Alice vs Wrestler

Against all the odds Alice is able to join WWE [World Wrestling Entertainment] and she is too good for the girls. So looking for more action she takes on the men. One by one they end up on a stretcher. Today she is going to wrestle against The Champ, John Cena and the Cullen's come along to cheer her along. But poor Jasper had to stay behind and watch her on T.V because an estimated 10, 000 are to show up. It's actually making headlines on the newspaper. "Pixie queen vs Muscle man" says a report on Fox 8.

Today is the big day and Alice was very excited as she entered the stadium. She stepped into the cage and sat on one of the two chairs in front of the small wooden table where the arm wrestle will take place.

The Cullens also very excited sit at the top back row of the stadium, shouting out cheers for Alice. Jasper turned the TV. on excitedly.

Then John Cena entered the stadium with a wide grin, he wore a pair of torn up black shorts and he didn't wear a shirt. His wet hair came down to his shoulders. He saw Alice and his wide grin turned to a mocking laugh. He faced towards the crowd and flexed his muscles and showed off.

Alice stared at him hiding a smirk, he was a huge man and his thick bands of muscles rolled as he stretched. For one second Alice was taken a back, but then she heard his constant heart beat and saw the blood flowing in his veins skin under his fine skin; he was human.

He sat on the chair across from Alice and smiled at her wickedly, Alice just smirked. The host gave a little speech to the audience, and indicated Alice and John Cena to get into the position. They both placed they elbows on the table and gripped each other's hands. Alice's tiny palm was like a baby's in John Cena's huge grip. He intensely stared into her golden eyes confident and determined to win and she stared into his small dark grey eyes certain of her future victory.

"3...2...1...Go!" yelled the host, all the audience held their breath. John Cena put all his strength into his attempt to win, he pushed Alice's arm as hard as he can, Alice made no move and how much John Cena tried he wasn't able to able to move Alice's arm at least an inch.

Alice didn't even push and she didn't even try to. She was thinking of ways to make this more entertaining maybe if she held onto his hand too tightly it would break all the bones in his hand, but that would be boring, he would give up in pain and it wouldn't be very fun.

The situation stayed with Alice's hand not moving for two long minutes and then Alice with all her strength pushed on his arm.

John Cena's arm slammed into the small wooden table cracking it in half. is Ho The bone in his arm was fractured and his wrist was broken.

The entire crowd cheered, the Cullens were extremely happy as they hugged Alice. When they got home, Jasper was so overjoyed that he hugged Alice so hard knocking her over. Then Alice's phone rang, she answered it and it was the host. "Hi Alice, congratulations on your win. Can you please come over we need to do a drug test on you." And with that he hung up.

All the Cullens and Alice panicked, they can't do a drug on her test, the needle will snap, it won't go through the skin.

"We'll have to move to a remote, non-human area again and Alice you need to change your phone number." sighed Esme.

And Alice and the Cullens were never heard or seen again.