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How could everything go so wrong? They weren't even hunting! The idea that his brother could be killed by some redneck in bum fuck South Dakota was beyond him. His brother was the best hunter in the world! Sam gazed at the wreckage around him. Dean sightless stare held his captive. Even in death his eyes were so beautiful, untouched by the bloody ruin of his chest. The filth that took his brother away lay just beyond him, whimpering. Sam paid it no mind, he had work to do. The smell of diesel fuel didn't hold the same allure anymore, but he spread it around anyway. Soon brother, I'll be with you soon. He gathered Dean into his arms, and smiling lit the match.

The Winchesters were dead. They had been killed by a mechanic in his home. It was a miracle the poor man survived, if you can call permeate paralysis and burns over seventy percent of your body surviving. It took less than an hour for the news to reach the masses. But no one cared about that. All that mattered was that they were free of the fear that had held them captive for so long.