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Sierra immediately stormed off to Heather's room to tell her about her date with Cody and how it went. She couldn't wait to tell Heather. Once Heather opened the door Sierra spilled her heart out about everything that happened on the date.

"That's great!" Heather told her "I knew Cody would come around"

"The only problem was Noah was there" Sierra told her angrily "He was there with Gwen, I think they might be dating"

"Right…" Heather told her not believing THAT "So how did it end? It's still early yet"

"Oh!" Sierra told her "Chris wanted to talk to the guys for the guys Vs. girls challenge"

"Did he?" Heather asked her "Well it was great talking to you but my TV shows are on again so….BYE!"

Heather then threw her out which Sierra found rather odd but she was just happy Cody was finally starting to like her. Heather knew all too well that there was no guys VS. girls challenge and that screamed a tacky Alejandro scheme. Heather decided she needed to confront him about it. She found him in the lobby.

"Hey" Heather walked up behind him "What's up?"

"Nothing" He replied looking at her "What can I do for you?"

"Just around" Heather told him "I heard something about you"

"All good things I hope?" Alejandro smirked

"I guess you could say that" Heather told him "I heard you're being nice to Noah"

"I am" Alejandro told him "Just as nice as you are to Sierra"

"I see" Heather knew where this was going "So why are you doing this? Do you want my attention or something?"

"What?" Alejandro asked "Why would you think that? It's all strategy, unless you are trying to imply something"

" I think you're only helping Noah to get to me" Heather suggested "To fill a void in your empty life"

"That's it!" Alejandro finally agreed "Let's stop this! I want to go out with you and I'm pretty sure you want as well"

"Maybe I do!" Heather yelled "What do we do about it?"

"Maybe we should stop helping them and help us?" Alejandro suggested

"Agreed" Heather decided "Besides it's just Cody who really cares?"

"I no longer care" Alejandro admitted "As long as you and I are together you no longer pose a threat to me"

"I'll text Sierra now" Heather was happy now and could care less about this

"Noah knew I'd backstab him anyway" Alejandro shrugged and texted him

Heather and Alejandro decided they would just start dating and together they would crush everyone else and split the money and now that there problems were solved they could honestly care less what Noah and Sierra did with Cody.

Sierra got her text from Heather and she knew who she would be voting for the next chance she got. She couldn't believe that Heather would turn on her like that but then again it was heather after all so she shouldn't have been that surprised. Sierra knew she would just have to try harder, She knew she could be mean to Noah but she was no Heather kind of mean.

Cody on the other hand was caught in a confusing situation and he was currently in it at this exact moment. He had no idea if he liked Noah or not. He wasn't sure if he wanted to kiss him or not. But Noah had him pushed up against the pool wall telling him flat out to kiss him. Cody really wasn't sure what the hell to do.

"Excuse me?" Cody shook his head

"Must I repeat myself?" Noah asked "Kiss me"

"I don't know if we should…." Cody told him "What I mean is I don't know what I want"

"Let me help you" Noah leaned in and kissed Cody forcing him into the pool wall even more.

After what seemed like hours Noah finally broke the kiss and looked at Cody as he finally moved them away from the pool wall allowing Cody to move around in the pool water.

"Well?" Noah smirked "Good stuff huh?"

"I guess" Cody admitted "I liked it, But don't take this the wrong way but I'm still not sure"

"How can you not be sure?" Noah frowned at him "You just said you liked it"

"Yeah, But I also had a good time with Sierra" Cody admitted "I think I'm starting to like her too"

"Too?" Noah smirked "So this means you do like me?"

"I believe I do" Cody told him "But you need to give me time"

"Take all the time you need" Noah smiled at Cody as he left "I'll see you around"

Noah then walked away and made his way to his hotel room and he realized he had a text from Alejandro and he couldn't believe it. Alejandro pretty much told him that he and Heather were together and could make the greatest alliance ever and he thought that was crap. He decided this could be a good thing though as he was certain that he had Cody right where he wanted him.

The next morning Noah made his way down to the breakfast area. He noted that Heather and Alejandro were eating together and he figured this would be a perfect time for him to glare at them though they didn't seem to care at all, they didn't even notice him. Sierra was sitting down eating pancakes and squirting syrup on her plate making hearts in syrup form. Noah couldn't help but smirk at this and also knowing with Heather helping her now she would easily be defeated by him and win Cody.

"You seem happy" Noah sat down next to Sierra "Good morning I assume?"

"Very" Sierra told him not taking her eyes of her plate "Though you should know, I saw you last night"

"I assume you also know as of last night Alejandro decided to no longer help me" Noah told her

"I know" Sierra told him "Heather stopped helping me too"

"Then I trust this just got more interesting" Noah told her "More fair I must admit but definitely more interesting….So did you have fun with Cody?"

"Why are you asking me?" Sierra wondered "Why would I tell you?"

"You know you want to" Noah smirked "I could see it in your face"

"Okay fine!" Sierra admitted "Cody and I went for diner and then a walk and then he almost kissed me and it was like so great!"

"Almost?" Noah raised a brow "Too bad"

"What do you mean?" Sierra asked "I'd say that's pretty good"

"Yeah I guess" Noah gave her a slightly sarcastic tone "I got him to kiss me though"

"No you didn't!" Sierra yelled in disbelief

"Sure did" Noah told her "Did you honestly think there was a guys VS. girls challenge?"

"O-M-G!" Sierra yelled "You ruined my date!"

"It's okay though" Noah told her "He told me he enjoyed the kiss so I actually want him to kiss you"

"You do?" Sierra asked him confused "If he enjoyed it then why would you want him to kiss someone else?"

"Because if he kisses you then he'll know how much better I am" Noah told her "The sooner you kiss him the faster he comes back to me"

"He's not even gay!" Sierra told him "I bet you confused poor Cody!" Sierra then stormed off

"Where are you going?" Noah asked her as she continued to walk to Cody's room

"To make sure you didn't traumatize poor Cody!" Sierra yelled back as she made it to the hotel door and went off to find Cody.

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