Chapter 1 - Best Friends

His feet were going as fast as they possibly could carry him. He was supposed to be meeting the guys at the cliffs to do some cliff diving. He also knew his best friend was supposed to be there, but sometimes her parents wouldn't allow her to go and do things. Khloe didn't care. She knew what her parents didn't know wouldn't hurt them. As soon as Paul crossed through the clearing, and came out of the tree line he could hear the guys and the girls. Khloe usually had her friend Nola with her.

Once Paul got all the way out of the trees he saw her come into view. Her long raven hair was down to her waist and her big blue eyes lit up as soon as she saw him, she smiled as he walked over and ruffled her hair with Nola's as both girls shrieked as they swung and connected smacking him firmly on both arms. Paul chuckled as he rubbed the same spot on both arms, "Damn you guys are lethal." Nola smirked, "You remember that because next time it's my foot in your ass Mr. Redson."

A familiar voice chuckled, "Yea...Now we know it's a cliff diving party. It's not the same without Nola threatening to break her foot off in someone's ass." Everyone chuckled as they looked over and watched as Jacob Black joined them. His long hair was pulled back to keep it out of his face. All the guys had their hair pulled back.

Paul and Khloe had been best friends growing up...Their parents were friends from high school and just never stopped so it was cool to them that their kids had been best friends since the womb practically. They lived down the street from both of them. When Paul's father died when he was 12, Khloe never left his side. Sealing their friendship bond tighter. As far as his friends went Khloe Knight was his best friend as far as girls went, but as far as guys it was Jared Tinsel.

Everyone thought for sure Paul and Khloe would've started dating once they both turned 16, but it didn't happen. Paul dated a lot of girls who Khloe would make fun of behind their backs but to Paul's face, she knew he was only dating them to get laid. He changed girlfriends more then he changed his underwear.

Paul looked down and noticed Khloe had on dark cargo jean capris and a white racerback tank top on. He watched as she walked over and looked over the edge of the cliff, Paul quietly walked over and suddenly wrapped his arms around her as he lifted her off the ground and swung her in circles. She screamed out as everyone watched and laughed at their display. They knew Paul loved to scare her, but that he'd be careful to make sure she didn't get hurt.

Paul placed her back on her feet and she smacked his bare chest several times, "You ass!" Paul chuckled, "You knew I couldn't resist." Paul fingers tickled down Khloe's sides as she giggled and tried to escape Paul's grasp.

Jake looked over at Nola and smiled, "So you wanna jump with me?"

'To the ends of the earth.' Of course that's the first think she thought of, she smiled as she nodded, "Of course." Jake held out his hand as Nola smiled and took his hand with hers as they both smiled and took off running and jumped off the cliff together. Once they hit the water, Jake held onto Nola's hand and swam to the surface fast to bring them to oxygen. Once they both got their fill of oxygen in their lungs they swam to shore and laid in the sand, trying to relax.

Everyone started jumping from the cliff to the water below.

Paul and Khloe decided to go last like always.

Paul growled, "You guys need to hurry up. I have a date later." Khloe made a face as she made gagging noises, "Ah yes and how is Ditsy." Paul gave her a sideways glance as he chuckled as he corrected her, "Mitsy." Khloe giggled, "Oh how could I forget? Needing to get laid are we?" Paul scoffed, "You're just jealous because you're not getting laid."

Khloe made a face, "No I am choosing to give my virtue to someone who deserves it and if I have to wait for Mr. Right then I will. Life isn't about how many times you can get off Paul. It's about finding that one person who truly completes your life in every way." Paul chuckled, "Maybe for you it's about that, but for 16 year old guys who only think with their dick it's about getting laid."

Khloe smirked, "It's a shame really." Paul smirked back, "What is?" Khloe shook her head, "You're inability to keep it in your pants, before we graduate you're gonna probably have like 10 or 12 different baby mama's." Paul scoffed, "Fuck that. No glove no love. I do NOT have sex without condoms Khlo. You know that already you just want to give me shit. I'm not trying to knock a girl up before I'm out of high school. My ma would kill me. Then your ma would kill me too. And I'm not even sure what you'd do."

Khloe giggled, "I'd point laugh, ridicule, you know all the normal things. Just to eventually point out your stupidity." Paul nodded, "See I knew it! So please give me just a little credit would ya. I am not having kids until I get married and I'll probably never get married. Shit I don't believe in love at first sight. You know that."

Khloe shook her head in disbelief, "Someday you will. someday the perfect girl is going to walk into your life, turn it upside down and make you fall madly in love with her and she's going to fall madly in love with you. But I should warn you now...It won't be Jennifer Aniston." Paul sighed, "Why not...That bitch is hot. I could move to Hollywood and accidentally run into her some place and BAM! It would be all over ladies and gentlemen."

Khloe giggled as they stepped up to the edge of the cliff, "The chances of that happening are slim to none buddy...The chances of that ever happening it like...Well it's like the chance of not realizing I'm gonna shove you off the cliff...NOW!"

Khloe giggled as she shoved Paul off the cliff, she could hear him cussing. She watched as he surfaced sputtering water and cuss words as she smiled. She was in love with him. But it was never going to happen. He liked getting laid far too much to have a serious relationship with anyone and Khloe was not about to put herself through that kind of pain.

So for now she would just wait around for him to come to his senses.