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Slightly AU. Prologue Summary: Dumbledore is alive, but the war isn't going as planned. Hermione left after the first battle to find her parents, and the charm could not be reversed, so she returned to Hogwarts. Harry was forced to leave and search for two horcruxes, while the rest of Hogwarts fought the second battle. HE hasn't been heard from in a few months. During the second battle, Ron and Snape were killed by Nagini, who's head was chopped off by Neville. Knowing Hermione feels she has nothing left to live for, Dumbledore comes up with a plan that will save her, a misunderstood boy, and maybe the whole wizarding world.

"Miss Granger, I presume you are wondering as to why I have asked to meet with you?" Albus Dumbledore asked as the curly-haired witch sat in the armchair in front of his desk.

"Yes, sir" Hermione replied softly, focusing on the carpet. She hadn't been able to look people in the eyes since the most recent battle. The seemingly permanent sadness frozen in her own caused unwanted sympathy and concern.

"I understand what you're going through, though you do not believe me. I may have found a way to help." He said as he opened a drawer on his desk.

"How could you possibly help?" she asked, trying not to sound as sarcastic as she felt.
"I've modified this time-turner. One turn and it will send you to a time when I think you will be needed much more than you are here. And it could help Harry in the end." He said with a twinkle in his eye.

"Harry is all I have left, and I'll probably never see him again. I'll do whatever I can to help him. When are you sending me to sir? What am I to do there?" She looked up at him desperately.

"I'll leave you to figure that out, after all you are the brightest witch of your age" he smiled lightly and handed her the time-turner.

She looked down and spun it once.


The time-turner disappeared from her hands and when Hermione looked up, Dumbledore appeared to be almost twenty five years younger.

"Miss Granger, I presume?" He asked cordially.

"Sir, what-"

"According to a message from my self, you have arrived from the future?" He spoke more to himself.

"Well, I would suppose so, sir, but-" Hermione started again.

"Wonderful! Would you care for a lemon drop? You're a bit early"

"Sir, how is it that you know who I am if I have traveled to the past?"

"Because I've told myself. You see, Miss Granger, I am one of the few people who can journey back in time to converse with myself without going mad," He explained "For instance, I was told to be expecting you today. I know you are here to help someone, but I am not to tell you who. You will be attending Hogwarts as a sixth year transfer student from Beauxbatons. You are now in Slytherin. It is not your responsibility to make sure future events remain the same, I have made sure nothing changes except you and one person who deserves a different outcome. You do not know anyone at Hogwarts or your way around, be careful of that. Try not to talk to the Gryffindor students, especially the Marauders, Lily, Alice, or Frank. It is April, so you'll have a few weeks of sixth year to complete, I trust you'll do well. I will inform you of your summer plans soon."

Hermione quickly absorbed all the information of her new identity and the rules when there was a quiet knock on the door.

"Come in!" said Dumbledore.

Hermione turned around and froze in shock of who was standing in the doorway.