Story was inspired by the song: Now That You're Around By Karmina - I hope you enjoyed it. I know it was short, but it wasn't meant to be a long story! Thanks for the reviews. No worries more to come!

Chapter 10 - Now That You're Around

Khloe's eyes snapped open as she sat up in bed. Looking to the side of her she saw Paul fast asleep on his stomach, but his hand had hers incased in it. She looked down and noticed the tear drop diamond ring on the silver band sitting on her left ring finger as she shook her head. She hadn't had that dream in a long time. It had been 10 years since her and Paul had gotten married. Samantha was going to be 18 soon and her twin brothers Tommy and Tony were 9 and little hellions. Definitely the product of Paul.

Khloe felt an arm go around her and bring her back to a laying down position in bed as warm lips trailed down her neck and then a warm hand pulled at the strap of her night gown as the lips trailed over the skin of her bare shoulder. Khloe smiled as she moaned quietly, she gripped the forearm around her waist. Paul's ruff voice pulled her from the ecstasy she was feeling with him, "What were you dreaming about baby? You was moving around a little. But you didn't seem scared so I didn't wake you." Khloe giggled, when she felt Paul move around and settle himself between her thighs his warm hands sliding the silky nightgown up her beautiful tan legs, "Just dreamt about when you told me the legends were true and I freaked out a little."

Paul chuckled as he pulled back, "Freaked out? You was practically catatonic for 5 days. You scared the shit out of me, Sami and everyone else in the pack." He chuckled harder as she smacked his chest. Khloe looked over at the clock and noticed it was 5:30 in the morning. Paul wiggled his eyebrows at her as he continued to kiss her neck, "We got time before we have to wake the hellions. She we start working on that baby?" For the last two weeks Paul and Khloe had been talking about having another baby. Even if she was 34 she was still healthy and still able to conceive.

Khloe giggled as she felt his hands pull her panties from her hips and down her long legs. She hadn't noticed he'd already gotten rid of his clothing. Paul sat back on his knees as he grabbed a un-opened condom package, "So baby or no baby? It's your choice beautiful." Paul watched as Khloe sat up and placed soft kisses on his chest and noticed his erection got harder, she grabbed the condom and threw it in the corner. Paul groaned, "Oh you want to live dangerously. Not a problem baby." Paul guided her down as he gripped her knees and slid her down into the perfect position, as he slowly came down covered her body and slowly slid himself into her willing body, "I've got all the danger you desire." Khloe bit her lip as she felt him fill her to capacity as their lips met in an explosive kiss. Their bodies becoming one.

Around 7 AM, Khloe and Paul walked down to the kitchen and Sami was up already and had both boys sitting at the kitchen table eating cereal so they could get ready for school. Khloe smiled, "There's my babies." She walked over kissing the boys heads as they both gagged, Tony rubbed the top of his head, "Jeez mom do you have to do that." Tommy made a face, "Yea can't you tell her to stop that dad?" Paul chuckled, "Sorry guys, I have no say so over what your mother does to either of you."

A honking horn brought them out of their morning ritual, as a smile adorned Samantha's face, "That'll be Seth. Mom, dad don't forget Seth is taking me to the bonfire tonight." Paul smiled as Samantha ran over and kissed her mom and then moved over and hugged Paul as he squeezed her tight and kissed the top of her head. Then he watched as she disappeared out the front door.

Who knew 10 years ago when Khloe had first come back into town that Seth would imprint on their daughter the night they showed up at the diner. he'd gotten her a promise ring when she was 16 and they already knew on her 18th birthday in a few short weeks he was going to ask her to marry him. He'd taken over his dad's position on the council and also took over his parents restaurant, which on the weekend and after school (once her homework was finished) Samantha would help him.

The school bus was next to honk it's horn and the boys grabbed their back packs and took off before Khloe could kiss them anymore. Paul chuckled when she frowned, he pulled her into his arms, "Don't worry you can waste those kisses on my lips, cause you know they don't make me gag." He laughed harder when she glared at him. He kissed her lips softly as he rubbed her lower abdomen, "Is there anything happening down there yet?" Khloe laughed as she shook her head, "I don't think so. It doesn't happen that fast." Khloe sighed as she leaned against Paul, his arm wrapping around her waist as they stood in the kitchen enjoying the silence. "I'm happy I came back around here." Paul gently lifted her into his arms, "I'm glad you came back around too...Now let's go finish on that fourth baby." Khloe giggled as Paul headed back to their room.

Everything was better now that they were around each other.

The End