Angel knew it was only a matter of time before people would come looking for Buffy and he couldn't help but feel angry, he didn't want them to see her like this, especially the people who had nothing to do with this like Joyce.

Remaining where he was Angel concentrated on the flames the fire was creating, his eyes catching every new shape and colour that appeared.

He predicted the knock on the door before it even happened, he had heard the sounds of movements from outside and knew his alone time was up.

Turning his eyes from the fireplace he watched as the hand on the cold wall next to it turned into a fist, he waited until the next knock sounded again before pushing himself away from the wall with more force then needed.

Soundlessly he made his way to the solid wooden doors and opened them, already knowing who was there.

"Where is she?" Giles asked making his way past Angel, his eyes moving over every object in the room looking for Buffy, "What happened?"

Keeping his back to Giles, Angel slowly shut the door his whole body tense, anger filling him once again with the fact Buffy was gone and it was mostly because of the man stood behind of him.

Not knowing what to say with so many thoughts running through his head Angel turned on his heel and walked past Giles, their shoulders lightly brushing each others.

"How's Joyce doing?" he finally asked, ignoring Giles question and asking one of his own, knowing Buffy would want him to look after her mother.

"She's worried sick…you were suppose to bring Buffy back home last night,"

Frowning slightly Angel lent back against the wall the fireplace was placed on, his arms crossing over his chest, "I can't do that,"

Giles moved from across the room towards Angel, "And why not…Angel where's Buffy?"

Breaking eye contact Angel looked towards the fire once again just like he had been before he had been interrupted, "She's gone." He said softly.

"Gone?" Giles asked, not wanting to believe what he had just heard, praying that his fears weren't becoming reality.

There was a long pause between the two men before Giles shook his head, his desperateness coming over him in waves, "No, she can't be gone…she's Buffy, she's….no I can't accept that."

With a snap Angels head turned towards Giles, "Well accept it, she's gone and isn't ever coming back and it's because of you!"

"No!" Giles said quickly not wanting to voice the truth, "I never wanted anything to hurt her…I never wanted to hurt her I tried…"

Losing it Angel moved away from the wall and grabbed Giles by the labels of his jacket, "You never wanted to hurt her?" he asked the other man skeptically, receiving a nod he continued, "Because of you Giles Buffy is dead, so don't tell me you never wanted to hurt her, you stuck a needle in her, weakened her just so she could pass a test! could you do that to her? She loved you like a father, she needed you so much, she was so scared and she died because you followed orders."

"No!" Giles said trying to move away from the vampire in front of him, his eyes watering with unshed tears, the girl that he was beginning to love like a daughter was dead and it was because of his own hands, his stomach felt like emptying its contents.

"Yes!" Angel said back, shaking Giles with the one word, his own eyes gathering water in them, but he wouldn't cry, no he had to stay strong not only for everyone else but mostly for himself, if he let go now he wasn't sure he could pick himself back up again.

"It wasn't my fault, I tried to call the whole thing off, I told Quentin it was over…that's when I found out Buffy had gone to the house."

"You didn't try hard enough, you never should have let her out of your sight!" Angel told him, the words he used repeating in his own mind making him realize he should be saying the words to himself as well, if he had just walked Buffy home he could have stopped this from happening.

Feeling sick at himself he released Giles with a shove and took a couple of steps back, until his back was once again against the cold wall.

Giles didn't bother trying to straighten himself out, he didn't care he looked a state or that Angel had grabbed him, he deserved everything that happened to him from this point on.

After several minutes of silence Giles was the one to break the silence, "Where is she Angel?"

Keeping his head downwards Angel closed his eyes, trying to keep the tears at bay as he couldn't bare to say the words he hated more then being tortured again and again, "I told you," he whispered.

"I want to see her….I have to." Giles said, standing up to his full height, he needed to see her, to hold her hand and tell her how sorry he was.

"Believe me you don't, it's better if you just walk away now."

"God dam it take me to her." Giles said sternly with more strength then he felt.

Ever so slowly Angel rose his head, his eyes meeting Giles, the truth behind them scaring the suppose to be older man more then he thought possible.

"You really want to see her?"

Giles's mind was telling him no but his heart was screaming yes, he couldn't just walk away and leave his slayers side without begging for forgiveness that he knew would never come, taking a deep breath he spoke, "Yes,"

Angel kept quiet but walked past the older man, keeping back the words of warning he knew he should say, knowing Giles was following he headed for the stairs taking them slowly, really not wanting to go to his room knowing what was there.

After a moment they were stood outside of Angel's bedroom.

Using his advanced hearing Angel waited a moment, listening for any noises, after not hearing any he reached for the door, Giles behind him.

Not stopping Angel continued into the room coming to stand at the edge of the curtain, not wanting to get any closer to Buffy then he needed, but close enough to jump into action if he needed to.

He watched as Giles walked into the room and looked towards the bed, his face a little uncertain.

"Hey Giles, what took you so long?"

Slowly Buffy's eyes crept open to land on the watched an evil smile spreading across her lips.

Giles did a double take, his eyes not believing what he was seeing, Buffy was suppose to be silent and dead…well she was certainly dead by the looks of it, but in the worst way possible.

"Oh dear god," he mumbled stepping closer, "What happened to you?"

Laughing Buffy shifted slightly on the bed, "The most amazing thing and I have you to thank for that."

"Buffy…I'm so sorry," he said, the tears he had been feeling finally falling down his face un-noticed as he stared at her, she had become her deepest fear because of him.

Unfolding his arms Angel half took pleasure in the other mans tears, knowing he deserved to cry but the part that felt they were both to blame made him step closer, "She's not Buffy." He said softly.

A laugh was heard from the vampire on the bed making them both turn to look at her, "Your wrong lover…I'm Buffy finally, I get to be who I am now that I don't have to worry about the weight of the worlds on my shoulders."

"Buffy…" Giles began before falling silent, his eyes searching her face for any sign she was still in there, knowing it was a wasted attempt she was a vampire…nothing more.

Turning he left the room without looking back.

Angel watched him go knowing how he felt.

"Well Angel, it looks like it's just us," she said causing Angel to turn his attention back on her.

Shaking his head Angel turned and followed the way Giles had gone closing the door behind him, leaving her on her own once again, making her only shrug, she knew he would be back.