finally released Sanada from his grip and made his way back over to Akutsu.

"Damn it Jin…you sure know how to make things difficult on a person!"

Smirking, Jin shook his head, there really was never a dull moment with Ryoma.

"Yes, yes I'm sorry. Now hurry up and get your food or whatever and let's go. Your grandmother wants you home by 5, and it's 4:25."

"Fine. Hand me my food."

A mischievous glint entered Jin's eyes, he picked up the other hamburger and chucked it at Ryoma. Unfortunately for him, even though the meat sandwich was traveling at a high speed, Ryoma was able to pluck it out of the air. Cursing his lightning fast reflexes, Jin sighed and let it go. There was no force in this world that could stop the teen…nothing at all.

As he ate his hamburger, Ryoma took the time to look at the people in the shop, and strangely they were all staring back at him. "Can I help you?"

"Yes," yelled the strange one with the red hair, "why are you acting like this? Who do you think you are?"

"Ugh…I'm pretty sure that Gen-chan already explained who I am. And it has nothing to do with who I think I am, trust me I know exactly who I am. Question is…do you?"

Before the argument to escalate any further, Sanada stepped in, "Let me finish explaining and then you can argue. This is Echizen Ryoma, and this is his first time meeting all of you to him."

"Exactly this is my first time meeting you people…wait what do you mean to me? I'm pretty sure I'd remember someone as annoying as h-wait no I take that back. I do my best to forget all annoying people. I guess you people were in that category." Ryoma shrugged at Seigaku, if that wasn't a slap to the face..well…I don't know what is then.

"They, Ryo, are your former teammates from five years, the former tennis team of Seigaku Middle."

"Kei…your telling me tha I used to play tennis with these people?"

The nodding of many heads answered his question, "I see. So what did they do?"

"I'm sorry?"

"What did they do that they annoyed me to the point where I forgot them?"

That was when Tezuka stepped in; there was no way he was going to allow five years of hard work to go down the drain with one simple question.

"Ahhh...see it wasn't us that did something, but you."


"Yes. You decided to steal out techniques in secret and use them for your own gain."

"…that has got to be the stupidest thing I've ever heard…but ok…seeing as to how I don't remember anything from five years ago, I suppose I'm sorry for using your moves? But," turning to Keigo and Jin he asked, "did I use any of their move in tournaments and the like?"

"No." Both the questioned answered.

"Then?" Turning back to face Seigaku, he said, "Well seeing as to how I haven't as of yet used any of your techniques yet in any of my matches…I guess I should take my apology back huh?"

"Correct! Wait..no that's not right." Exclaimed a confused Momoshiro, in his mind what Echizen made sense..but…that was not in their plans. He was supposed to be the bad guy, not them! He wasn't supposed to turn their words around back on them, this wasn't what was supposed to happen!

"What do you mean that's not right? Redhead over ther called me a traitor, and I'm guessing it's because I supposedly 'stole' your moves right? Yes. But seeing as to how I've never used them in a match, I don't see as to why I have to be sorry. That make absolutely no sense. Don't you think that I if had actually stolen your moves I would have been showing them off in matches and claiming that I made them up? Yes. But seeing as to how I'm not doing that that can only mean two things, one: these supposed techniques or yours were completely useless and weak or two, you all are lying about me stealing your moves to make a cover story, as to why I don't know but I'm guess that you did something bad to me and your trying to make me look like the bad guy in this. So…which is it?"

Yep. It definitely wasn't supposed to go in this direction. Shooting a glare at Momoshrio, Tezuka decided to take control of the situation before he lost all control.

"Neither. Our techniques are not weak and we are definitely not making things up! How dare you suggest such a thing."

"Hey! No need to get mad at me, I'm just calling it like I see it. And right now that's what I see."

"Well then, you must be blind, because you're wrong, completely wrong."


"Don't try to disagr-wait. What?"

"I said, 'Ok.' Why? Did that blow your mind?"

"Why did you say 'ok'?"

"I don't see why it's any of your business, anyways I have to get going. But before I do so!" Ryoma clapped and went to the duffle bag in Jin's hand, he put it on the counter and took out a couple of envelopes. Switching through them he nodded his head and turned on his heal. First he went to Atobe and handed him an envelope, gave one to Ohitori who was standing behind him, then he walked over to Sanada and Sasuke and gave both of them an envelope. Ryoma then went back to the duffle bag and put the rest of the envelopes away. Closing the bag, he looked at the four of them and said, "Those are invitations to my parents 20th Wedding Anniversary Party, hosted by yours truly, everything you need to know is in that invitation. The party is in 3 weeks."

There was mixed reactions "Yay! I get to see Onii-sama's house!" and, "Why did I get an invitation? We don't even know each other that well." To which, the latter was promptly ignored, oh the freedom of only hearing what you want to…what a great skill to learn. With a I-can-do-no-wrong smile on his face, Ryoma started to walk out of the shop but stopped short when Sasuke, grabbed the back of his shirt. Turning around, Ryoma bent down to Sasuke's eye level, showing of his tight ass in the process, and gave him a questioning glace.

"Onii-sama. It's my birthday party this weekend. Will you come?"

"Hmmm…this weekend huh? I'm not too sure. I have a lot of things I have to do…but I'll try my best. Ok?"

"Hai! Arigato!"

Softly smiling, the tennis prodigy(we all know he is) ruffled Sasuke's hair, stood up straight, turned on his heel, walked up to both Atobe and Sanada, proceeded to kiss both of them and with his head held high, walked out of the shop. Chuckling was heard a few seconds later, everyone turned to look at the source of the noise. Jin, the source, looked at the exit and said, "Yep, absolutely not one dull moment."

He too, then followed Ryoma out the door, all the while thinking…this is going to be a looong 2 months.


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