Phantomworks: okay, I'm really getting tired of this.

Alice: of what?

Phantomworks: of making so many stories.

Alice: well, if you had just written them up the first time you had the idea, we wouldn't be in this situation.

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Chapter 1

Far in the future, a break through in science has led to the arrival of human and animal hybrids. Now they are common place among the human populace as pets and some as sexual partners. There is only one rule that humans must abide by when purchasing a hybrid. They cannot buy one that looks like another human.

That law is simply to reduce awkward situations to a minimum and many wealthy business men pay to have their DNA matches taken out of the DNA banks to ensure no look alikes. However there are those that aren't so lucky…

The teen whined and scratched at his ear. He was bored. When was his master going to pick him up? The boy had been special ordered. Most likely after he was purchased, he would be used as a sex toy, like most other special orders. He really hoped that his master wasn't mean to him. Laying down, he gazed outside of the window, watching the crowd of humans go by. His eyes drifted through the crowd until the landed on a pair of surprised crimson orbs.

The hybrid blinked, but the eyes had disappeared into the crowd. His tail slumped. Instead of watching the people, he decided to focus on the reflection in the mirror-like glass. He examined his hair- blonde bangs with black hair jetting up in spikes that ended in a sheen of violet. Three colors. Why had his master asked for that?

Confused amethyst eyes stared back as him tried to figure out his master's thoughts. Soon he gave up. He wasn't supposed to try to figure out anything in the first place. He was a pet first and foremost. Nothing more. He sighed sadly.

Suddenly, he was yanked up by his shirt collar. Yelping in surprise, he struggled weakly against the attacker.

"Calm down, calm down." A familiar voice calmed him. He glanced up at the caretaker. "Your owner has arrived. We need you at the counter."

The hybrid recognized what she meant and stopped struggling. His owner was here to pick him up. He hung from his shirt in her hands, tail between his legs and his ears laid flat against his head. Despite being excited to meet his master, he was apprehensive at the same time. What if his master didn't like him? What if his master was mean? Thoughts like this circled his mind as he was carried to the counter and set upon it.

"Here's your order. Are you pleased with it?" the caretaker asked. The man as the counter put on a sickeningly sweet smile as he looked over his prize. The hybrid shivered uncomfortably. The man had shoulder length silver hair and it looked like he was missing one eye that had been replaced with a fake golden one. He wasn't getting any pleasant vibes from his master.

"Oh yes, he'll do nicely. Nicely indeed." The voice sent shudders down the hybrid's spine. "Now, how much did he cost?"

"Seventy-five dollars, please." The caretaker said. Right before the man handed over the money, another voice spoke up.

"Excuse me, but I think that you have my hybrid." The voice said. The hybrid looked up quickly to see the same crimson eyes as before, but now he could see the person as well. They looked so much alike! Yet the other was a wilder version of himself except without the dog ears and tail.

"Your hybrid? I special ordered him! He's mine!" the silver haired man exclaimed.

"I'm sorry sir, but this man is right. We have a policy that if a hybrid looks like a human then only that human can purchase or adopt them. I'm sorry. However, we can order you a new one." The caretaker calmed the man and quickly worked out a new order form for him and sent him on his way.

"I'm sorry about that. Now, will you be buying this hybrid today? Or would you like it to be put to sleep?" the caretaker asked, not changing her voice at all. The hybrid looked at her curiously. What did 'put to sleep' mean? He wasn't tired.

"No, that's okay. I'll buy him. Seventy-five right?" the crimson-eyed double handed some green pieces of paper to the caretaker as she handed him a red leash. She clicked the clasp onto the hybrid's collar. The man then picked the hybrid up and set him on his feet on the ground. After what seemed like only a few minutes, the man started off with a list of things to buy for his new pet.

"Do you have a name?" he asked abruptly. The hybrid looked at him, confused. Name? he wasn't called by anything yet. That was usually reserved for the owner's choice.

"No. master chooses name." the hybrid said quietly. The man's eyes widened, like he hadn't expected the hybrid to talk back. Quickly though, he got over his shock.

"Well, that won't do. Let's see, we'll have to figure out a name…" the man started walking again. They got a cart for purchasing the items like toys, treats, beds, etc. When they had finally made it to the check-out line, the man suddenly snapped his fingers.

"I know! How about Yugi?" the man turned to him. "Do you like that?"

The hybrid was really confused now, he was supposed to choose? If he chose wrong, would his master punish him? Slowly he nodded his head as an answer.

"Yugi it is then. We'll get the tags made on the way out." The man said as he went through check out. "Oh, and I'm Yami, by the way."

The hy- Yugi was very confused. Why was his master treating him like a human? He was neither human nor animal, but to be treated as special? He was thoroughly confused. There was a tag ingraving machine right by the 'Exit' door that 'Yami' put some money into. His master always asked him opinion of the tags, though Yugi didn't really care. Why should he care? He couldn't see them.

Eventually, they left the store and Yugi got his first look at what the outside world was really like.