Chapter 3

When I woke up I was in sever pain. My stomach and head all hurt to no end. I looked around and seen that I was back inside the room we was staying in. laying in the floor covered up was Lynette. Cody sat in the chair across from my bed also asleep. Riko flew and sat at the edge of the bed and looked at me. "you stupid little girl." he seethed. I laid back down, ignoring him. "you could have been killed!" he shouted. Waking up Lynette and Cody. They shot up and looked at me then Riko. Silently the left the room, knowing Riko wanted it to just be me and him. "I taught you better then what you did three days ago." he hissed evilly at me. I didn't say anything, but just continued on staring at the ceiling. Three days. I was out for three days? "pay attention!" he shrieked at me. I raised my head as best as I could and glared at him. "shut up." I said, as I allowed my head to fall back against the pillow. I instantly felt a searing pain, across my right cheek. I jumped up from the bed, and against my body's protesting I stood there, glaring at him as he perched on the pillows. "now that I've got your attention." he began in a harsh tone. " next time focus. Your lucky I like you, if that had been anyone else I would have let them die." he shrieked once more at me. "why didn't you." I said in cold and icy tone. He transformed into a human. I stared long and hard at him, him doing the same back to me. After a few minutes of us glaring at each other he sighed and walked over to me. He bent down and carefully picked me up and carried me back to the bed. I didn't say anything, the pain was to much. He gently laid me down before waving his hands over my wounds. The bandages instantly changed to clean ones. He sat down next to me and wiped the blood away from my cheek. There was one long scratch mark, that was a little deep. He put a bandage on it as well. "I'm Wyn. I just don't want you to die." he said. I looked away from him. He gently brought my face back to his. "forgive me?" he asked in a low tone. I closed my eyes but didn't say anything. This wasn't the first time he's hurt me. He cares about me I know that, but he is a very violent person. Its not his fault, it was how he was raised when he was human. "forgive me." he demanded in a slightly higher tone then before. "I forgive you." I said as I opened my eyes and stared up into his hazel green eyes. "good. Then it is all in the past." he said before leaning down and capturing my lips in his. The kiss only lasted for a few seconds, because we both heard Lynette talking to Cody as they got closer. Riko changed back into a staff, that was leaning against the wall. I wiped my lips off. This wasn't the first time's kissed me. In the past I didn't care, but now it felt wrong, like I was cheating, and that confused me. They came and seen that I was alone so they smiled before asking me the normal, how are you, how's the pain, what happened out there. I answered all of them except for the last one. Because in all honesty, I didn't even know what happened out there. Normally, nothing could even lay a hand on me, but while I was fighting I kept getting this sense that what I was doing was wrong. The days passed and my body slowly healed. Normally I would have healed right then but due to the magic I couldn't. I was able to stand and walk a little bit, but not much. Lynette and Cody had started killing the demons and other evil things. Every time Riko tried talking to me I would ignore him. We both knew I didn't forgive him, I only said that to get him to shut up. Most days he just stayed a staff, not speaking at all. It was on these days that I missed seeing his smile or hearing his voice. I woke up and seen that it was nighttime. The others were hunting, so it was just me. I stood and dressed in my usual uniform, and placed Riko on my back. I walked out the door and downstairs, where I seen the owners. They were watching me closely. The man spoke in a sadistic tone, "so you lived after all." he smiled wickedly at me, but I ignored him and kept walking. "your not like the other two. Your stronger, yet you don't kill." he mocked. In a flash, faster than even they could follow. The man laid in a pool of blood. His head was bashed in. the women stared long and hard at me before bending down and started to eat what was left of her dead partner. I turned and walked out, allowing the screen door to slam behind me. I walked slowly towards the foot trail. The moon was full and was high in the sky, casting a silvery glow over everything. The scent of blood was in the air, yet it didn't bother me. Lynette and Cody could handle their own. I walked by the old house and seen the old man laying there, in a pool of blood. Instant rage filled me as I ran to his side. His skin was pale, and his eyes glazed. He had been dead for over a few hours now. I stood and walked inside. Standing there was a large demon. It was close to six feet tall. It had red skin that was stretched over large bones. There were various markings that ran all over its entire body. It wore only jean shorts that came to its knees. Its feet were hooves instead of actual feet. I cleared my throat, causing it to turn around and stare hungrily at me. "well well well, looks like I get desert after all." it said while laughing loudly. I glared up at it, and slid Riko off of my back. I held him out in front of me and jumped. I brought the staff, straight down, the demons head, causing him to slice into two halves. I cleaned the blood off of my staff and placed it back on my back, turned and walked to the door. "sorry, we're closed." I said just as the demons body melted into a black pool of inky liquid that burned through the floor. I walked over to the old mans body, picked him up and walked around behind his house. There I laid him down. I seen that there was wood and gas next to the house. I walked over and grabbed the wood and brought it to the middle of the yard. I piled it on top of each other, large enough so the mans entire body could fit. I got a bunch of large rocks and built a semi large circle around them. I got the mans body and laid it on top of the wood. I stared down at him. He helped me even when I didn't ask for it. He was a very kind hearted man, he just lived in the wrong town. I piled the rest of the wood on top of him, and pored gas all over the wood. I went and got his pipe and box of matches that lay on the table, beside his rocking chair. I brought them around back. I lit a match and tossed it onto the wood, it quickly caught and soon it was burning brightly. I placed the pipe in a pocket that I had sowed into my outfit. I pulled my staff off of my back, and held it in front of me. I bent my head and closed my eyes. "may the smoke and wind carry your soul to the heavens above." I said. I placed my staff back on my back and walked towards the trail. The fire lighting half of it, then the moon lit the rest of the way for me. I walked until the path vanished. My stomach was hurting, but I simply ignored it. I had to know who that guy was and what he was. I walked until I found the place where we fought. I seen him, standing there, in normal clothes. He had a plain white T and slightly baggy jeans. He didn't seem to have any weapons. His shirt was damp and clung to him, allowing me to see the out line of his body. I could see the bandages that were wrapped around his stomach, they were bleeding slightly. I could see more bandages that wrapped around his chest and his left shoulder, all of which was bleeding. How did that happen? I thought as I watched him. He had dark brown straight hair that ended at the base of his neck. His arms, hung loosely by his sides. He was well built, even from this distance I could tell. I took my staff off and leaned it up against a near by tree. "that stupid thing isn't going to change and attack me is it?" he asked in a sarcastic tone. He didn't bother to move, even as I stepped closer and was soon only a foot away from him. "I didn't know he attacked you." I said. Why do I feel safe with him. didn't he just try to kill me a week ago? I thought. "yea it did." he said. I didn't say anything, and neither did he. A few minutes passed before he said, "your friends has been killing a lot of the towns people." I glanced up at him, but he turned to where I couldn't see his face. "their monsters." I said simply. Riko flew over and landed on my shoulder before demanding, "leave before I kill you." the boy glanced over at Riko before saying, "please do. I've lived a very long time with a regret that I cant even remember." I stared up at him, but I couldn't see his face and it was making me agitated. "I'd be glad to." Riko hissed. Just before he could leave my shoulder. I grabbed him by his tail and slung him away from the boy and hissed, "don't." Riko flew and hit a tree. I could feel the boy staring down at me. "didn't I try to kill you?" he asked. I nodded my head and got ready for Riko to change and come at me. "move." I whispered. Just as the words left my lips, Riko, in human form came running at me. He picked me up and slung me into a tree and ran and held me against the hard bark. "don't you ever do that to me again! Do you hear me!" he shouted in a deadly tone. My back was searing with pain, and black dots lined my vision. He picked me up and slammed me into the tree once more before screaming the same thing at me. Blood was trickling from my mouth, as I nodded. My head was rolling around, and my entire body was screaming in pain. Riko raised his fist and brought it down, against the side my cheek, where the deep gash still was. My head snapped side ways and blood flew from my mouth. The gash was once more open and was bleeding all over again. He brought his fist back and was about to hit me, when he changed his mind. Holding me up with one hand, he used his other to turn my head to where I was staring hazily at him. Without warning his lips collided with mine in a painful kiss. The next thing I know, he was once more a staff and I was on the cold ground, looking up at the boy. Threw a haze I could make out the out line of his figure as he bent down and gently picked me up. My head rolled back, and my eyes closed.