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Noah was reading his book on the plane as they flew to wherever Chris decided to take them today He coulden't get into his book to much because of everyone yelling and making alot of noise. Chris decided that everyone would get to sit in first class today just because he felt like it. Personally he would have rather been sitting anywhere but where he was because of all the noise But at least he got to be in the same room as Cody. Noah always had a thing for Cody but never told him because that just wasn't how he was he never spoke of his feelings. Now everyone was just annoying him especially Sierra.

"Cody!" Sierra yelled "Do you want me to get you some more Water?"

"No, I'm fine Sierra and I can get my own water" Cody told her as he sighed and laid back in his chair

Sierra of course went to get him water anyway and this sickened Noah and of course Izzy noticed this and felt the need to say something

"Noah! What's riding your Cactus on a fiddle south?" Izzy asked him

"Say what now?" Noah asked confused staring at Izzy she crazier then usual and Izzy sighed acting like he asked a dumb question

"What's your problem?" Izzy asked

"I have no problem except you are distracting me from reading" Noah simply told her as he started to read again

"Are you sure that's your problem and not Sierraaaaaaa?" Izzy asked raising her brow

"Why would Sierra be my problem?" Noah asked "She's annoying and creepy but she's not my problem"

"I know" Izzy told him "She's Cody's problem and that's your problem"

"Wait huh?" Noah asked confused

"Think about it" Izzy told him "You'll get it brainiac!" and with that Izzy crawled into a vent and left

Noah just shrugged it off and started reading again with a glance at Cody every so often the sight of Sierra near him really did make his blood boil but he would never admit that to Izzy or anyone else for that matter. Noah decided Cody watching was over for now and back to his book he went that is until melted cheese landed on his book he looked up and saw Owen hovering over him.

"Hey Buddy!" Owen greeted him as he sat in the seat next to him "Reading anything good?"

"I was" Noah simply told him "Until you came over here and spilled cheese on my book"

"Oh, I'm sorry" Owen told him "Soooo what do you think the next challenge will be like?"

"Don't know nor do I care" Noah told him as the plane suddenly bounced and Owen fell on Noah "What the Hell?"

"Sorry about that!" Chris stepped into first class "Well not really...I would suggest that everyone grab onto something if you want to live!"

"What?" Courtney exclaimed "This is SOOOOO not what I signed up for!"

"Parachutes!" Gwen screamed "Let's all grab some!"

"Yeah...about that" Chris stated "I came in here for the last one...So brace yourselves!"

"WERE ALL GONNA DIE!" Owen screamed as he grabbed on to Noah

"Owen, Calm down and get off me!" Noah yelled "NOW!"

"CODY!" Sierra yelled as she jumped into Cody's seat "If I'm going to die I'm making sure my last moment is in your arms!"


"Are we alive?" Gwen asked when it hit the ground

"Urg...I think so..." Cody responded

"Well it's good to see your all alive!" Chris said as he and chef appeared in front of them

"NO THANKS TO YOU!" Courtney yelled

"Anyway" Chris stated "The plane is obviously not working so until we can get it fixed we will all be staying at a nearby hotel"

"At least Chris finally is allowing us to stay somewhere decent" Duncan said outloud and the whole group cheered

"I know it sucks right?" Chris asked them "My boss says it's against the rules to make you sleep outside without shelter"

"That's assuring..." Noah mumbled

"Indeed it is!" Chris mentioned "It also states that in the state of emergency I have to supply you with your own rooms and not just cram everyone into a small hotel room"

Cheers could be heard from everyone in the bunch to finally have their own rooms. Everyone followed Chris to the hotel and got settled in except for Noah who went straight to the pool and promptly sat down and started to read his book. He got so involved in his book he didn't even notice Cody walk in.

"Hey hows it going?" Cody asked "Can I sit here?"

"Only if you ask my imaginary friend to move" Noah sarcastically told the boy but Cody didn't quite get it "Sit"

"Thanks, Sooo Hows everything going?" Cody asked awkwardly

"Great" Noah simply replied "Hows your stalker?"

"Sierra?" Cody asked "I'm sure she's depressed because were not in the same room for a whole minute!" Noah chuckled

"Well I'm going to head into the pool for awhile" Cody told Noah as he jumped right in and Noah observed the boy. His moment was ruined when Sierra stormed in

"Cody!" Sierra yelled "You didn't tell me you were going to the pool! What happened to pool buddies? I can be yours...FOREVER!

"I'm fine Sierra" Cody told her "I just felt like being alone for awhile!"

"Oh..Okay..." Sierra said as she put her feet in the water blocking Noah's view "I'll just watch"

"Sierra!" Noah called her name not being able to take it anymore "Can you come here a second?"

"Sure!" Sierra walked over to Noah "What's up?"

"Sit" Noah told her pointing to the chair next to him "We need to talk"

"Oh! Is this about my offical Coderra fansite?" Sierra asked "We have 5 members!"

"Something like that" Noah told her "It's actually about Cody"

"Oh! What is it?" Sierra asked excitedly "Did he confess his love for me? Did he tell you he loves me? O-M-G! Wait until I write this on my blog!"

"Woah! Easy there cupcake!" Noah told her "He thankfully didn't say any of that"

"Oh" Sierra said sounding upset "Then what did he say?"

"He said nothing, It's me who wants to tell you something" Noah told her

"Oh, Go right ahead then" Sierra replied to the brainiac

"First of all, Your like what 7 feet tall?" Noah asked "You are blocking my pool view"

"Blocking your view?" Sierra asked confused "You can still see the water so I don't get how I'm blocking it"

"I was viewing something else not the water" Noah flat out told her "Oh and one more thing"

"Yes?" Sierra asked in an annoyed tone

"You see Cody in the pool?" Noah asked

"Of course I see the love of my life!" Sierra told him

"Good" Noah told her "He's mine"

"WHAT!" Sierra asked "He asked you out?"

"Not yet" Noah smirked at her "But he will be mine"

"No,Noah" Sierra told him "He's mine"

"I guess we'll see about that" Noah told her as he walked away leaving Sierra there.