Waking up beside August Anderson was one of the greatest things that Annie Walker had ever done, unfortunately it was also one of those things she would soon be giving up. The sun peeked through the sheer curtains, shedding light over her boyfriend's face. He looked perfectly peaceful as he slept with the sunlight tingeing his hair red and glinting like glitter between his eyelashes. Annie's fingers splayed across his smooth chest and she couldn't help the smile that spread across her face. These past few days were perfect – the beach, the friends, the sunshine, and Auggie, she honestly couldn't think of anything better.

"You shouldn't stare at me for too long, you might go blind," he chuckled groggily, "Or maybe that's the sun."

"Someone's in a good mood this morning," she smiled, her fingers toying with his messy hair, "I never thought I would see the day that Auggie Anderson became a morning person."

"That's what happens when I wake up beside the most beautiful girl in the world," he rolled over and found her shoulder before trailing his fingers up to her jaw. Already Annie could feel her lips parting, the heat of his hand lighting her cheeks on fire.

"Oh come on, you've never even seen me," she breathed distractedly as his fingers crept up and down her sides.

"Some things, Ms. Walker," he whispered against her neck, "I just know."

"Do you now," she inhaled, feeling their bodies tighten against each other.


She watched him for a moment, noticing the way his sleepy gaze sparkled like gold in the early morning light, the way his full pink mouth quirked up on the right side, and his perfectly sculpted nose tilted downwards as he guided her towards him. The vision faded as her eyelids slid shut and the warmth of his mouth engulfed her. Beneath the sheets, Auggie's leg wrapped around her calf and tugged her closer, his knee gently parting her thighs as he rolled her over and positioned himself on top of her.

As he supported himself on his elbows, he pressed gentle kisses to her forehead, temples, eyebrows, cheeks, eyelids, and collarbone. Slowly he lowered his hips so that their hipbones were pressed together and her back arched so much that her ribcage splayed open. Her fingernails bit into his side and he pushed into her, her toes curling into the sheets.

"Auggie," she moaned as his hips picked up a rhythmic pace and caused little spurts of ecstasy to explode in her brain. "Oh god."

Annie's fingers gripped the back of Auggie's neck and she nibbled at the skin just above his collarbone, he shuddered above her before pressing in harder – faster. It was like the ribs beneath her skin were vibrating, every pore of skin was buzzing, and all she could see was the beautiful boy above her as he filled her with the love she could feel in the way that he touched her and kissed her and spoke to her and now here he was, proving every last bit of it.

His hand slid beneath her, those long, sensual fingers raising goosebumps on her skin.

"Annie," he grumbled and pressed her up against him in one swift strong movement.

That was all it took. Those little bubbles of euphoria boiled over and spread from the roots of her hair to the tips of her fingers and toes. Her back arched and their chests met, their erratically beating hearts pumping against each other. As she came down, he held her close, spreading soft, slow kisses to her sweat misted skin. She rolled him over, laying her head against his chest for just a moment.

"I love you so much," she whispered, her voice catching on the little shards of pain in her throat.

"I love you too," he pressed his nose into her hair and took a deep breath.

Saying goodbye to this boy would be the hardest thing Annie Walker would ever do.

Commotion in the halls of the hotel caught their attention and before they knew it someone was beating on their door.

"Get up lazy asses, last day of vaca we're off to the beach!"

The voice was clearly Conrad's and the two laughed lightly before getting up.

"Maybe someday we'll actually be able to do this without being informally interrupted afterwards," Auggie shook his head.

Once he pulled his boxers up, he carefully made his way to the suitcase he kept in the half-closet by the door. Annie watched him, glad that he couldn't see the look on her face. Honestly, she couldn't say that there would be a someday for them and that bothered her to no end, it left an ache deep in the pit of her stomach. She would miss him more than anything and she would miss the way he made her feel – invincible, loved.

"Annie," he tilted his face towards the spot where he left her on the bed, his brown eyes concerned, searching for her. "You okay?"

"Yes," she smiled softly, "This has just been a really amazing week. It's weird to think that it's almost over."

"True," he nodded, he pulled on a shirt and made his way back to her, she reached out and took his hand before his knees hit the bed, "But it's something that we'll always have, something we'll always remember. Yes?"

"Yes," she nodded, smiling for real this time before placing a kiss to his unsuspecting mouth.

"That's my Annie, now let's get out there before they decide to break down the door."


The end of their senior trip came and went and before Annie knew it, she was sitting in an airport terminal with her boyfriend and his best friend waiting for the plane that would take her on a trip to three different countries – France, Russia, and then to South America. Yes, she was absolutely excited about finally living out her dreams and exercising the languages that she would eventual start studying in University but as the boy beside her massaged her palm with his thumb, she was almost positive that she didn't want to leave.

"Did you hear me," Stu asked, Annie turned to look at him with eyes wide and shook her head, "I asked what you were most excited about?"

"Oh," she smiled but she was still distracted by the thousand and one thoughts that were racing around her brain, "The people I think," she nodded, "Yea, I'm really excited about learning from the different cultures and actually being able to speak to people in their native languages."

"You're going to do great," Auggie whispered against her ear before pressing a kiss to her head.

If only he knew how difficult he was making this for her.

Fifteen minutes later and her flight was called. Auggie and Stu walked with her to the gate and after giving Stu one last hug she turned to Auggie. God there was just so much to say, how could she possibly convey her feelings in the next two minutes? She took his hand but quickly broke down and wrapped her arms around his waist.

"I'm going to miss you so much," she moaned.

It wouldn't have been so bad were it not for the fact that they were going to schools separated by several states. But that's what happens when you get a linguist and a computer genius together. Of course, she was proud that her boyfriend would be attending MIT but she would feel his absence more than he could possibly know.

"Hey, everything is going to be fine," he chuckled, she feel his voice vibrate through her lungs and it calmed her a little, "This isn't over, you know. One day I'm going to sniff you out and there's nothing you can do to stop me."

She laughed, "I look forward to it."

She pulled away and after a rather rushed and awkward kiss she passed through the gate, completely unable to turn around and wave goodbye.

"You alright," Stu slapped Auggie's back as he watched Annie pass through the gate, the door closing behind her.

"Yea," Auggie cleared his throat and tapped his cane on the floor a couple of times, this was hard and was going to miss her, but there was this feeling in his gut, "I'll see her again."

"Really, how do you know that?"

"Because, this was only the beginning of Anne."


Ten Years Later

Anne Catherine Walker sat at her desk in the DPD. The stack of transcripts that needed to be translated had her head spinning and her tiny metal trash can filled past the boiling point with coffee cups. For whatever reason, work had been slow lately but she wasn't about to let that stop her from being productive – and at least her feet weren't killing her.

"Annie," Joan Campbell, director of the DPD and Annie's boss, called from the steps that lead to the briefing room, "Briefing in five."

A quiet song and dance went on in Annie's head as she outwardly gave Joan a respectable nod. It had been two weeks since her last active mission was completed and she was ready to get back out into the field.

About ten minutes later, Annie found herself on point of a mission that was on U.S. soil, apparently the Russians were trying to buy a computer virus off of a well-known all-American hacker whose name had not yet been revealed. Sure, she was excited, but she didn't exactly understand why Joan put her on a case that she knew mostly nothing about. And then it happened.

"The asset that we're trying to acquire will be extremely valuable to the CIA should we successfully turn him," Joan went on, she clicked the button on her remote and as the picture on the screen changed Annie's heart fluttered up to her throat. "His name; August Mica Anderson…"

Suddenly, Annie understood everything.

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